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Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the series of zodiac signs and is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom, hope, wealth and expansion as per vedic astrology. It is a masculine sign and represents dynamism, outward expression, extroversion and boldness. Known as ‘Dhanu’ in hindi, Sagittarius is symbolized by a half-man and half-horse carrying a bow and arrow which signifies a steady focus on the goals and transformation of our animal instincts into noble human qualities using knowledge and inner guidance. If you are born with Sagittarius as your moon sign, you are ambitious, self confident, cheerful and optimistic. You have a charming and attractive personality and possess a good amount of knowledge on varied subjects.

A happy-go-lucky sign who loves to travel

Being the ninth sign, Sagittarius represents the ninth house themes of faith, religion, spirituality, higher knowledge, luck and long distance travelling. You are highly curious and inquisitive to learn about new things especially foreign people and their cultures and expand your knowledge base. You have a positive, outgoing and friendly nature and possess the ability to engage people in your interesting conversations. Your eagerness makes you explore new things and take new adventures in your life. Your idea of education and learning is based on travelling and gaining experiences rather than sitting in a structured classroom environment and doing routine assignments. Even as a working professional, you love to take up jobs and projects that involve travelling to faraway lands.

Influence of Jupiter

As Jupiter governs this sign, Sagittarius represents the ideology of Jupiter in the form of Dharma, principles and higher values. The natives of this moon sign are highly philosophical, open minded, religious and truthful. Themes of justice, fairness and morality feature commonly in your thoughts, words and decisions and you like to follow the righteous path. Despite having a philosophical outlook, you like to be driven by logic and pragmatism rather than basking in the fantasy world. Jupiter’s influence on Sagittarius makes the natives a great believer in traditions, rituals and virtues. You are warm and helpful towards others and inclined to give advice and preach. You are optimistic about the future and have a charismatic and spontaneous personality.

Positive qualities

Sagittarius is also the Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter and expresses the qualities of Jupiter to the fullest. Sagittarians are highly intuitive individuals and their easy going and high-spirited nature always makes them see the big picture of life. Even in the midst of difficulties and challenging situations, you tend to focus on the larger meaning of things and try to rise above the adversities. Since Jupiter is the largest of all planets, literally and figuratively, it blesses Sagittarians with a benevolent and generous attitude and broad outlook towards life. You have a very progressive mindset and are extremely fond of trying out new and different things and expanding your horizons through constant learning. Your happy-go-lucky and sympathetic nature attracts others towards you and enables you to make friends and followers quite easily. You are exuberant and free spirited, however, always willing to help and support those in need.

Fire element

Sagittarius is a fire sign as far its element is concerned. This gives a pioneering, leadership and enthusiastic spirit to the natives of this sign. You are highly passionate about your goals and put in a lot of energy and efforts into achieving them. You are full of vigor and vitality and have an inspiring and visionary approach which when coupled with your brilliance and self-motivated attitude, gives you the desired amount of success in achieving your targets. However, at times you may be dominating, aggressive, over enthusiastic, impatient and impulsive. You are a forthright communicator sometimes to the point of being blunt and outspoken and tend to be restless.

Dual in nature

If we talk about the flexibility of signs, Sagittarius is dual or dwiswabhav in nature, which means there is a mix of qualities in this sign. While on one hand Sagittarians are always in pursuit of new ideas and explorations, they also tend to get easily bored if surrounded by monotony and uninteresting people or things. At times, your quest for variety and multifariousness makes you a little indecisive and change your mind quite often. However, your dualistic tendencies give you the ability to discern and examine both sides of the coin before reaching to a conclusion. Multitasking comes naturally to you and you like to explore different options. You always remain upbeat and enthusiastic about your activities and practice many arts at the same time. You are very flexible and possess a great deal of tolerance.

Professional life

Sagittarians are creative people who are always brimming with new ideas and plans. You are social creatures and love to communicate and share knowledge, hence are highly skilled at public speaking. Your intellectual curiosity easily makes you gain knowledge on different subjects and you do well as teachers, educators, writers, storytellers, bankers, entertainers, lawyers, philosophers and motivational speakers. You have a passion for sports and adventurous and outdoor activities, however are not particularly competitive.

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Traits to be corrected

Sagittarians are the best people to be around due to their bubbly and lively nature and a great sense of humor. You are independent yet sincere in relationships and exhibit a sense of grace and elegance in your disposition. However, like every other sign, you too have certain weaknesses, which if corrected, can help you to live life in a more enriching and meaningful way. At times, your over-optimism and carefree nature makes you lose touch with the ground reality making it difficult to handle challenges. Being overly spiritual or philosophical makes you distant from people who value practicality and analysis. Your tendency towards overindulgence makes you exaggerate and overdo things, which proves to be harmful for you. At times, you become overly preachy and critical of those not inclined towards religion and philosophy as much as you are. You need to be accepting of others’ opinions and beliefs without forcing your principles on them.

Day and color

As Jupiter rules over Sagittarius, the color associated with this sign is Yellow and the day is Thursday.

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