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Lunar Eclipse and its impact on the 12 moon signs

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2020 is going to happen on 11th January 2020. This Lunar Eclipse will occur in the third zodiac sign Gemini, in the constellation (nakshatra) of Jupiter known as Punarvasu nakshatra.

It will be a penumbral eclipse, which will not be visible to the naked eye. The first contact with the penumbra will take place at 10:39 pm 10th January 2020. The lunar eclipse which reach its apex at 12:39 am. Last contact with the penumbra will happen at 02:40 am on 11th January 2020.

This Lunar Eclipse will stimulate the cognizance of the natives to maintain the nourishing capability of Punarvasu nakshatra. However, some major shifts will take place in the life of all individuals belonging to the 12 moon signs, which needs to be taken care of with focused energy and optimism.

The results of the eclipse will be strongly influenced by the planetary conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius. Yet, the results will be varied basis the moon sign and the house in which this eclipse is taking place for you. The effects of this eclipse can be felt for nearly a month.

To activate a protective shield during this transit, you must respect your elders, parents and mentors during this worldwide celestial phenomenon.

Here is a detailed account of what this Lunar Eclipse will brings forth for each of the 12 moon signs.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Aries moon sign

The effect of this lunar eclipse will largely be seen on the sibling relationships of Aries moon sign natives. You will need to be extra cautious of your dealings and actions with your neighbors, too, during this time.

Your communication skills will be hindered. In fact your communication channels will also not work well, during this time. This will eventually lead to your messages nit getting conveyed properly, which in turn will create an aura of confusion or misconception in your surroundings.

You may face challenges related to higher studies. Additional focus and concentration along with greater efforts will be required on the part of Aries moon sign born students to achieve academic excellence, during this time.

You will have a day full of responsibilities, with focus on completing any pending tasks. Watch out for conversations with others, during this time – be at home or workplace, as you will have lesser control over your tongue and this may lead you into troubled waters.

Your faith in religion or philosophy is going to give you favorable results at workplace, in particular, where your reputation and status will be enhanced. You are advised to do meditation to get rid of your hidden fear, during this time, for a better, healthy and peaceful living.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Taurus moon sign

Do not plan for bigger investments, during the time of the lunar eclipse, else you may incur huge financial loss, during this time. Taurus moon sign natives might suffer from increased mental stress, at the time of this eclipse.

You are advised to stay away from any legal hassles, during this time, as the results may not be ruled out in your favor. Also, steer clear of any family disputes, else it can spiral up into something severely damaging.

You need to be very careful while driving and you must adhere to traffic rules to avoid any mishap, during the course of this period.

Your work life will have numerous challenges, during this time. Sudden and unwanted obstacles will keep you occupied, all this while. This will also take a toll on your health.

Try to avoid taking unnecessary stress and take care of your health for better gains in future. You must pay attention to bringing about quality change in your health and lifestyle by practicing yoga and meditation techniques and also focusing on your diet patterns.

Embrace positivity and look ahead with optimism, since the challenges encountered in this period would just be momentary.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Gemini moon sign

Gemini moon sign natives might face sudden issues in their relationship during the time of this lunar eclipse. Some of this may arise from confusions in your relationship and others could uproot from health troubles of your partner, which could give you some stress.

Avoid unnecessary arguments to stay away from anxiety and mental disturbances, during this time. Disputes are indicated but could be shunned, if you follow the principles of honesty, faith and harmony, in all aspects of your life.

You area also advised to cut down on your usage of electronic gadgets, else it can make you restless and irritable, in the long-term.

Being down to earth would help here, as it will provide a certain protection to your relationships – be it personal or professional.

Some unplanned expenditure may put you under stress, so plan your day well to tackle such instances, effectively. Becoming lazy is not an option, today, as it can lead you to incur some losses, which could have been easily avoided, with a change in your attitude.

