Jupiter bringing Luck and Success to you

Jupiter is one of the most benefic planets among all the heavenly bodies in Vedic astrology. We discuss the importance of understanding the nature and characteristics of Jupiter that can help you attract fame, success, and good fortune in life.

Jupiter bringing

Among all the Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the only one that blesse seach zodiac signs with an abundance of luck. The Luck Jupiter gives would never come to an end, and would show its effects all throughout.

Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology:

Jupiter is the fifth Planet from the Sun, and the largest in the Solar System. Jupiter is known as the divine teacher who gives the wisdom to all, and is also known as the Dev-Guru-Brihaspati. Jupiter is the most benefic planet who rules over the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. The three Nakshatras ruled by Jupiter are Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purva-Bhadrapada. These Nakshatras have the presence of Jupiter in them and the ability to change lives in a positive direction, while fulfilling your wishes.

Luck will manifest with the Aspect of Jupiter in your horoscope:

The Planet gives some aspect to a certain house in our Horoscope, and through that aspect, we will have the blessing of the Planets in our life. Jupiter has the seventh aspect with the special fifth and ninth aspect as well. Jupiter will give nourishment to the house where ever, he has the fifth aspect. Jupiter will give you nourishment related to that house, where it gives the fifth aspect, and people related to that house will help you in your life. The house in which Jupiter gives its seventh aspect, will let you have friends from that house. Wisdom will come towards you from the house where Jupiter gives his ninth aspect.

The natural Friendship and Enmity of Jupiter with other Planets:

The presence of Jupiter in all the twelve zodiac signs will give a different result. Planets havea natural friendship and enmity among themselves based on their lordships over a zodiac sign. Jupiter has a friendly relation with Sun, Mars, and Moon, so Jupiter will give good results in the related zodiac signs. Jupiter has an enmity with Venus, Rahu, and Mercury, so the good results will be diminished being present in the zodiac sign of these planets. Jupiter has a Neutral relationship with Saturn and Ketu.

The strength and weakness of Jupiter:

There are some zodiac signs which give strength to the planet, and some will make the planet weak, and these two situations are known as Exaltation and Debilitation of the Planet. Jupiter will have exaltation in the Cancer zodiac sign and will be debilitated in the Capricorn zodiac sign. The exaltation of Jupiter will give you an abundance of wealth and the blessings of knowledge. You will have a good amount of bank balance with the exalted Jupiter. But the debilitation will deprive you of this knowledge and you will feel lost in your life. There will be financial crisis and relationships with elder will not be good with a debilitated Jupiter.

The Presence of Jupiter in the twelve Zodiac Signs:

You need to have a clear analysis in which zodiac sign your personal Dev Guru Jupiter is residing. Is Jupiter in an exaltation placement in your horoscope and ready to give its favor for luck to you? Do have the presence of Jupiter in the Aries to give you courage to have knowledge, which will lead you to the peak of success in your life? The benefic Jupiter will bless you with all the luck related to education, career, success, marriage, and children.

Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter in Aries will work like the teacher who is ready to give you wisdom. People will love to teach you and guide you to achieve success in your life. You will have the inbuilt ability to learn new things in life. Jupiter will give interest in healing work, or you will have an interest in herbal healing, which is connected with nature. You will have the fire to do innovative things in your life, and will not sit ideal without any aim. The helping hand of Luck will come to you with Jupiter in Aries, if you learn how to control your anger.

Jupiter in Taurus:

Jupiter in Taurus will give a practical approach towards life. It is like the teacher who will not punish you, nor give you a hard task to complete, but will give you work in which will have fun. While having fun, you will learn many things that you will never forget till the end of your life. You will have the weirdest of teachers in your life, who would do anything to teach you, but their value statements and punch lines will give you sleepless nights, helping you to achieve your aim in your life. Luck will favor you if you take care of the surroundings where you are living.

