Aquarius 2015 Love Horoscope

Aquarius is known for their reliability & their methodical ways. 2014 brings new friendships and opportunities for relationships if you are open to this idea. You will mostly connect with people who have intelligence, brains and knowledge. Acknowledge their achievements if you want to win friends. If already committed in a relationship or married happily, love is simply in the air and that too in its purest form.

Thank the great planet Jupiter for all this as it is in transit over your 5th house from your sign Aquarius.
As I just mentioned, the willing singles are likely to fall in love easily and those already going steady will find an extraordinary increase in the magnitude of love for the same person.

If you are a Single and would like to enter into a relationship then hurry up, the stars are smiling on you till mid 2014. If for some reason or the other, you can’t find a right partner till then don’t rush to commit as this is the period for checking your mutual compatibility, re assess your position and your ability to maintain a healthy relationship consistently.

Of course, the married couple need not worry as much as those who are in a committed relationship. However, if you want to enjoy a good harmony then you will have to leave aside the narrow or conservative thinking. Also petty domestic issues or many a times small differences in taste shall try to cast an evil shadow on otherwise smooth going. But now you are forewarned, I am sure you will be wise and smart now. Therefore, do not be too critical of the tastes and styles of your partner. Just give love unconditionally and let there be an excellent rapport and understanding between the two of you.

Your other responsibilities will keep you preoccupied during the month of July to November 2014. Be prepared to accept the fact that striking a balance between personal love life and other aspects of life cannot be put on ‘auto pilot’. Therefore, make sure you approach the issues with a positive frame of mind and find smart solutions. Also it is quite possible that sometimes in the second half of the year, negative thoughts may occupy your mind resulting into an unwanted behavior by you such as your turning into a conformist or an advocate of old traditions. Don’t let this happen to you as negative thoughts and emotions will hold you back and you will not be able to give your best, neither at home nor with your beloved. It may also hamper your productivity at work.

A few exclusive tips for you
From July 2014 onwards your schedule might get hectic, leaving you with little or no time for personal matters. This is likely to infuriate your beloved and also upset the family members. Therefore, be prepared in advance and try not to let this happen to you.

And finally
If at all you are unable to reduce your professional commitment and your other strategies to please the loved once do not yield satisfactory results then the best solution would be to stay calm and not get into arguments or try to convince others.