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How Jupiter Transit in 2016 will affect you!

How Jupiter

Jupiter, the harbinger of luck, is a slow moving yet the biggest planet of the solar system, thus its transit is sure to have a stronger impact on your life. It takes almost 13 years for Jupiter to pass through the zodiac, and it spends around 13 months in each of the signs. Mighty and kind, Jupiter is a benefic planet. Jupiter, which is transiting Leo at this point, a period also known as the Simhastha Guru, will enter the organized sign Virgo on 11 August 2016 and shall continue to be there until 12 September 2017.

Jupiter is the planet that represents wisdom, higher learning, knowledge, wealth, fortune, freedom and tolerance.  It gives optimism, prosperity, growth, generosity, and joy. It influences a person’s intellect, passion, compassion, progeny, grasping abilities and professional success. Simhastha Guru Period is considered as good for spiritual gains, religious practices, but unfavorable for marriage etc. Now that Jupiter will transit Virgo, this duration will be highly auspicious for conjugal bonds. Jupiter will be combust from 12 September 2016 to 10 October 2016. During this period, auspicious activities such as marriage, initiatives related to finance and business, and religious ceremonies shall be delayed if possible. When Jupiter is Combust, it affects the positivity of a person, thus any major steps or changes should be avoided. Curious how it affects your Moon sign? If you do not know your moon sign, you can find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very important astrological mark to know your future.

Here is a detailed analysis of how Jupiter transit will unroll for each sign.


For you Aries, this planetary transition will bear good results by and large. Jupiter transit will be in the sixth house, thus care should be taken to prevent any legal disputes. However, you need not worry because your efforts will be rewarded with success. This move is also likely to bring monetary gains and success in business or profession. Ninth lord posited in sixth house means that you have to put in more efforts and work hard to achieve goals & get ahead. This is certainly not a time to ignore the little health concerns. And since Jupiter aspects its own sign in 12th house, expect fruitful results from foreign related work. Overall, this period is good for both financial as well as domestic front.


For Taurus, Jupiter transit will be in fifth house. This is a favorable period for you to expect fruitful results in near future. You will make efforts in a positive direction and formulate constructive plans, which together with augmented wisdom, will lead to better earnings. Your hard work will be noticed, you are likely to get recognition, name and fame.  When it comes to education, interest in learning new things will generate. It is a good period for students to expect positive results in examinations. The transition also suggests progeny related problems. Religious and virtuous activities are likely to take place frequently. Largely, this is a favorable period for those born with Moon in Taurus.


Jupiter will transit in fourth house, which signifies domestic comfort, possessions, and overall happiness. This position affects the house of career positively, thus you are likely to observe considerable progress on the professional front during this period.  So expect recognition, appreciation and promotion. This position will ultimately perk up your reputation in your social and professional sphere. During this time, you will be inclined towards occult and the hidden, may spend on spiritual and religious activities. The transit overall is in favor of Gemini and will lead to a harmonious domestic life.


The wheel of fortune is bringing Jupiter transit in third house, awarding you with encouragement, motivation and a positive outlook. A sudden streak of confidence will enter your spirit; however do not bow to the monster of over-confidence. Those of you experiencing delay in marriage have good news in store. This is a favorable time to tie the knot, although Combust period shall be avoided for such an auspicious occasion. Those married already will experience domestic bliss. On the financial front, earning is likely to increase, not due to a stroke of luck but dedicated efforts and hard work. Thus, for Cancer the Crab, it is high time to come out of the shell and work persistently in the right direction to realize desired goals. 


In Leo, Jupiter transit will take place in the second house, which represents wealth, family, assets, speech and early education. Being the lord of fifth and eighth house, Jupiter will help in accumulation of wealth from different means. All economic matters will get resolved and stuck money will come back to you.  You are likely to spend money on some auspicious occasion or a sacred ceremony in family. This will be a positive time for career prospects as well; there is a higher possibility of progress in line of business. Overall, this will be a harmonious period for Leo.


Jupiter transit in your own sign will give way to a peaceful mind and logical approach. Being the lord of fourth and seventh house, Jupiter transit will result in a content domestic environment. For many of you, it is time to take the wedding vows, as there is a strong likelihood of marital unions. It is sure to be a blissful time for those in love. For married couples, there is a potential progeny in view. Fortune is sure to shower you with opportunities to learn and earn. Talking of professional life, promotion is in the cards too.  You may also buy a new home or possession. This is a fortunate time by and large for Moon in Virgo.


