Difference between Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology

This piece elaborates upon how Vedic Astrology is different from Western Astrology & the techniques involved in both the studies.

Difference between Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology


The science and study of Astrology is one which began in India itself, which later laid a foundation for the West to take it further from there and add on to the various perspectives within what astrology prescribes. While they have been scholars in this domain in India who have contributed to various subjects such as Mathematics and Astronomy amongst others, Vedic Astrology is completely calculative, unlike Western Astrology which also forms a segment of divination.

We do not consider either of them superior, however, the two differ in their techniques to come to a final conclusion. It is the technique used for analysis of a birth chart which makes Vedic Astrology much more accurate than any other system of the same science.

  • The concept of birth chart wasn’t necessarily a thing in Western Astrology since the Ascendant and the Moon were not taken in consideration as much as the Sun sign in the West. This also made way for the analysis of houses, what each house of a birth chart represents and its inter-connectedness and aspects which leads to a final conclusion.
  • This use of the birth chart further developed in the West and was calculated from the Sun sign instead of the Moon sign, with changes as per the norms of Western Astrology which further was named as- Tropical Astrology. The concept of birth charts, however, is Indian keeping the Moon as the point of reference which continues to be the same till today.
  • The concept of horoscope matching is purely Indian, while in the west is mostly either divination or entertainment to find a love compatibility of the Sun signs alone which can be compared to the teenage version of ‘FLAMES’ and nothing more beyond that, while in India, it is quite a serious business since this birth chart matching is considered important specifically because its not done for a ‘feel-good factor’ but based on studies.
  • Vedic Astrology is a major field of study and contributes to Indian philosophy as well through its interconnectedness with various scriptures and mythologies and the deities and Gods worshipped in India, which tells us about the way of life in different ‘yugas’ and gives a mode of observation into what formed the history and culture of India.
  • This perspective does not belong to the West which majorly looks at the birth chart from the Sun sign. Also, the changes in the Sun’s position and the Moon’s position is different as per which sign they fall into. The Moon roughly changes its position and sign every 1.5 – 2 days while the Sun remains in the same sign for a month and a half. The Moon sign analysis, therefore, gives a much clearer distinction between personalities which every person born in a month, as per their Sun sign do not possess.
  • The sun sign is further divided into 3 nakshatras each, which is further divided into Padas or Phases, this makes Vedic Astrology all the more intricate and deeper than other systems.
  • It also analyses its relationship depending upon aspects of other planets and its change in behavior depending upon which ‘house’ of the birth chart it falls in, making it more accurate than simply the Sun signs. The basic elements in calculating and making these predictions depend upon the correct day, year, time of the month and time of the day along which area of birth- latitude and longitude which can make differences in two people’s birth chart who were born on the same day and time but different longitudes.
  • Also, the impacts of these prediction change with one’s change of location throughout their life as well. A person moving to New York from Nepal, for example, at a certain period of time in life will experience changes as per his birth chart as well as per the longitude he is in at that point, now predictions will be affected (even minorly) as per his own chart in respect with locational birth charts as well. Yes, places have a birth chart too, and the events of future or the ‘ages’ of past and its impact upon a place is predicted through the age of the Earth. Also, political, geographical and social events which impact a nation or contribute o it is inferred using this process. This process was also used by Nostradamus. This has been in practice in India for as long as the concept of this study has existed.

So you see Vedic Astrology and its techniques are much more complicated and the predictions, therefore, are much more intricate than just a Sun sign analysis and sticking to it for life. These are the differences in the techniques involved in making inferences in Vedic vs. Western Astrology, of which Vedic/Indian Astrology has been considered to be more accurate by all schools of Astrology globally.

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