Cancer Love - Valentine's Special Horoscope

Immature love says "I love you because I need you." Mature love says
"I need you because I love you."

You are shy, emotional, sensitive, imaginative and talkative.

There are some hidden feelings and fears that are preventing you take things to the next level. You usually are shy; it is a good time to exercise emotional advantage, self-confidence and direct expression of your emotional states towards a loved one.

Love knows no limits your attraction for a certain person may develop at work place, an industrial event or a business meet-up as Saturn the planet for a long term commitment is transiting over Libra on your professional zone. Also, a celebration invite could be an ideal opportunity to give a certain someone a call that you have not been getting on with. If you can make the first move towards love s/he will do the rest.

Loneliness, endless searching, or a nagging "hole in the soul" dissatisfaction, you may decide it's time to heal this part of yourself in order to obtain the comfort of a deep and lasting love connection. This is a great time to open up and share your true feelings, or to get things back on a mutual track. Communication could get pretty emotional as the sensitive Cancer influence brings out tears and tempers. Try to listen without reacting.

Deep emotional feelings occupied with self-confidence will be your most attractive trait on this Valentines Day. Don’t feel shy confess your true love feelings. The other person feels the exact same way, and is just waiting for you to start the conversation. It's more likely that something will be added to your life, rather than taken away on this Valentines Day. You may create a relationship of your dreams.

You may find yourself attracted to someone older or more established: A matured person, a homeowner or someone who's looking to "settle down". You could find yourself drawn to the stability of a mature, experienced person. A getaway on this special day would also thrill the love of your life. A quiet and private Valentine’s Day spent at a romantic spot far away from the city where you will not be disturbed by anyone could win your lady’s heart forever.