Leo Love - Valentine's Special Horoscope

“Only those who say they did not choose are the looser in the end”.

You are kind hearted, loyal, dynamic, dominating, egotistic, stubborn and intolerant. You are the only one who cannot be dictated but persuaded by love.
You’re an idealist who believes in the notion of true love soul-mates and long term commitment in a loving relationship. If you meet someone whose charms, intellect, talent, and capabilities can match your own, you will never loose an opportunity to look forward.

However, people close to you understand how to get around your occasional moods. This requires a blend of charm and flattery. The irony is, even if you're well aware that this is the technique being employed to win you over, it still works. You're simply much happier when people behave undiplomatically and honestly and speak only truth.

Appreciate the efforts of your loved one and see the magic of love overwhelm you. To make this happen however, you need to control your mood swings. These may hamper a good relationship too. You are going to have a great need for love, intimacy and understanding around the first week. To channel these feelings properly it is necessary to live, experience and practice that "to receive one must give". To win someone’s heart, be romantic and reveal your softer, more vulnerable side.

Maturity planet Saturn is in your communication house. A New face enters to your life is set to be a bigger part of your future than you'd ever imagined. Go lend a hand. These are optimal days for expressing your feelings and having “the talk” with your prospective Valentine.

Send emails, e-cards, greeting cards or mails to let the person know how much you love. Rather than waiting for someone to pat you on the back, go extend a heartfelt compliment to someone you admire.

This Valentines Day is all about intimacy, and you may find yourself craving the company of a special someone. Whether platonic or romantic, you simply want to be together. A romantic candle lit dinner can also be the ideal way of proclaiming your love on Valentine’s Day and a cool way of celebrating the day with the one you love.