It will be advisable to listen to your partner and follow their suggestions for better outcomes, during this time. Avoid being too rigid or stubborn, as it may prove detrimental for your image and growth, too.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Cancer moon sign

You may incur financial losses during the time of this lunar eclipse. Cancer moon sign natives are thus, required to be pretty cautious about their income and investments.

Unplanned expenditures could disturb the finances and disputes at work will also be upsetting, during the time of this eclipse.

Trivial arguments with co-workers and seniors at workplace will not only ruin the atmosphere at work, but will also hinder your growth and success prospects, in the field of your work.

Stay calm at home, as well, as chances of disputes with family members are also indicated, during this time, which if not handled in time, can take a long time to get resolved.

Any legal matter will not get easily resolved, during this time, so be wary of landing yourself into any such hassles. Lending money to someone or taking a loan from anybody should strictly be avoided, during this time. Postpone bigger investment plans and critical decisions for a better time in future.

All, these fluctuations ion varied aspects of life will call for a greater attention on health, as you will fell rather stressed out with such complex situations in personal and professional lives.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Leo moon sign

Leo moon sign natives will witness a troubled time in love and romantic relationships. Those who are married will also have a difficult time in maintaining the peace and harmony in their marital life, during this lunar eclipse.

Unnecessary arguments are clearly visible both in personal lie and at work, which can up your stress and frustration levels, thereby draining you off your positive energies.

This stress could be a primary reason of the health issues that you may encounter during this time, as indicated in this period. For those who are married and have children, a watch on your kid’s health will also be important, as chances of some minor ailments are there, at the time of this eclipse.

All sorts of speculative investments must be avoided, during this time, since this period is not very favorable for your financial growth. Yet, some safe investments can yield good returns, if done thoughtfully and cautiously.

Travel opportunities related to work will surface, during this time. You must take such opportunities, as these will prove beneficial for your career – whether you are in business or job.

Short and long term benefits from career can be derived by remaining tactful and optimistic, at the same time, during the time of this lunar eclipse.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Virgo moon sign

Virgo moon sign natives must avoid any kind of property transaction (sale/purchase) during the time of this lunar eclipse, as chances of incurring losses are high.

Some unplanned expenditure might be incurred on family members, which will hugely impact your savings. This will not be a good time to but a vehicle, you must postpone this purchase for a better time in future.

You will be more focused on your career and exploring better sources of increasing income which will take your attention away from your home. Your spouse and children might feel neglected during this time, so you are advised to take out time for them, to offer them undivided attention and make them feel secure and cared for.

 Increase in workload will offer you stress, which will further make you irritable, leading to problems in your personal relationships.

You are advised to start your day with yoga and meditation so that you can manage the flow of work without stress. This will also help you remain calm and positive under pressing circumstances, further helping in maintaining peace and harmony in personal relationships.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Libra moon sign

Health will be a primary area of concern for Libra moon sign natives, during the time of the upcoming lunar eclipse. Thus, you are advised to avoid overthinking on trivial matters, cut down on stressful tasks and embrace positivity in any way possible to remain in a heathy state of mind and body.

Unplanned short distance travelling will also disturb the pace of your work and domestic environment. Pre-planning will come in handy in dealing with such situations, whenever they will arise, during the time of this lunar eclipse.

Libra natives must also be ready to shell out some amount on getting medical advice for the sake of their health and well-being. However, these will not be huge expenses.

Conflicts with siblings or neighbors are indicated during this time, so be very cautious of speaking with them, at this time. Having open and fair communications might help in resolving any conflict that could arise, in this period.

False commitments and fake promising may prove more harmful for your relationships, during this time, than honest denials or outright refusals.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Scorpio moon sign

During this lunar eclipse, Scorpio moon sign natives will experience fluctuations in their financial status. Your savings will be affected due to some sudden and unplanned expenditure, which will be unavoidable.

Some unexpected arguments with family members will further spoil your mood, during this time. There will be too many suggestions for you to comprehend and acknowledge, and you will have to fight your intrinsic thoughts to make yourself ready to accept these worthy suggestions.

