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Daily Virgo Horoscope Thu, Jun 01, 2023


Virgo Today

You will be more engrossed in your home front where you will try to play safe in personal and family relations. In your professional ventures you will get good appreciation for your hard work. Avoid any changes both at professional and personal front as they will not be supportive today. You are advised to work hard and you will get rewarded for your efforts in the present career. You are advised to be balanced in your daily routine approach towards life and keep a check on your expenses.

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Astrology Guide Thu, Jun 01, 2023

Business deals

Favourable day throughout for all kinds of deals.

Birthday Horoscope

Using Vedic astrology principles, we create a special horoscope based on your birthday. Each year, an imaginary or magnetic point called ‘Muntha’ is calculated as per the time of your birth and your current age. Your horoscope is then prepared for that particular birth year. You can now get your current birthday horoscope report courtesy Indastro.com. Go ahead and read more

Deal of the Day


Composite Astrology is by far the most exhaustive personal life reading that you could request for. It can be requested for a complete astrological analysis of your birth chart. It covers predictions of your life over the next 20 years. more

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Panchanga or Ephemeris is the placement of planet as well as specific vedic combinations which keep us decide the auspicious & inauspicious times during a day.

Tithi Dwadashi upto 01:39 PM
Yoga Variyana upto 07:00 PM
Nakshatra Chitra upto 06:48 AM
Rahukala 02:04 PM to 03:47 PM  
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 25° 17' 32" Ari Bharani
Sun 16° 38' 13" Tau Rohini
Moon 13° 21' 55" Lib Swati
Mars 12° 40' 31" Can Pushya
Mercury 22° 16' 26" Ari Bharani
Jupiter 9° 20' 7" Ari Ashwini
Venus 1° 56' 43" Can Punarvasu
Saturn 12° 48' 50" Aqu Shatabhisha
Rahu(R) 9° 26' 19" Ari Ashwini
Ketu(R) 9° 26' 19" Lib Swati
Uranus 26° 3' 0" Ari Bharani
Neptune 3° 16' 26" Pis P.Bhadrapada
Pluto(R) 5° 57' 56" Cap U.Asadha