Ketu Transit for Scorpio

Ketu Transit

Ketu will transit in the 2nd house in Sagittarius zodiac sign of Scorpio moon natives. It is the house of wealth, speech, voice, family, teeth etc. Ketu in 2nd house usually affects the material life. During 2019 Ketu transit, you will lose interest to accumulate money due to which expenses of family will suddenly start to rise.

  • Uttara-Asadha and Purva-Asadha are the constellations which fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
  • Ketu will transit in the “Uttara-Asadha” constellation of Sun. This shows the chances of teeth related problems. Take some precautions and you will have a speedy recovery.
  • Ketu will also travel through the “Purva-Asadha” constellation of Venus. Take care of your relationships as chances of disturbances are foreseen.

During 2019 Ketu transit, you might have to leave the family for the business purposes or there will be some family issues which will become the cause to stay away from them. Your harsh speech might become the main reason of every problem, so try to avoid spat & squabbles. Think patiently about the consequences before replying anybody.

Ketu in Sagittarius will incline you towards spirituality. You would take great interest in collecting details regarding ancient scripts & scriptures.  Ketu will conjunct with Saturn in the Sagittarius sign. This will develop your interest in higher education. Career in law field will be very prosperous for you.

Ketu will create sudden circumstances in which you have to travel on short notices.  Manage your finances properly in 2019 as frequent unplanned traveling can burn a hole in your pocket. The conjunction of Saturn & Ketu will increase your fighting tendency and the atmosphere of family is most likely to get affected by it.

Final word: You have great chances to take a break in your career to maybe switch to business or some other profession. Health needs care & attention between 15th June and 17th July 2019. Drive carefully in this period to avoid accidents. Stay away from telling lies as it can create complications for you. Financial planning would help you to handle unexpended expenses and losses.