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Full Moon in Libra

Vaishakha Purnima, also known as the Budha Purnima and the Flower Full Moon in May, falls on May 18 2019, Saturday.

Full Moon Begins: 04:10 on 18 May 2019 IST

Full Moon Ends: 16:41 on 19 May 2019 IST

The month of Vaishak has a very significant role in the Hindu Vedic culture, and also represents the change in season as well. The Full Moon on this month is especially known for the birth of Gautam Buddha, the primary figure of Buddhism. One can attain the wisdom and the essence of life with all the prosperity, by worshipping the Full Moon on the Buddh Purnima.

This year, the Vaishakh Purnima is going to happen in the conjuncture of Libra and Scorpio zodiac. If you are born in the Libra Moon sign, then this year this Flower Full Moon is going to bloom in your life. Wherever the Libra falls in your horoscope, this Full Moon is going to shine in that particular house and you will have the good results like marriage, success in an interview, happiness from children, etc., in your life.

Full Moon in Libra for all the Twelve Zodiac signs1 (Based on the Moon Sign)

This Vaishakha Purnima or the Flower Full Moon event is happening in the Libra zodiac sign, which will give the aroma of its divine light to all the twelve zodiac signs, in different houses.

Aries Moon Sign: You will have this Flower Full Moon in the seventh house of the relationship. If you are planning to get married, or want to propose to someone for being your life partner, then this Full Moon is going to be the best opportunity for you. If you have any planet in the Libra zodiac sign in your horoscope, then this Vaishakh Purnima is going to give you a new phase and a beautiful startup in your life.

Taurus Moon Sign: When you have the Flower Moon in your sixth house, it will give you relief from the diseases you were suffering from. If you had gone through any surgery, then you must pray to the Full Moon this Purnima, in order to recover from your pains. You will get the chance to visit a religious place and that will be good for your spiritual awakening, and you will have materialistic gains from this journey.

Gemini Moon Sign: This Vaishakh Moon will be in your fifth house of creativity and mantra chanting. You will have the best opportunity to get selected in the interview because of your creativity. If you have any planet placed in the Libra zodiac sign, then this Flower Full Moon is going to be a boon in terms of financial gains.

Cancer Moon Sign: You are going to learn new and innovative ideas from your mother on this Flower Full Moon. If you have waited for a long time in order to change your job, then execute your plan through the worship this Full Moon, during this period. You will have a new phase in your life regarding home and property.

Leo Moon Sign: The King of the zodiac sign will have the Full Moon in the third house of initiative and inner desire. You will have the fulfillment of your wishes and the relationship with your siblings will be rejuvenated. If you are planning for higher studies, then this Full Moon is going to shine in that zone. Your siblings will have success in their project. If you have any planet in the Aries zodiac sign, then also this Full Moon is important for you in terms of religious knowledge, as you will meet a religious teacher in your life who will give you an insight to see life with a unique perspective. This will further give you materialistic as well as spiritual success in life.

Virgo Moon Sign: You will have Family related wealth gains in this Full Moon. You will have a quick recovery from health issues which made you suffer for a long time, with this upcoming Full Moon. If you are into research work, then this Flower Full Moon will give you hidden knowledge which will give you name and fame at your workplace.

Libra Moon Sign: This Full Moon will be in Libra, it's self, and so all the new innovative ideas will come to you. You will have a good relationship with your spouse, and if you are still single, then there might be a change of something romantic going to happen in your life. Being in the Libra Moon Sign, you will have a good change in your career.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Vaishakh Purnima will give you spiritual awakening and lead you towards the religious path. The Full Moon is going to shine in your twelfth house. You will be able to overcome your enemy.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: You will have Libra Full Moon in your eleventh house, which will give you gains from the social and friend circle. Your elder siblings will support you in your work. New startup for education might also happen, and you will learn new skills and languages with the blessings of the Full Moon, which will guide you through the divine light in your fifth house of learning.

Capricorn Moon Sign: You are going to shine like a pearl at your workplace with this Full Moon in the Libra, which will be in your tenth house. Your mother’s health will be improved and you will get good news related to your home. If you are planning to buy or change your residence, then the blessings of Full Moon will be with you.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Aquarius will have this Full Moon in your ninth house of higher study and religious works. You will feel that your luck is giving good support and all the assignments you are taking in your hand will be passed easily without any hurdle. All of the success is because of this Full Flower Moon. Your creativity will also be improved with the blessing of the Full Moon, so be ready to shine like the pearl in this coming Libra Full Moon.

Pisces Moon Sign: The last zodiac sign of the zodiac plane Pisces will have this flower Full Moon in the eighth house of secretive work, research or the occult success; so these will be in your hand. Sudden gain of wealth will be quite beneficial for you. You just need to be cautious while speaking, so that you do not hurt anyone with your speech. This Flower Full Moon will then give extraordinary results in terms of financial gains.

Recieve the blessings of the Full Moon in Libra:

The Libra Full Moon Sign will give you the knowledge required to balance the energy of Venus in your Horoscope. Based on your Moon sign, all of us will have different results with this Vaishakh Purnima or Flower Full Moon.