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Transit of Ketu

Transit of Ketu

Ketu is an imaginary but powerful planet and when it moves through the houses, its effects can be felt far and wide. It is considered a malefic planet because it gives negative results in many houses including 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.  However, in 3rd, 6th and 11th, it brings positive results too. Rahu gives obsession for material possessions relating to the house where it sits so its impact cannot be felt as much as Ketu because Ketu takes away what Rahu gives. However, we should realize that what Rahu gives is not permanent happiness. At the same time, when Ketu takes away material comforts, it rewards you with spiritual liberation, the ultimate happiness.  Both Rahu and Ketu spend almost 18 months in a sign, which is why their transit is an important astrological event. Here is how Ketu influences while moving through different houses.
When Ketu transits to the first house from natal Moon, native begins to experience some mental tensions and health goes downhill to some extent. This is a period when your expenditure increases and savings decrease. You should avoid taking a loan during this period. This transit specifically affects your mind. Some confusion persists in life along with misunderstandings in married life. Your social reputation also suffers during this period.

If ketu transits into the 2nd house from natal Moon, it affects one’s financial prospects. Financial state remains vulnerable due to possibility of loss. Expenses are also likely to shoot up during this time. You should be very careful from theft and keep your house and belongings secure. Some mental ailments could possibly strike due to the placement of Ketu. It would be better to not ignore any eye related issues. During this time, you might develop a tendency to indulge in useless conversations. You should avoid becoming harsh as it could engender conflicts with spouse.

When Ketu moves into the 3rd house from where natal Moon is positioned, a relatively easy period begins. Native might enjoy some financial gains as well. Chances of progress on the work front increase. Native might get a lot of acclaim and fame in society. Frequent travels take place as well. This is a good period to perform well in education and land your dream job too.

Ketu transit to 4th house from natal Moon is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology. You should be careful while driving. Health of mother also becomes vulnerable during this period. Some financial fluctuations persist, causing unnecessary mental stress during this time. It isn’t the best period to travel either. You should also try to avoid any property related disputes.

If Ketu moves into 5th house from natal Moon, it increases one’s expenditure. Native also experiences a lot of issues with children during this period. Some mental stress remains throughout. It is not an opportune time to make new investments and you should exercise utmost caution in money matters too. Overall, this period brings lots of ups and downs in life.

When Ketu transits to 6th house from natal Moon, your work life begins to improve. This is a good period to get success in competitions. Career progresses and you get victory over opponents. Financial position also improves during this period. It is also an opportune time for business growth. You might begin to take interest in spiritual pursuits. However, health needs attention during this transit.

When Ketu moves into 7th house from natal Moon, the native tends to develop many health issues. Native also feels distressed and pressured mentally. A lot of misunderstandings and confusion prevails in your married life too. You should work towards curtailing expenses to keep finances balanced.

Ketu transit in 8th house from natal Moon doesn’t augur that well for a native. You should be extra careful in terms of health. Chances of frequent fever and body aches could be there. Lack of peace of mind and mental distress also persists until Ketu moves ahead. This transit can also lead to defame in society. You feel more inclined towards spirituality, which is good to mitigate the negativity during this transit. Some wealth loss is also possible during this period.

When Ketu moves into 9th house from natal Moon, native might travel abroad or go for a religious trip. This position of Ketu is not favorable for one’s finances. Some mental and physical distress also persists during this time. You should try to avoid any arguments with your children and siblings to maintain peaceful and cordial relationship.

Ketu’s transit into 10th house from natal Moon could affect one’s wealth related possibilities. You may also encounter some mental distress due to recurrent issues in life. Business progress could also come to a halt if you don’t put in serious efforts. Nonetheless, those in fieldwork might experience some growth during this time. This is a satisfactory period for salaried individuals too. You should however be alert and cautious in your social life.

When Ketu transits to 11th house from natal Moon, it brings profits and gains in business. Any land and property deals also prove lucrative during this period. You can also start your own business. Income remains satisfactory throughout the transit. Your children are likely to get married during this period. Overall, this is a positive transit. You also feel more interested in meditation.

Ketu in 12th house from natal Moon is not a positive placement for married life. You might encounter some issues with spouse during this time. Expenditure also increases. However, this transit proves good for spiritual development. There is however a possibility of humiliation and defame too. You might get to travel abroad during this period but you should not spend excessively or take a loan while the transit lasts.

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