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Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon on April 19, 2019 is called the “Chaitra Purnima”, as it falls in the month of Chaitra. The Moon Rise time will be at 06:47 PM IST. This Full Moon is going to be happen in the seventh zodiac sign Libra, where the Moon will be placed.

This Full Moon falls in the Nakshatra of Chitra: The Bright One. According to Vedic Astrology, Chitra Nakshatra is the abode of Tavstar, who is the visible form of creativity emerging from the navel of Vishvakarma. He is the God who has all the creative power and who is holding the universe long before the advent of time. So this Full Moon is very important to start a new project or work. If you are born as a Libra Moon sign, or born in the Chitra Nakshatra then this Full Moon is really going to shine as a crown above your head.

In Hindu culture, this Chaitra Purnima is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti which will fall on April 19, 2019 (Friday). Hanuman was the son of Anjana, the daughter of great Vedic Rishi Gautama. Hanuman was most adorable to Lord Ram. Worshipping Lord Hanuman on this Full Moon will give you strength of this Chitra Purnima and avail the yoga related to Saturn, and blessings from Ketu, in your Horoscope.

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Why and How the Full Moon happens:

Full Moon happens based on the monthly cycle of Moon’s Phases. Waning and Waxing cycle of Moon decides the change in season. This Chitra Poornima has so many names like Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon. The Cycle of Moon gets completed, when it’s getting full aspect of the sun. The day when the Moon gets placed opposite the Sun, exactly at 180 degrees, will be known as the Full Moon day.

Each Full Moon is important for a different purpose in life. There exists a sweet and romantic weather all around in the Full Moon night. We all get the feeling of love, romance and protective vibration all around us. In one year, we have twelve Full Moons, which give the bright shining light with full aroma of happiness, and healing quality. This Full Moon will give the blossoms of flowers in the relationship and you will get a new phase in your relationship.

Wherever the seventh zodiac sign Libra is present in your horoscope, the result related to that house will be manifested in your life on this Chitra Full Moon. All the Twelve zodiac Moon Signs will have people experience this awesome Full Moon Night in a different way. Have a glance at this Libra Full Moon just to know in which house this is going to give you the experience of this Chitra Purnima/ Pink Full Moon.

Full Moon in Libra for all the Twelve Zodiac sign (Based on the Moon Sign)

This Chitra Purnima or the Pink Full Moon event is happening in the Libra zodiac sign, which will give the aroma of this divine light to all the twelve zodiac signs, in different houses based on their Moon sign.

Aries Moon Sign:

You will have this Pink Full Moon in your seventh house of the relationship. If you are planning to get married, or want to propose someone as your life partner, then this Full Moon is going to be the best opportunity for you. If you have any planet in the Libra zodiac sign in your horoscope, then this Chitra Purnima is going to give you a new phase and startup in your life.

Taurus Moon Sign:

You will have the Pink Moon in your sixth house, which will give you relief from the diseases you were suffering. If you had gone through any surgery, then you must pray to Lord Hanuman on this Purnima, in order to recover from your pains. You will get the chance to visit a religious place and that will be good for your spiritual awakening and you will have a material gains from this journey.

Gemini Moon Sign:

This Chaitra Moon will be in your fifth house of creativity and mantra chanting. You will have the best opportunity to get selected in the interview because of your creativity. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa will give you mental strength. If you have any planet placed in the Libra zodiac sign, then this Pink Full Moon is going to be a boon in terms of financial gains.

Cancer Moon Sign:

You are going to learn new and innovative ideas from your mother on this Pink Full Moon. If you have waited for long time in order to change your job, then execute your plan through the worship of Lord Hanuman on this Chaitra Purnima to get success. You will have a new phase in your life regarding home and property.

Leo Moon Sign:

The King of the zodiac sign will have the Full Moon in the third house of initiative and inner desire. You will have fulfillment of your wishes and your relationship with siblings will get rejuvenated. If you are planning for higher studies, then this Full Moon is going to shine in that zone. Your siblings will have success in their project. If you have any planet in the Ashwini Nakshatra then also this Full Moon is important for you in terms of religious knowledge, as you will meet a religious teacher in your life who will give you the insight to see life with a unique perspective. This will further give you the materialistic as well as spiritual success in life.

Virgo Moon Sign:

The Family wealth gain will be for you in this Full Moon. You will have quick recovery from the health issues which made you suffer for a long time, with this upcoming Full Moon. If you are in research work, then this Pink Full Moon will give you hidden knowledge which will give you name and fame at your workplace.

Libra Moon Sign:

This Full Moon will be in Libra, its self; and so all the new innovative ideas will come to you. You will have a good relationship with your spouse, and if you are single, then there might be change going to happen in your life. If you are a Libra Moon Sign, then you will have a good change in your career.

Scorpio Moon Sign:

Chitra Purnima will give the spiritual awakening and lead you towards the religious path. The Full Moon is going to sign in your twelfth house. You will be able to overcome from your enemy, if you will worship Lord Hanuman in this Chitra Purnima.

Sagittarius Moon Sign:

You will have this Libra Full Moon in your eleventh house, which will give you gains from the social and friend circle. Your elder siblings will support you in your work. New startup for education might also happen, and you will learn new skills and languages with the blessings of Chitra Nakshatra, which will guide you through the divine light in your fifth house of learning.

Capricorn Moon Sign:

You are going to shine like a pearl at your workplace with this Full Moon in the Libra, which will be in your tenth house. Your mother’s health will be improved and you will get good news related to your home. If you are planning to buy or change your residence, then the blessings of Lord Hanuman is beneficial for all those born in the Chitra Nakshatra, and you will also know how to avail positive results from this Nakshatra.

Aquarius Moon Sign:

Aquarius will have this Full Moon in your ninth house of higher study and religious works. You will feel that your luck is giving good support and all the assignments you are taking in your hand will get passed easily without any hurdle. All of this success is because of this Full Pink Moon. Your creativity will also get improved with the blessing of Chitra Nakshatra, be ready to shine like the pearl in this coming Libra Full Moon.

Pisces Moon Sign:

The last zodiac sign of the zodiac plane Pisces will have this pink Full Moon in the eighth house of secretive work, research or the occult success will be in your hand. The sudden wealth gain will be quite beneficial for you. You just need to be cautious while speaking so that it doesn’t hurt anyone with your speech, and then this Pink Full Moon will give extraordinary results in terms of financial gain.

Have the blessings of this Full Moon in Libra:

The Libra Moon Sign will give the knowledge to balance the energy of Venus in your Horoscope, and based on your Moon sign, we will all have different results with this Chaitra Purnima or Pink Full Moon.


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