Birth Chart Compatibility: How Does It Work?

Love can happen out of the blue. But being compatible with your partner becomes the ultimate question. Knowing the influence of planets and other factors present in the birth chart thus becomes the deciding factor in the study of two people's love compatibility with each other.

Birth Chart Compatibility: How Does It Work?

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

                                      -Mignon McLaughlin

Being in love is one of the most precious feelings around. It is like chasing a high, which constantly keeps you in a good mood and in a safe haven. However, not all love stories materialize into a successful relationship.

A love relationship depends on mutual understanding, trust and respect. Highly dependent on compatibility of two partners, a flourishing relationship also has its roots tied to the placement of stars and planets in your horoscope.

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Factors that need to be considered for Compatibility:

They are many factors that need to be considered while checking the compatibility in the natal chart of both of the partners. Factors such as the following are considered while reading the horoscope of both of the parties:

  • The position of the Lord of the Seventh House (House of Marriage)
  • Second House (House of Wealth)
  • Eighth House (House of Age)
  • Twelfth House (House of Expenses)

Good and Bad conjunctions of planets in the Marriage House, Power of the Lord of the Seventh House like the number of Degrees under his (Lord of the Seventh House) possession and many others also come into consideration for checking the relationship compatibility of two love partners.

Learn how the Birth Chart Compatibility works and what are the different factors taken in the compatibility analysis.

Factors for Analyzing Birth Chart Compatibility

Ascendant Lords

  • Firstly, we need to check whether or not the Ascendant Lords of both the charts has a cordial relationship or are enemies to each other.
  • The nature of the relationship shared by the Lord of the ascendant of both the partners (love and hate) determines the quality of life the couple will share in the future.
  • If the Lords have a cordial relationship, it means that the chances of having a conflict or clashes between them will remain minimal.
  • On the off chances, if the Lords of both the partners are enemy to each other it pronounces disaster for the couple as issues such as a difference in opinion, arguments, conflicts, debate on unnecessary things n topics, and in worst cases, separation may take place.

Debilitated Planets and their Aspects

  • If Debilitated Planets or their aspects exist in the House of Marriage, then it may ruin the married life of the couple.
  • Benefic planets if and when placed in the House of Marriage (Seventh House) increases the longevity of the relationship.
  • In such conditions, the chances of finding true and trustworthy partner increases.

Malefic planets and their aspects

  • The Aspects of Malefic planets should also not be anywhere near to the House of Marriage (Seventh House) or its Lord for that matter.
  • For instance, the position of Rahu, Ketu, and Mars and their aspects have the power to ruin the love and married life of a couple.
  • The power of the Lord of the House of Marriage (Seventh House) is on the lower sides i.e. the degrees are weak or the power is not sufficient then fluctuations and hurdles will be part and parcel of the love and married life of the couple.

The Planet Venus

  • The planet Venus also plays a big role in knowing how compatible two people are.
  • Venus stands for love and romance, therefore, the placement of Venus in a positive house shows that the couple will share happiness together forever.
  • It is also indicative of what people value the most in their relationship along with things that give them pleasure thus increasing the compatibility ratio between the two partners.
  • The placement of Venus also reveals what is the expectation of partners from each other in terms of relationships.
  • It help the couple to try and find out ways to meet each other’s expectation related to their love or married life.

The Planet Mars

  • The planet Mars stands for sexual desire and energy in Vedic Astrology.
  • Mars not only speaks about the sexual desires of a couple but the energy levels that a couple invests in each other
  • This basically becomes the basis of the longevity of their relationship.

Other important planets

  • Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, and their aspects in the House of Marriage may ruin the married or the love life of the couple.

Therefore, it is imperative to get a detailed analysis done of the horoscope in order to get the entire history of the above mentioned planets in the natal chart of both the partners.

To conclude, we can say that there are many factors that need to be thoroughly checked and analyzed in order to check the birth chart compatibility of a couple. In order to do so, other factors need to be brought into consideration that will only emerge after a detailed horoscope reading done for both the partners.

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