Jupiter in Gemini:

You will get the blessings of Jupiter in Gemini as that teacher in your life who has a versatile personality and teaches you all the subjects, related to career, family, religion, and science. You will have good knowledge of various languages and people will be mesmerized with the way you communicate with them. Jupiter in Gemini, will give you a good status in the society. People would love to be in your company. The diplomatic ability and curiosity to know each and everything will give you lots of opportunities to achieve your aims in life. Be friendly with your siblings and give respect to everyone who has helped you, as this will increase your Luck with Jupiter in Gemini.

Jupiter in Cancer:

Jupiter will be a happy teacher for you if it is placed in the Cancer zodiac sign of your horoscope. You will get recognition in the society with your wisdom. Jupiter in Cancer will give you the understanding to balance out the emotional attachment. Jupiter in Cancer is called the exalted one, where he has the strength to give you the ability to overcome the ocean of ignorance. Give respect to your elders to live your life with the abundance of luck.

Jupiter in Leo:

Leo, the fifth zodiac sign, is also known as the fiery one. Jupiter in Leo also knows how to operate the fire to transform life with knowledge and wisdom. According to the scriptures, Jupiter was the incarnation of Lord Agni (Fire), so he knows how to work in the fire. You will have the courage to do anything to attain knowledge. Jupiter in Leo will make you follow traditions and give respect to your ancients. Spread the knowledge and wisdom you have, to attain have the favor of Luck in your life with Jupiter in Leo, in your horoscope.

Jupiter in Virgo:

Jupiter in the Virgo will give the support of healing hand from Jupiter. The presence of Jupiter will give a good amount of knowledge in nature, health, and medicine. You will receive heritage wealth in the form of knowledge, which will lead you to start your own business. You will get a teacher who teaches you how to be practical, and be scientific with your work to attain success. The people with Jupiter in Virgo will rarely miss an opportunity to learn anything in their life. Luck will come towards you having Jupiter in Virgo, only if you serve the needy people without any expectations in return.

Jupiter in Libra:

Jupiter in Libra will bless you with innovative and creative idea which an not be easily attained by others. Jupiter will give success in a foreign place, or the knowledge which is related to foreign culture will automatically come to you. There will be a balanced approach within you, to learn many things at the same time. You can have an abundance of luck in your life if you will have the devotion in the divine.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

The secret knowledge and the hidden treasury will be yours, if you have Jupiter in the eighth zodiac sign, Scorpio. You will attain knowledge related to astrology and occult sciences,  or will have an excellent career in research work. You will be passionate to have information about the things which are restricted for you. Jupiter will give the blessings of Luck to you, if you will not cheat and hide information related to others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

The philosophical knowledge and information related to history about you and other countries will be given to you with the presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius. You will learn many things by traveling, and the cultural knowledge will come to you from different places. With a short span of time, you will be interested to learn the Vedic scriptures, or Jupiter will be inclined to learn how the various religions work. Doing charity will improve your luck with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

You will have the teacher who doesn’t want to teach you because of your dual nature and does not give respect to your elders. It is the generosity of Jupiter that he wants you to be the nice human being, so Jupiter will give you hard and tough situations in your life, related to finance and the circumstances in which you will realize the importance of knowledge. Having Jupiter in Capricorn can also save your Luck only if you serve your teachers and elders with the bottom of the heart.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

If there Jupiter in Aquarius is there in your horoscope, it will give you the ability to learn even in your dreams. You will be the one who does not need any academic qualification to attain wisdom. Jupiter will bless you and give you a personality which would be adorable to everyone. Jupiter will make you humble and generous to attain and give knowledge, and to also help others without any gain. You will have a good amount of luck spreading knowledge to them, whoever is in need of.

Jupiter in Pisces:

Jupiter present in his own sign, the last zodiac sign, Pisces, will give you good in heritance that includes money and wisdom. Jupiter will bless you with devotion and knowledge of spirituality. You can have luck in your life with Jupiter in Pisces, and if you help people with your unique ability of diplomatic nature, you will at in gains from them. Being diplomatic is not a bad thing, but it will only let you help others in many ways, luck will automatically come back to you after your help.

Jupiter Blessings and Luck:

The planet which never does any wrong, and never gives bad results even after being in a debilitating situation, can only be the planet Jupiter. So, receive the blessings from benevolent Jupiter to attain the abundance of luck which is waiting only for you.

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