Teacher's Day – What does your sign say about you as a Teacher

Teachers are the building blocks of one’s futures. They mold and build you in a way so that you can face life with ease and perfection. However, different people have different teacher-like qualities in them. What kind of teacher you are, find out here…

Teacher's Day – What does your sign say about you as a Teacher


September 5 is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India to commemorate the birth of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was our country’s former President. Dr. Radhakrishan was a well-known scholar, philosopher and a Bharat Ratna Awardee. He was a highly respected teacher and a prolific statesman. As an educationist, he was a promoter of enlightenment and was an eminent emissary, academician, and above all a great teacher.

It is known that the future of our country solely depends on the hands of the youth and children. Shaping their formative years is extremely important as it is that time when they develop their understanding, morals and perspective. The role of the teacher becomes most important as they prepare the students to grow into well rounded holistic individuals and ready them for their future lives.

Teachers are respected and honoured in India. On the eve of Teachers' Day, i.e. on 5 September, the National Teachers Awards are given to the meritorious teachers by the President of India. The awards are conferred as public gratitude to praiseworthy teachers working in primary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools. This apart, celebrations are observed in every school in honour and for the legendary contributions of teachers in educating a nation.

Teachers are entrusted with the role of preparing students for their future. They spread knowledge, awareness and wisdom. They are the true pillars of our success. They help us to gather knowledge, learn new skills and grow confidence to face life. They push us into the right path of success.

Being a teacher is not easy. Apart from wisdom and intelligence, one needs to have patience, persistence and kindness to be the right kind of teacher. Find out the kind of teacher you will be and how popular among students you are known to be, based on your zodiac moon sign. See for yourself what makes you a good teacher.

In today’s world, with the unending pandemic, online teaching has become vital and more prevalent. Find the kind of online teaching you are comfortable with.

The kind of Teacher you will be, based on your Zodiac Sign:

  1. Aries:

You are energetic and friendly. You are the cool teacher who is always approachable. You are bubbly, intelligent and passionate about your subject. You have the ability to keep the class engaged with your avid knowledge, fun way of teaching and humour. However, you do lack patience, which you very much make up for by making the learning experience fun. You are often a hit among the students since they can look up to you as a senior figure but without the fear of being judged or berated. You are often the favourite fun teacher for your students.

  1. Taurus:

You are serious and a responsible teacher. You are fond of rules and structure and you like your students to be disciplined and grounded, just as you are. You expect a certain seriousness and maturity from your students since you tend to give it your all in order to make them well rounded students. You are loyal, patient and persistent but you are also stubborn. Though the students may initially fear you, they learn to respect your dedication and your improved teaching techniques. You are one who can be solidly depended upon.

  1. Gemini

You love to talk about any given topic. Often, you like to start at the base of things, which makes the students be able to grasp difficult contexts easily. Your communication skill is par excellence and therefore the students hang on to your every word. You are friendly and often use humour as a teaching mechanism. You are a complex thinker and often like to show off your knowledge and impress the students. Being the intellectual that you are, you can hold interesting debates and float offbeat ideas during in-depth class discussions. Students love you since they can express themselves freely in your class.

  1. Cancer

You are warm and nurturing. You have serious teacher vibes and can truly make a difference in the lives of your students. You are helpful and have maternal instincts, which makes you very caring towards the welfare and education of your students. You are innovative and spontaneous and also very intuitive. You have an out of the box way of thinking and conduct your classes in a very lively manner. Students enjoy your class not just because of the quality education that you impart but also because of your empathetic nature.

  1. Leo

You love attention even when in the classrooms. You are a great leader and take up teacher roles that require extra attention and are non-traditional. You are vivacious and have bundles of energy in you. You are also friendly towards your students and allow them their own space to grow and learn. You love taking life as it comes and have a similar approach to teaching as well. You prefer not to stick to a teaching plan and believe in interactive teaching. You are mostly great at extra-curricular activities as well, which you rightly pass on to your students.

As a teacher, you often encourage sports and extracurricular activities. See for yourself which sports suit your zodiac sign the best.

  1. Virgo

You are a perfectionist and are very knowledgeable and love to pass on that knowledge to others. You are patient, organized and methodical. You may not be the most popular teacher but you are the one who is best equipped to prepare the students for their exams. Your teaching style is such that everyone learns something new from you. You are very hardworking and practical and very intelligent too. You help to foster the love for learning among your students, which is why your classes are always interactive and informational which the students look forward to.

  1. Libra

You are quite laid back and chill. Students enjoy your class because you never pressurize them for anything. There is freedom and liberty in your class. You are very social and friendly which makes you quite popular. When you are passionate about a topic, you do a mighty good job of reciprocating it to the students. You are calm and can maintain your cool and harmony even in stressful situations. You are very graceful and elegant and thus admired by your students. You usually aim for a very balanced classroom experience.

  1. Scorpio

You are experimental and at the same time very patient. You use different teaching techniques to make the classes more interactive and fun. Students enjoy your class mainly because there is no monotony, each lecture different from the others. You are caring and helpful and see to it that no student is left behind. You tend to uplift and empower students. You are also very trustworthy and provide a safe space for students. They feel comfortable to discuss issues in school with you, which makes you a very loved and popular teacher.

You encourage your students to read and learn. Suggesting novels for children’s growth gives you a sense of satisfaction. Learn about Premchand’s novels and see which will suit your students the best.

  1. Sagittarius

You are easy-going yet very thoughtful. You are very optimistic and give your students their own space and pace to grow and excel. You enjoy in-depth discussions which take an intelligent turn with your guidance. You believe in applied practical teaching rather than just following textbooks. Through field trips and visits, you make learning easy, interactive, visual and fun for the students. You can sometimes lose your temper but your optimistic attitude makes the students look up to you.

  1. Capricorn

You are an inspiration to many. You are patient and wise. You are also quite traditional in your approach and believe in empowering your students. You understand the concern of the students and allow them flexibility in the class. You are meticulous and hardworking and have a fresh perspective on things. You can motivate and coach your students like no other. You encourage creativity and free thinking. Students value you for your patience, humility and immense knowledge.

  1. Aquarius

You are an intellectual who wants to see the world change. You are a non-conformist and very progressive in your approach. You like to challenge old existing ideas. Your classes are informative and you encourage debates and discussions in your class. You are keen on making students think independently and initiate discussions which overflow with wisdom. Your innovative teaching methods and open non-judgmental discussions make you a very popular teacher among the students.

As a teacher, you are quite vocal about your social and environmental concerns. Find out the kind of environmentalist you are, based on your zodiac.

  1. Pisces

You have the most kind and giving heart. You are full of empathy and understand your student’s requirements. You are creative, artistic and have a great imagination. You come up with innovative solutions and teaching methods to make the class brim with creativity and passion. You instill confidence and integrity among your students. You pay attention to details and have the capability to cater to the needs of each student differently. You understand how each student is non-identical and take special care to offer individual attention to all of them.