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Mercury Transits Capricorn (7 Feb – 27 Feb 2023)

This transit will influence your realistic thought patterns, strengthen your concentration on your objectives & possibly help you adopt a more pragmatic attitude to life's different endeavors. You'll be in a position to complete the task you have on hold or to fulfill the deadline-bound tasks.

Mercury is the planet that governs our thought process and communication ability. When Mercury enters the realistic and sensible Capricorn, it impacts your ability to think realistically about the ideas that are put out and to communicate with people in a clear and concise manner.

  • The influence of Mercury in Capricorn will push you to arrange your thoughts and actions so that you may maintain an unwavering focus on your objectives and devote your whole attention to finishing off pending tasks or submitting existing commitments on time.
  • During Mercury's transit through Capricorn, communication abilities will be practical and rational in nature, closely related to the subject at hand.
  • Your general outlook will be realistic and business-oriented, but the strength of these characteristics will depend on where Mercury is positioned in your horoscope.


How will this Transit affect You?



Your 3rd house of initiative and siblings, as well as your 6th house of debts, illness and rivals are both ruled by Mercury. Mercury will be in Capricorn throughout this transit, which will make you methodical and structured because it will be in the 10th house of career and status.

Throughout this transit, your communication abilities will be strong. It will be advisable for you to exercise restraint while speaking aggressively because it might harm your relationships both personally and professionally.

Due to your diligence and intelligent contribution to all of your professional endeavors, the professional front will shower you with very good profits on your work front or job. Your superiors will appreciate and respect the hard work and effort you have put in. Independent entrepreneurs will have the chance to grow their businesses while making good money.

Your personal front will be cordial, and you'll have wonderful relationships with your family and siblings as well as peace and wealth in your personal relationships.



Your 2nd house of family, wealth and 5th house of romance and speculation are all ruled by Mercury. The 9th house of luck, fortune, long journey, and father will be the place of Mercury's transit in Capricorn, which will offer you beneficial results throughout this transit.

You will reap the benefits of having strong relationships with your father or a father figure. Your father will be a great support for you in all of your endeavors. Due to your capacity to communicate well and see things clearly from the standpoint of personal harmony, this transit will offer you wonderful support from your family and spouse, where you will have a friendly relationship with everyone.

Your competence, confidence, and patience to work on the job front will be enhanced by Mercury's transit in Capricorn. You will be successful in turning in your work on time, which will encourage collaboration from colleagues, a positive reputation at work and creative ideas that will result in good earnings and profits.



Mercury rules your 1st house of self and your fourth house of happiness and stability. The 8th house of obstacles, restrictions and unexpected profits or losses will be the place of Mercury's transit in Capricorn. Although it predicts a good period for you, you will have health issues throughout this transit.

Your professional front will produce positive outcomes for you whether you're a working professional or an entrepreneur. You'll put forth a lot of effort and hard work that you'll present clearly to your coworkers and associates who will understand due to your communication skills, which will open up opportunities for making money and building a solid reputation at work.

Your personal front will benefit from warmth in relationships, and you will be able to spend quality time with your family and partner through socializing, which will strengthen your relationships. The likelihood of possessing assets will increase the family's happiness quotient. Your relationship with your mother will be strong and characterized by shared understanding and deep affection.



Mercury rules your 3rd house of initiative as well as the 12th house of loss. The 7th house of marriage and partnerships will be affected by Mercury's transit through Capricorn, which indicates a successful partnership for you during this time.

With your diligence, perseverance, excellent reputation, and financial gains through relationships and visits abroad, you will achieve positive outcomes in your professional field. Your professional partner and you will have an amazing working relationship that will benefit your career through innovative ideas with a strong productivity component. There will be opportunities for profit from digital services/social-media/marketing.

As you are motivated to spend quality time with your spouse or family, your personal connection will improve. Your social network will be robust and encouraging, giving you an excellent opportunity to travel, which will be rejuvenating and refreshing for you.



Mercury rules the 2nd house of finance, the family, and the 11th house of profits. Mercury will be in Capricorn throughout this transit, and it will be in the 6th house of health, debt and rivals, which represents tricky turns with success in your professional endeavors.

Due to your unreasonable response to trivial issues, your personal front will have an argumentative tone in your conversation discourse with your loved ones. So try to stay away from any form of internal conflict brought on by egoistic concerns that could torture your mind. Any leisure activity that would motivate you to spend quality time with your loved ones at this time should be considered.

You are recommended to take good care of your health and the health of your family by following a healthy diet and practicing yoga and meditation as exercise.

As an employee, your professional front will be blessed with a positive work environment. However, because this transit takes a lot of time, you may feel restless. It is thus advisable that you make additional efforts to finish your assignments and turn them in by the deadline. It is advised to maintain a balance between expenditures and income.


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