Health issues, specifically related to eye, will need added care and attention. You might have to incur expenses on talking medical aid for the related treatment. However, these will be minor issues and nothing serious in indicated, here.

You need to get the favors of lady luck to help you sail through the challenging spells, during the time of this eclipse. So, be humble towards the women in your life – whether they are your colleagues, friends, relatives or part of your immediate family.

Positivity, spirituality and religious views will help you attain a sanguine outlook to overcome challenges in your personal and professional lives, at the time of this eclipse.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Sagittarius moon sign

Sagittarius moon sign natives will not have a supportive work environment, during the time of this transit. This will hinder your professional growth prospects, so, you are advised to keep it low and do not embark on any new projects or journeys, during the time of this eclipse.

Your workload will increase and you will feel a pressure to complete all the tasks, at the same time. This will give you certain stress, which could even be harmful for your health.

So, try and be practical and prioritize well for a better day at work and at home. Meditate and do yoga to ward off any negativity from your system and to feel relaxed and rejuvenated to face the challenges of life.

There could be some sudden long distance travel opportunities, which could disturb your routine. To pick and chose such prospects with sanity and wisdom and take up only those which you feel is essential and unavoidable.

Due to your indulgence in work, your personal life and relationships may suffer a setback, during the time of this lunar eclipse. Try and reinforce balance in your life to have a healthy mix of professional gains and personal rejoices, for a wholesome living.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Capricorn moon sign

During the time of this lunar eclipse, Capricorn moon sign natives will have some major health concerns. These may also call for medical attention, which could hinder the state of your financial status.

Other than this, some unplanned expenditures will also be there, during this time. So, it would be wise to curb your wasteful expenditures and pre-plan for such events to ensure it doesn’t burden you.

Work and personal life will suffer because of these unforeseen situations. The disturbance in health will also lead to lack of enthusiasm and passion in professional life and in love and marital relationships, as well.

The stress that you may experience in this period could also lead to sleeping discomforts. Thus, it is advisable to follow mediation and yoga techniques for a stress-free and relaxed life.

Keeping a check on your diet will also help in avoiding much of health concerns during this time. Share your feelings and anxieties with your loved ones, so that you can get rid of the negativities, well in time.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Aquarius moon sign

This will not be a very good time for the love and marital relationships of Aquarius moon sign natives. The effects of lunar eclipse will also be visible on less than expected growth in professional life.

There could be some sudden gains, but unplanned expenditures will also be there, which could deter the pace of your financial growth. There will be stability in income gains, with negligible growth, for the most part.

Steer clear of accepting ay new friend requests or business partnership proposals, at the time if this lunar eclipse. Betrayal by friends is indicated, in this period, so be very cautious of your friend circle. You will not have the support of, even the best of your friends, during this time.

For the larger part of this eclipse, you are on your own, so have faith in your beliefs and be confident enough to utilize your intelligence to make effective decisions.

Be very careful with your communication and read your email replies, social media posts, text messages twice, before hitting the send button, otherwise you may end-up landing in an unfathomed controversy.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on Pisces moon sign

This lunar eclipse will be a period of change for Pisces moon sign natives. Your work environment may change, as a result of relocation, transfer or job change. These changes could be a little unsettling in the beginning, but things would stabilize going forwards.

Challenges will surface, related to business or job, and you will need to ride over this phase with your own assessment of the problem, your analysis and solutions to it. Since, support from colleagues and seniors would be negligible.

Those who work in close association with government or related agencies will have a tough day at work, as you will not get good results, during the time of this eclipse. Even if you are somebody who is awaiting some favors from government officials or bodies will be disappointed, as you will not get a positive response for your specific matter.

No major decisions related to business should be taken at this time. Some good news may come through a foreign source or land.

You must avoid all sorts of conflicts with your lover or spouse, during the time of this eclipse and care for your mental health, as stress will be harmful for your psychological well-being, during this time.