Annular Solar Eclipse on Wednesday May 20th, 2012

Astronomical phenomenon of Solar Eclipse:

Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon which has great importance in astrology and for Vedic religious activities. It occurs when a celestial body comes within the shadow cast by another celestial body. Then the light from the celestial body is obscured by another one then eclipse occurs. The sun is the brightest, illuminating star around which all the other planets are revolving. In this revolution at the fix path of planets along with other heavenly bodies’ eclipses occur. Eclipse is the temporary obscuring of luster or brilliance of one’s power, therefore the solar eclipse always occurs when the Sun is at its best in brilliance and power. It can be hidden partially or fully and for this phenomenon Moon must come in between the Earth and the Sun and for an observer on the Earth and the light of Sun is get masked by the obstruction of presence of Moon in between. The three conditions must be fulfilled for solar eclipse -first it must be a new moon or amavasya and second that the moon must be near to the nodes i.e. Rahu or Ketu. And third is that the latitude of Moon should be near zero and this will happen only when Moon is on or near the ecliptic.

It is the fact that the angular diameter of the discs of Sun and Moon are equal. So, it cannot hide the Sun for more than few minutes especially when it is at apogee – the position of Moon that is the farthest from the Earth. But when moon is at perigee- the position when Moon is the nearest to Earth then disc of the Moon appear to be slightly larger that that of the Sun, and for the observer the Moon will completely cover the Sun’s disc causing a total solar eclipse. Total solar eclipse is important for astronomers as it is easier for them to study the reactions going on in the Sun. Next total solar eclipse will occur in 2114 and it will be the longest one.

Areas that come under this Solar Eclipse:

This month we will be able to experience the Annular Solar Eclipse on 20th May 2012. Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the apparent diameter of the Moon is smaller than the Sun and overlapping the Sun completely blocking most of Sun’s light. Then the Sun looks like a ring [annulus]. In some regions the annular will look like a partial solar eclipse due to angular distance of earth with respect to Sun and Moon. The annular phase will be visible from the Chinese coast, the south of Japan, and the western part of the United States and Canada. Guangzhou, Tokyo and Albuquerque will be on the central path and other cities like in Tai pei, Hong Kong, Beijing will also come under this coverage. Its maxim will occur in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian Islands for 5 min and 46.3 s, and finish in the western United States. The American and Canadian cities that will observe this eclipse are – Reno, Carson City, Santa Fe, Anchorage, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles. It will be the first central eclipse of the 21st century in the continental USA.

Effect of Solar Eclipse

Why eclipses are given more importance in astrology as well as in our life. The effect of eclipse is observed long lasting in our life- but how much- varies. Actually, it is dependant on the intensity of the eclipse – the closeness of the royal planets to the nodes. What type of aspect is it forming with the associated planets? The planets conjunct or opposite of it will show more affliction than square to it, whereas the planets in sextile or trines are considered as favorable. Here the two royal planets are afflicted when come under the plane of nodes. Astrologically, the malefic influence is influence and negative vibrations are observed to be more than normal during the phase when eclipse occurs. Major eclipses like total and annular show the effect maximum as compared to partial eclipses. This year the eclipse is forming in the sign Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra. Therefore the auspicious ceremonies should be avoided in Krittika Nakshatra for the coming six months.

The eclipse foretells the geological disturbance mainly – earthquakes are associated with the formation of eclipse. And now this year the eclipse is forming almost the whole North America thus disturbing the ring of fire. Possibility of disturbance in the regions of Pacific Ocean is expected. The regions of Japan and the West America can also not be excluded from it.

Volatility in the Finance market is also expected during this phase. The effect of volatility is higher before and after the eclipse. Market is expected to see the reversal of the existing trend. So investors in share or stock markets are suggested to take action accordingly but take into the mind that the situation will far or less unstable.

Involvement of Jupiter in this eclipse will also create ripples in judiciary or religious institutes and the effect can be clearly seen in daily news- the press attack on religious personalities is clearly visible there. Jupiter also governs expansion – where there is too much of interference of human activity or expansion that is disturbing nature will be clearly observed. Even education system may also be affected by this solar eclipse. Some useless rules that may be offended by people in group may come into force.

The Effect of Solar Eclipse on the different moon signs:

Aries- loss and problems.

Taurus- physical ailments and monetary loss.

Gemini- financial loss.

Cancer- gains.

Leo- injury and fear.

Virgo- children related worries.

Libra- attainment of luxury.

Scorpio- trouble to partner/spouse.

Sagittarius- illness, fear and trouble.

Capricorn- loss of honour, expenditure.

Aquarius- achievement of desire.

Pisces- financial gains.

Important points to be observed during solar eclipse:

During Eclipse the Sun and the Moon – the two royal planets come under the influence of Rahu and Ketu –known as demons effect the purity of these two luminaries. Since the planets are approaching through this nodes and the effect of the impurity begins earlier than the eclipse occurs when they come under the impact of this axis. The period of impurity is known as ‘sootak’ in Vedas.

The effect to impurity i.e. sootak will starts from the 12 hours before eclipse according to local mean time. It is suggested to observe fast during the time of eclipse.

Take bath before eclipse and offer prayers to lord Sun with Vedic mantra, aditya hrudya stotra, sooryashtaka stotra, gayatri mantra, ganpathyatharvsheersha etc etc. it is also meant sacred to have a dip in the shrines like in Kurukshetra. Haridwar and in the holy river like The Ganga or the Yamuna when the eclipse is over. Avoid taking cooked food. Put kusha- grass with three blades- which is dear to lord Ganesha or tulsi leaf to the present cooked food. Avoid sleep. Pregnant women should not use knife or scissors, work with electricity or fire, should not close door and are advised to perform recitation of mantra by sitting on the chair – avoid cross legs.

After the eclipse is over prayers are offered, donation of wheat and clothes etc are to be done.

If anyone is born during solar eclipse:

According to Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra – Chapter 92, the birth at solar eclipse is considered to be inauspicious. The birth that takes place at the time of solar, or lunar eclipse, suffers from ailments, distress and poverty and faces danger of death. Therefore he further describes for the benefit of the mankind the remedial measures, required to be undertaken to nullify the above evil effects.

The remedial rites are to be performed in the following order. The following idols should be got prepared, according to ones means: in gold an idol of the deity of the Nakshatra, in which the eclipse takes place, in gold an idol of Sun, if the birth takes place during solar eclipse; in lead an idol of Rahu. Besmear a clean spot on the ground in the house with cow dung, cover it with a new and unused beautiful piece of cloth and install the three idols on it. Make offerings of the following to the idols: in case of birth during solar eclipse all things dear to Sun and red-colored Akshat (Akshata – unbroken rice), red sandal, a garland of red-colored flowers, red clothes etc.; for Rahu blackish clothes, blackish flowers etc.; white flowers for the deity of the Nakshatra, in which the eclipse takes place. The worship should be performed, as follows: of Sun with the chanting of Akrishnim etc. Mantra; of Rahu with Durva (a kind of grass) and with the chanting of Kayanshicatra etc. Mantra. Thereafter Havan should be performed, as follows: with the fuel of Aak wood pieces for Sun; with Durva for Rahu; with Pipal tree wood pieces for the deity of the Nakshatra. Sprinkle the holy water of the Kalash on the child born (and his parents). Offer worshipful regards to the priest, performing the remedial rites and lastly feed as many Brahmins, as possible within ones means. By performance of the remedial rites in the manner described above, evil effects of the inauspicious birth are wiped and the person enjoys happiness and is blessed with good fortune.

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