Mercury Transit in Scorpio - 2021


Mercury Transit in Scorpio Sign (Nov 21 - Dec 10, 2021)

At the time of birth, the position of the planets is fixed. It can’t be altered or repeated as the birth time is fixed and the event has taken place as per date, time and place. However, the planets are continuously moving, and time does not stop. It gives rise to the fructification of inherent promises in our horoscope through transit.

Transit is a celestial delivery boy who delivers results as per the planetary positions in the native’s horoscope which is taken into account for changes due to the passage of time.


What does Mercury and Scorpio sign mean for you?

Mercury is considered to be the Prince among planets in Vedic astrology. It rules over our communication, speech, voice, business, logical and reasoning mind, mathematics, youth look, skin, grasping power, and intellectual quality. Mercury is transiting in Scorpio sign which is known for its intense and powerful nature.  

Mercury gets activated in the powerful Scorpio sign. This transit is going to make a great shift in everyone`s thoughts and perception. This transit will bring both positive and negative results to different zodiac signs. Its results will depend upon the planets that it is associated with.


Effect of this transit on all the Moon Signs:



Aries, the first sign of zodiac, represents desire, initiative, courage, and action. These are the words that best describes you. As Aries moon sign, during this you will experience an increased intimacy with your partner.

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Taurus natives tend to be driven by their affection rather than by emotions. You will need to stretch your limits to enjoy fructification of your efforts. This transit can be a tad difficult for you.

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Gemini natives are a balance of the self and material substance. You are known for your charm and witty personality. During this transit, you will feel that love is in the air, and you will be surrounded by optimistic people.

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Cancer natives are seen as two club claws, which shows dual nature from timid to friendly. In this transit period, you will feel an inclination towards new hobbies and will even get opportunities to go abroad.

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Leo natives are dominant, spontaneous, creative, extrovert and always thrive for appreciation. You will have to analyse both your weaknesses and strength to utilise in this transit and to achieve your goal.

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You are a lover of cleanliness, hygiene, and order. You will experience a busier and productive life by meeting friends, colleagues and by spending valuable time with your loved ones. This transit period will be busy for Virgo natives.

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Libra natives always strive for harmony and always try to maintain equilibrium and justice. You will experience this transit with elevated energy and spirit. However, you will face challenges in achieving your goals.

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Scorpio natives are known for their perseverance and secretive nature. You will experience stress and anxiety during this transit period. You may even stress out while decision making and will feel aloof.

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Sagittarius natives are symbolized by half human and half horse portraying the conflict between philosophical mind and human nature. During this transit, you will experience long journey, increased income, and satisfaction.

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Independent, practical, shrewd, and persevering, these are few of the main attributes of a Capricorn native. You reflect all the earthy qualities. You will experience name, and fame, increased income, and gains in this transit period.

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Aquarius natives are always ready to help others. You are attractive and a lively personality. You will experience all your past efforts being fructified by your effort and perseverance in this transit period.

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Pisces natives possesses a gentle and patient nature. You are generous and friendly and will experience long journey which might give a spiritual and professional growth to you during this Mercury transit in Scorpio.

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