Venus Transits Libra (30 Nov-25 Dec)

This transit will boost your bonding with partner/spouse & ensure harmony & balance in all your relationships, while attending to responsibilities towards your family, friends & others connected with you.

The element of Libra sign is Air, so the transit of Venus in Libra indicates it’s the period of harmony and balance in your relationships but also with responsibilities towards your family, friends and others connected with you on the personal and professional front.

Venus is the planet of love and harmony whereas Libra is the sign of balance and partnership so this transit will bring positive vigor for relationships and partnership on the personal and professional front.

  • Love/marital relationship will see additional bonding and trust due to strong communication, which will also resolve existing issues/conflicts in the relationship.
  • If you are single, you may find someone as Venus in Libra will make you socialize and make new connections.

The transit will also make you balance all aspects of your life, including your work and make you focus on your creative expression to display your professional talents.

On the contrary, sometimes, the Venusian energy in Libra can make you indecisive, which can affect your personal and professional life due to a lack of firmness in your communication and action. So, it becomes necessary to make adjustments and cooperate with others to create a balance without surrendering to desires and ambitions.

How will this transit affect you?


Venus will transit in its own sign Libra indicates that your professional life will be prosperous and your personal life will be full of love, with the occasional challenges. It will be wise to avoid conflicts in relationships, both personal and professional.

Your professional front will be fruitful with gains in your ventures with monetary gains and good reputation on the work front. Keep control over your impulsive behavior and avoid getting involved in any conflicts with your colleagues/superiors or professional associates to safeguard your professional image.

Your personal front will have the mixed trend of ups and downs in relationships with your partner/spouse where considerations for each other’s feelings will be visible despite occasional conflicts. You will have to make adjustments with each other with mutual coordination and communication to clear your doubts and resolve your existing issues with extra attention.

Take care of your health and your family health in a general way with good diet and exercise regime in your daily schedule.


Venus will transit in its own sign Libra; indicates troubles on the work front with ego clashes in partnership or with coworkers, personal relationships will not be progressive, care over health matters of self/family will demand vigilance.

Your professional front will not be progressive where your professional ventures will not yield fruitful results according to your expectations that may bring about ego clashes with partners on the business front and your rivals may get activated on the job front that will work against you to tarnish your reputation. Avoid taking loans during this transit.

Your personal front will not be progressive in your marital relationships where lack of understanding and mutual communication will bring clashes in relationships. You will need to make adjustments in your personal relationships for peace and harmony.

Your health may get affected during this transit due to stress over personal/professional matters. Any past existing ailment can resurface during this transit so it will be important for you to be cautious over your health matters.


Venus will transit in its own sign Libra; indicates your professional life will be progressive but caution over your rivals will be necessary, personal relationships will be cordial in marital relationships and love life.

Your professional front will be progressive in terms of your professional gains. Your rivals will become active to oppose you in your gains, but you will be assisted by your colleagues in your tasks to win over them due to your good work ethics and behavior. Control over professional investment/expenditure is necessary.

Your personal front will be prosperous in your love/marital relationships, but it is essential to spend quality time with your partner to increase your understanding with each other that will be essential to understand and support your partners in others obligations that may become prime responsibilities over relationships.

Avoid any kind of irresponsible behavior in personal/professional relationships.


Venus will transit in its own sign Libra; indicates good financial gains and earnings from your professional front, personal relationships will be cordial with happiness. Caution over your professional rivals and your health is necessary.

Your professional front will give you good earnings from your ventures with good monetary gains that will increase the bar of your financial stability. You will be able to meet your professional targets with your efforts and official support of your coworkers/associates on the work front. Vigilance is required on your behavior as you may turn your colleagues into your rivals that may oppose you in your endeavors.

Your personal front will have contentment and harmony in relationships where you will add comforts to your home and spend money to fulfill the desires of your loved ones. You will have mutual understanding, peace and harmony on the personal front and relationships due to your own dedication.


Venus will transit in its own sign Libra; indicates success in your professional ventures but caution over professional changes is advised, personal front will be full of understanding and happiness.

Your professional front will be prosperous for you where your hard work and efforts will give you success. You will have the cooperation of your colleagues/associates with good team support that will help you to win over your professional rivals and give you positive growth and progress in your ventures. Avoid any kind of professional changes on the work front during this transit.

Your personal front will be netfied with good prosperity, peace and happiness and good understanding with your partner and family especially with your siblings where all will respect you for your intelligent approach in relationships. Single natives will get the opportunity of finding their partners during this transit. Avoid being egoistic in personal relationships.

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is Today your Birthday

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