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Email Consultation

Email Consultation

When you are concerned about the general state of affairs in your life and particularly want to find out about a certain aspect, you can avail our Email Consultation Service. You can ask for a pressing question which you need an answer to or go through the list of products that we offer and choose the one which you feel suits your concern the best.

With the details provided by you during the sign up, our cherished astrologer will manually prepare your personal report taking into account your planetary positions, houses and ascendant etc. Our astrologers do an in-depth and analytical assessment to address your concern. All our reports are manually written and are not auto generated through computer. Therefore, even though the email consultations may take longer than a call/web chat consultation, it is much more detailed, comprehensive and holistic in nature.

What will our astrologer guide you through?

Whatever your concern is, our expert astrologer studies that part of your horoscope which answers the cause behind your concern. He/She will tell you about the astrological reasons behind your problem, guide you through the timeline till when that problem may bother you and also assure you of the timeline by which your concern will be eliminated. Remedies will also be suggested to you when any immediate positive outcome of your concern does not look evident from the positions of planets.

The Email consultation with our expert Vedic astrologer gets you the answers that you have been seeking for long.

Benefits of an Email Consultation

Indastro provides some of the best analyzed and interpreted Horoscope readings. However, the personal report prepared by our Vedic astrologer has its own advantage:

  • Through the report, you can address your concern and you can describe your issue well. You can discuss more than one issue with the astrologer.
  • You will get manually prepared detailed reports which will cover every aspect of your concern.
  • None of the reports are auto generated. Our astrologers will conduct in-depth study of your horoscope to help restore your peace of mind.
  • Detailed reports of 5-6 pages will be emailed to you within 24 hours to 7 business days depending on the severity of your questions.
  • Your confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process.

How to go forward with email consultation?

  • At first you will have to sign-up with your details on our website - Indastro.com
  • You have to place an online order with us under the products - Specific Matter Consultation/Urgent questions.
  • You can email your concern in your own wordings and include 1 or 3 questions
  • A detailed Report will be sent to you via email
  • You will receive the answers within 24 hours to 5 business days, depending on your questions

You can also opt for a session for Telephonic Consultation with our astrologer. This is for the patrons who prefer discussion on phone over a web chat.

You can also opt for a session for Live Chat with our astrologer. This is for the patrons who prefer web chat over a discussion on phone.

Helpful Tips:

  • The email consultation with an astrologer should be requested when you have any concern which is not immediate in effect and can be answered at leisure and presented to you in writing.
  • Our astrologers will conduct in-depth and analytical study of your horoscope; therefore, the answers will be more detailed.
  • It should also be taken up when the gravity of your problem can best be understood and resolved by an open discussion.
  • You should go for it in order to bring down your stress level and for you to get a peace of mind.

Reports Available: 24 hours to 5 business days