Astrological Aspects and their effects

Astrological Aspects and their effects


From this August end, Mars enters Cancer, and Venus is forwarding towards conjunction of Saturn and Rahu [north node]. Mars and Saturn imparting full aspect to each other. Of course, it is not a good aspect. This is violent combination especially related to vehicles or transport system. The events shown by this combination may not certainly occur soon. The effect of this transit may last for four to five months- means till December end.

In Indian chart, this combination is forming between third and sixth houses. The third house of Indian Independent chart is occupied with maximum planets. The third house governs public travel, neighboring countries, armed forces, reaction of people etc. whereas the sixth house governs again armed forces, territorial attacks/war, common people, life saving services. The conjunction including these houses highlight the reaction of common people due to internal disturbances whether it is related to increase in crime or to natural calamities. It shows dissatisfaction of general public that will demand action against the happenings in the country. On the other hand, neighboring country may cause disturbance on border that will not be successful for them. It is expected that issues related to coalgate files will take a strong wave. This will prove a great fatal error to the existing government. A strict action will be asked for it.

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Other than that, how this combination is going to affect the zodiac signs generally is given here:
For the sign Aries, this combination is not at all good for relationships, especially if your relations are already not in harmony with your partner. Then the coming few months are going to create disturbances between you and your partner. Or your partner may not feel well. Intimacy may get disturbed due to these factors leaving your desires unfulfilled. Avoid haste as it may lead to accident or domestic disturbance.
Taureans, will be busy in handling the enemies and their strategies. Remember, that ill health is also one of enemy. So, if you are already ill then your whole attention will be toward improving your health. You will be surprised by sudden inflow of money that will increase the funds.

This aspect and conjunction of planets may hamper little bit at studies of Geminians. It will be difficult for you to focus on studies, thereby facing obstacles in your studies. The same thing applies to your love life too. If you are relationship is going through the weak phase then this is the time when you both may say goodbye to each other.

Not a constructive period for Cancerians overall. You will be upset at workplace and this conjunction may push you to search new work. In short, disturbances at workplace will push you to change your job. Good to buy /sell property.

Leos will find this period very much in harmony with environment. If your work is related to abroad then this conjunction will make you interact with foreigners leading to positive growth at work. However, protect yourself from any injury or accident.

Virgos will be prompted to speak. This will be highly favorable if your work is related to your verbal powers that will increase your income. If not, then this planetary conjunction will push you to verbal confrontation with the people around. Keep patience. Health requires lot of attention.

Positive and constructive period for Librans. This conjunction focus cosmic attention in the house of career leading to new opportunities or expansion at work. Possible to get recognition or honor for some Librans. Possible to participate in religious ceremony too.

This conjunction is highly favorable for those Scorpions who work in MNC or work with people related to abroad. However, remember that small mistake will annoy your seniors. Take care of belongings and injury in journey.

Sudden events will surprise Sagittarians. This may also include good as well as bad experiences. Your love life may undergo testing phase. Avoid uncertainties in any area that will bring loss to you whether it is related to work or love. Not good for siblings.

A positive period for Capricornians where you feel stronger than before. Your rivals will itself leave the way. Any legal battle may be won easily and for some Capricornians may also give benefit through legal matters. Don’t believe on subordinates or servants.

A little bit challenging period for Aquarians especially for those who are facing troubles at job. It is time to get a jerk in the existing job and may have break for sometime. To avoid this break you should get ready in search for new one even if it is temporary. This will fill the break and open new avenues in future.

Emotional Pisces may undergo tough experience in love matters, especially if you are dreaming lot of it. Dreams may meet reality this period. If your love relations are really true then this phase will decide to make it stronger by a knot otherwise things will shatter badly. Health of partner or self may suffer.