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February 14, a day to celebrate your relationship. a day to share gifts and express your emotions! It takes lot of time to decide what will be suitable for your partner- whether this or that! Which gift would make your partner smile? A gift that surprises your partner and listen to exclamations – Oh! Really how would you know that I really love it? That makes your day! To know what makes your partner exclaimed with joy when you present a gift then just know the sun sign of partner to know his/her liking. A gift for love, with love!

Aries–  it is fiery sign, full of energy and sport. Thus don’t forget and gift your Arian partner a bigger gift that relates to physical activity. For Aries men- sturdy watch, comfortable tees, boxing gloves, racing video game, any sport event/gadget will win his heart. For Aries woman- facial makeup, earrings, light weight neck fitted chain, sharp perfume or beautiful mirror will do.

Taurus – earthy sign sensitive to touch. Loves to eat out. Thus for your Taurus partner it is the best gift to dine out with tasty and expensive meal with exotic surrounding. For Taurus man a good perfume, shaving set, silky shirts, music system and a gift cheque will also do. For Taurus woman – floral perfume, silk gown, makeup kit, fine/articulate bracelets – remember to buy jewelry that is beautifully curved and studded or purse.

Gemini- it is an airy sign is highly intelligent and versatile in nature. The best gift are anything related to travel or communication and their accessories. Mobile phones or travel package or accessory of phones/internet will be the best gifts for them.

Cancer- an emotional sign. Tied to their family and past. An album, antique or hand made gifts will win their heart. Though good book on cookery or anything related to cooking will also do.

Leo- fiery sign. Leo is royal personality and anything that makes them feel regal will do. Any gift with the brand, luxurious, or that pleasing the senses like excellent wine/champagne or gift vouchers of spa/body massage will make them feel pampered.

Virgo- an earthy and practical sign. Loves discipline so anything that makes their mundane life simple as musical clock, table calendar, elegant watch or any accessory that helps in cleaning or well arranged. Be sure to inform them what you are getting for Virgo partner- any gift that a Virgo partner already has – will not be appreciated then!

Libra- an airy and sensuous sign. Good perfumes, delicately designed diamond jewelry, silk gowns/shirts, make up/shaving kit, scented candles or exotic photo frames will make them smile. Don’t forget to wrap your gift beautifully!

Scorpio- a watery sign and secretive one. Anything that is secret in nature with edge will attract scorpions. Beautifully carved knives are special attraction for them. Manicure/ pedicure set, plain soft and black gowns/shirts, dark sunglasses will attract them a lot.

Sagittarius- a fiery and adventurous sign. Love travel and pets a lot. Anything related to adventure like climbing kit, surfboard, brochures or travel information especially to adventurous places will attract them. Since Sagittarians love to learn you can also gift them with encyclopedia or any informative handbook of their interest.

Capricorn- an earthy and a traditional and conservative sign loves antiques, rosewood frames, skin care creams specially anti ageing ones will be appreciated by them. Capricornians are very much practical so anything related to their business/work will also attract them. 

Aquarius- an airy and friendly sign. Modern technology, camera, telescope or video games etc. will attract them. They will love to have new gadgets along with them. Dark blue or black shirts will also do for them.

Pisces-  a watery and imaginative sign. Anything related to magic, candles, camera, frames, magical posters, paintings, cards or anything related to fantasy - aromatic oils or spa that takes them to dreamy world will be welcomed by them. Pack their gifts with new creative ideas.