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Daily Virgo Horoscope Fri, Dec 01, 2023 Moon Sign based


Virgo Today's Forecast

This day will make you comfortable and your love equation will be well balanced. There will be a rise in your status in your personal relations and harmony in personal life. Family life shall be very happy and there might be some sort of a get together in your family. You may over evaluate the situations and act impulsively and you are advised to be skillful and calculate while making important decisions. If you are in partnership with someone, there may be a rift in relationship because of silly mistakes you make, which could be avoided if you use your business acumen.

Astrology Guide

  • Business & professional Activity: Unfavourable day for business through out. Stick to routine activity only.

  • Love & relationships: Not a good day. Chances of confrontations and hyper reactions. Wait till tomorrow.

  • Money Matters: Unfavourable day stick to routine activity only.

  • Dealing in stocks & shares: Not favorable. Chances of losses in investment made today.

  • Travel: Not a favourable day to commence any kind of activity.

  • Purchase of new house/ car: Not auspicious.

  • Gambling: Not favorable. Chances of losses.

* You might find some contradiction between the Daily Forecast & Daily Planner. This is so because the Daily forecast is how your day would go while the daily planner advices on how you should plan your day. Doing the right thing or avoiding the wrong thing helps us find success & happiness in life.

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Planet Positions & Ephemeris for (Fri, Dec 01, 2023 ) Panchanga & Planetary Positions

Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 4° 13' 14" Cap U.Asadha
Sun 14° 56' 3" Sco Anuradha
Moon 5° 2' 57" Can Pushya
Mars 10° 56' 18" Sco Anuradha
Mercury 5° 48' 16" Sag Mula
Jupiter(R) 12° 51' 29" Ari Ashwini
Venus 2° 5' 4" Lib Chitra
Saturn 6° 58' 3" Aqu Shatabhisha
Rahu(R) 29° 39' 3" Pis Revati
Ketu(R) 29° 39' 3" Vir Chitra
Uranus(R) 26° 8' 50" Ari Bharani
Neptune(R) 0° 42' 22" Pis P.Bhadrapada
Pluto 4° 19' 36" Cap U.Asadha
Tithi Chaturthi upto 03:31 PM
Yoga Shukla upto 08:04 PM
Nakshatra Punarvasu upto 04:40 PM
Rahukala 10:51 AM to 12:10 PM