Jupiter transit will be in twelfth house for those born with Moon in Libra. Not a much favorable position for Jupiter, you are likely to travel a lot during this period. Long distance journeys will bring fruitful consequences. Foreign travel is also likely to happen. You can also expect growth in business and work related matters. You are likely to spend on religious activities during this time. In fact, there is a possibility of pilgrimage as well. The placement is likely to influence your health negatively and may lead to lack of self-confidence too. For younger siblings, this duration is favorable. Overall, the transit will bring positive results, but health may suffer a little.


Due to Jupiter transit in eleventh house of Moon in Scorpio horoscopes, the position forms a strong “dhana yoga”.  Financially, this will be an affluent year, expect a lot of positive decisions and profitable outcomes. Wealth is sure to increase during this time. Career front will be favorable, however, do not confront or argue with your seniors, particularly boss. The transit also brings possibilities of marriage and childbirth, thus harbingering domestic bliss and comfort. You are likely to welcome a new member in your family, either in the form of spouse or a child. Some auspicious occasion will take place in family this year. The transit is also favorable for study related matters, and is likely to make you feel a little contemplative too. Negatively, it may make you a little lethargic.


Career wise, it is a very constructive time for Sagittarius. You are likely to work with dedication towards attaining a respectable position, thus it is a favorable transition for career and business related matters. However, Sagittarians should not become workaholics; or your health will suffer. If you are looking to expand your business or buy a new home/property, it is an auspicious period to go ahead. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to have positive effects of the transit. Jupiter transit is in tenth house, thus keep your karma good and you are likely to fetch optimistic results. Self-esteem will boost during this period. Those undergoing any legal disputes and conflicts are likely to benefit from this transit too. Overall, it will be a favorable time to make decisions and act for Moon in Sagittarius.


Those born with Moon in Capricorn are likely to benefit from Jupiter transit in more ways than one.  Jupiter transit is in ninth house, representing higher learning, wisdom and wealth. You are likely to take long journeys, which will turn out to be useful for your endeavors and goals. There is also a possibility to indulge in some religious pursuit. In fact, there is a need too. It is a good time to study and work hard as Jupiter bestows you with wisdom. A fortunate time for higher education, those looking to study abroad are likely to succeed in their efforts. Your siblings are also likely to perform well and excel in their fields.  However, health concerns may arise, especially because of your laid-back attitude and lethargic routine.


Jupiter transit in eighth house for Moon in Aquarius will bring mixed results. When it comes to financial matters, you need to be cautious, as there is a possibility of wealth loss. You should be alert and sure before making key business/financial decisions and huge investments. There will however be a consistent flow of basic income. Unexpected or sudden incidents and unwanted travels will occupy a lot of your time during this phase. This is the best time to get involved in occult or spiritual activities if you feel like, just make sure that it leads you towards a constructive direction. Health issues may also come up. Overall, do not rely much on luck, but on hard work and fine judgment. 


For Pisces, Jupiter transit is likely to open new avenues of opportunities. Income is likely to increase and so will sources of earnings. Financial growth is expected. Wedding bells are likely to ring for those waiting in anticipation to get hitched. It is an auspicious time to say, “I do”. Siblings are also likely to get favorable outcomes of this transit. The stormy sea of emotions in you will calm down during this time and you will experience peace and emotional tranquility. However, with the benefic effects comes laziness. To seriously get a taste of success, you need to get up, open the door and embrace opportunities wholeheartedly.

Predictions above are generic in nature. Actual results may differ person-to-person depending upon the relation of transiting Jupiter with natal one and other planets in a respective birth chart. For a personalized overview of how Jupiter transit will affect you, you can order a customized Jupiter Transit Report based on Vedic wisdom of our learned astrologer.

You may like to read about Jupiter Transit Report. This report interprets the transit results of Jupiter on your specific date and time of birth to help you understand the changes you would experience when Jupiter Transit takes place. This report will guide you on how to leverage this transit period to your advantage and to take the blessings of the transiting Jupiter in your life.