Cancer 2015 Love Horoscope

Let the virtue of modesty be gone with the wind. Be brave, be energetic, stir yourself out of the serious mood and go out with your loved one regularly and have fun. The dreaded planets – Saturn and Rahu are in your house of love in the year 2014.

There is a possibility of a lot of problems in your love life since these two planets moved in. But you may not feel all the intensity of the pain as this also depends on your personal horoscope and the natal chart of your life partner. Also how you handle your circumstances. Hence I repeat the best antidote to inaction or unwanted situation is the positive action.

The challenges and problems if any will never come to the surface. Rather they are simmering hidden below the situation. But let me assure you the position of other planets is quite encouraging. With the planet of love and intimate pleasure - Venus moving to your 7th house around March and the significator of marriage changing its sign in July 2014, you can look forward to a great support and relief in your love life and relationships.

Use this time to analytically look at the quality of your relationship.Consider the demand of the time to make the relationship better and long lasting. Check what needs to be done on your side to bring a smile of appreciation on your partner’s face, know what mistakes have been made in the past. Ask yourself when is the last time you kissed or hugged each other?

Did you say it is difficult? Well don’t you worry the master of discipline and structured processes - Saturn will lend a helping hand. It is posted in your 5th house of intellect, letting you think analytically.
Once you have identified the issues and worked on them, you will get to see the glow on your partner’s face which you’ll never be able to forget.

If still unsettled in the relationship, you will need to make final decisions about your commitment in 2014. This year, the typical position of the planets will prove instrumental in defining your romantic outlook between the two of you as you will be much clearer of what you want.

Singles who wish to find suitable match may be lucky after June this year. This does not mean that you should not try before that or there will be no romance in your life. Most certainly there will be at least one romantic encounter, but it is likely to fade away - at least for some time. The reasons could be varied, such as - you may not be able to strike the right wavelength or find time enough to show that you are serious.

A few exclusive tips for you
Take care of your dressing. Don’t dress too conservatively, this is out of fashion. Always wear a smile and remain cheerful. Let your body language exude energy, confidence and optimism.

And finally
Your cleaning act will help you define your path of love. Together you take your love life to an altogether different level. This will give you hugely fulfilling and gratifying experience.