Gemini 2015 Love Horoscope

Your relationship may start a bit late – may be towards end February 2014 or in March 2014. The chances are that you would meet each other at a social function or a grand family get together or at some seminar related to subjects like public policy or religion or spirituality. So in other words, the start will be quite clean and innocent and at a public place.

The next chapter of your love story could be no action or no thrill for one or two months. This will be followed by occasional dates before the real intimacy and passions get fired up. So the point here is that don’t be in a hurry to expect results. Be good at your presentation, keep your best foot forward, stay committed and after having done this sit back and enjoy the romance. This is equally applicable to other Gemini natives who are either married or are in a relationship.

Irrespective of your status, another common observation based on your love planets is the stability and the beauty of your relationship which will only get enhanced. But this is one condition that you would be considerate and compassionate for your beloved and not let ego or self come between the two of you.
The stars also forewarn that at times you could lose a good opportunity due to your carelessness. Hence don’t let your absent minded habit spoil the party. The chances are that this might happen during a social meet. While partying and interacting with others you may get too busy to pay attention to your special one or to notice the changes in her / his moods. So don’t forget the birthday, anniversary etc.; listen more than say; agree more & disagree lesser if you want to nourish the harmony in your relationship. At least keep the channel of communication always on in 2014 if you want to avoid trouble.
If at all you do get into such a situation then step back for a while, give the situation some time to correct itself, let time heal the hurt feelings and then make a fresh but genuine attempt again.

Are you planning to firm up your commitment or tie the marriage knot this year? Then don’t waste time. Based on Gemini Horoscope Astrology reading for love and marriage, we suggest that you should do so before June 2014. This will help you save the efforts of crossing the obstacles in your love path.

A few exclusive tips for you
Life is not always a bed of roses. While for you Gemini, the love and romance is in the air for most of the year but there could be situations or circumstances when your partner is not game for fun or sometimes you may not feel romantic. This is the time to trust each other, understand each other and have respect for a long term alliance than look for instant gratification.

And finally
You might be dealing with your partner who is a demanding person. But have a big heart and liberal thinking. Trust me, this phenomenon is not permanent. So give space to your cared one and enjoy a wonderful love life in 2014.