Why Moon sign & not Sun Sign


Vedic Astrology considers Moon to be the prime significator of the human mind. Moon is the closest heavenly body to the Earth, and, thus, the magnetic influences of all other planets reach Earth only through the Moon.
All influences on the human beings, whether physical, mental, psychological or supernatural affect the human mind directly or indirectly, and can be predicted best by studying the position of the Moon. The Sun, which governs the features of the external human body only, may or may not respond to these mental, psychological and supernatural influences. This is the reason why Vedic Astrology reckons the planetary movements based on your Moon Sign.

Moon Sign and Sun Sign Difference:

Moon Sign of an individual is the Sign where the Moon was present at the time of birth of that individual. Sun Sign, on the other hand, is the Sign where the Sun was present at the time of birth of that individual. Just like the morning and the night together make up a day, both Moon Sign and Sun Sign together form an individual’s complete personality.

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Moon Sign or Sun Sign - Which is more important?

Moon Sign can reveal strikingly precise and true representation of the individuality of a person as opposed to the Sun Sign which can predict only the external manifestations. Put it simply, Sun Sign depicts the image an individual presents to the outside world. On the other hand, Moon Sign is the true nature of that person, which many a time, he or she may hide from the rest of the world.

Though the Moon Sign personality traits are subtle and might not always be visible to the external world, but they affect the person more sharply as compared to the Sun Sign. Moreover, Sun Sign Astrology becomes problematic when a person’s date of birth lies on the border of two Sun Signs. This does not happen with Moon Signs. This is why when people read about their Sun Sign, they often feel it is not the accurate description of their true nature and personality.

How can people of the Same Sign be complicatedly different?

It is possible and common to have different Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Most of the times, there are cases when the Sun Sign personality of an individual is pretty different than their Moon Sign personality. It is also not uncommon to find individuals with Sun Sign and Moon Sign at complete odds with each other. Most of us, at some point in our lives, feel that others perceive us differently from what we actually are. In reality, we are all disguising ourselves from others by veiling our true nature and consciousness (Moon Sign) unintentionally and uncontrollably. But still, it shows up in our reactions time and again, especially when our emotions are involved. This is why people and their emotional reactions are so complicated in real life and is ruled by the Moon Sign more. This can also explain why people under the same sign( Sun Sign) are so different from one another. Since their reactions, behavior involving emotions is governed by their Moon Sign and not Sun Sign.

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