100 Days Horoscope Reading (May 2022- August 2022)

100 Days Horoscope Reading

Planetary transit is the event which takes place at a fixed time and for fixed duration.

This transit indicates favorable time or time in which we need to be cautious and look ahead into the near future for better prospects.


How will the next 100 days pan out:

The span of 4 months will be marked with numerous astrological events that would impact your life significantly. This would be brought about by retrograde motion of three planets Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.

  • Mercury will be in backward journey from 10th May to 3rd June in Taurus sign. After 3rd June, things will be clear and will come back on track. Venus and Mercury’s combined efforts will make your speech and approach comparatively more impressive and sweeter. It may revive old association; it may give miscommunication with family members. This is the period which inspire you to reconcile your actions and conversation.
  • Saturn is another influential planet which rolls back on its retrograde journey from 5th June in Aquarius sign and falls back in Capricorn on 12th July leading to challenges, hurdles and delays in life.
  • Jupiter will turn backward in Pisces and get retrograde on 29th In its backward journey, it will inculcate your inner strength, feeling of righteousness, morality, faith and wisdom.
  • During this period a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will take place after around 13 years. This rare conjunction would energize your spiritual deeds and give you strong intuitive power. You would be persuaded to establish a connection between your soul and body.
  • Another prominent astrological event is Lunar Eclipse that will take place on 16thThis event shall bring  changes in everybody's personal and professional journey, mind fluctuation (mood swings) etc. Overall, it will bring significant influence including growing finances, expenditures, professional bliss, gainful journeys, strained relationships. Stay cautious about your health

The effects of the above Transits on all Ascendant



After 10th May, Mercury will be in backward journey, and this period will give you time to rethink and review your actions and relations. You need to reconsider your profession and personal life to align things properly. When Mercury is progressive, it will bring more clarity to your thought process.

When Mercury enters Gemini, your communication will become impressive and lead you to develop good contacts and relations that shall be helpful in your life. Mercury in Cancer makes you emotional but practical too in your approach.



Mercury will transit in the house of self in the Taurus sign which makes you firm in your decisions and give you good managerial skills. When it move backwards from 10th May to 3rd June, you must rethink your decisions and remember that haste may lead you to regret later. Try to avoid any big investment or any dealing, which involves money. Review your professional and personal relations for smooth and pleasant time.

After 3rd June, Mercury will be progressive in Taurus; it will bestow you with success in your career, good wealth, and romance in life.




Mercury will transit in house of foreign land, expenses, bed pleasure and salvation. Here, it represents your intelligence, logical mind, and good communication. You will be blessed with profound intuitive power and would be able to gauge other’s intention with a blink of an eye. From 10th of May, Mercury will move in reverse direction and could cause setbacks related to finance and your health.

After 3rd June, Mercury will progress in direct motion and will develop hospitable and generous attitude in you.



Mercury will transit in the house of gains and income in Taurus sign, your intelligence will bring gains through property or business with your intelligence. From 10th May it will be in retrogression; this will bring tests and trails in your career and in other facets of life.

After 3rd June, it will be progressive and move in direct motion; it will then bring your personal and professional life, back on track. On 2nd July, Mercury will enter in your 12th house in the sign of Gemini, and it makes you skilled in expressing yourself in writing and communication.



Mercury will transit in the house of career in Taurus sign that makes you skilled in communication, talent of negotiation and convincing power. From 10th May, Mercury will be moving in backward direction in the house of career, which may push you in taking hasty and impulsive decisions, which will not be good for your professional journey.

From 2nd July, it will enter in the 11th house and blend with Gemini energy leading to financial gains, laborious and good understanding.



Mercury will transit in the house of suddenness, secrecy, chronic disease, and fortune, which indicates that you will be curious, interactive, and inspiring. From 10th May, Mercury will be moving backward in Taurus. Thus, you need to be careful and avoid impulsive decisions till 3rd June.

After 2nd July, Mercury will enter in your house of career and give you skilled communication which will influence your professional relation and develop trust through your good work.



Mercury will transit in the house of sudden events, secrecy, and chronic disease. Here, it will give you analytical and investigative approach. From 10th May, when it starts its backwards journey, you will see some delays in getting the expected results. Your spontaneous decisions may face challenges and create problems for you due to the backward journey of Mercury till 3rd June.

Mercury will combine with Gemini energy from 2nd July making you curious, interactive, and inspiring.



Mercury will transit in the house of marriage, relationship, and business. From 10th May, it will be in retrograde motion; here it will witness delays, setbacks in finance, career, image, and other facets of life and bring challenges in marriage due to the comeback of old flame in your life or due to some misunderstanding between the couple.

From 2nd July it will move to Gemini in its own sign. Mercury in its own sign will give you expressive communication skill and make you analytical and investigative in your approach. This period will make you extremely social.



Mercury will transit in the place of enemies, competition and disputes and from 10th May to 3rd June. It will be on its backward journey in Taurus leading to impulsive decisions and frustration, but your efforts will continue in the right direction. You must reschedule your travels, otherwise hurdles and delays would be there. Patience is the key to success and smooth times.

After that it will be progressive in Taurus and from 2nd July, Mercury will enter in house of marriage, partnership or business.



Mercury will transit in the house of education, progeny, love and romance and creativity. From 10th May it will move in backward direction till 3rd June. It will affect your communication and at times you may give false statement without any reason.

Post 3rd June, Mercury will become progressive. After 2nd July it will move to Gemini sign in the house of disease, competition, enemies etc. You will receive appreciation and recognition of your hard efforts.



Mercury will transit in the house of happiness and personal possession. After 10th May to 3rd June, it will be in a backward journey, and this is the period which challenges your decisions. Delays and adversity will be on the way during this time. Better to avoid any important decision or contract to sign.

After 3rd June, it will be progressive in Taurus and from 2nd July, it will move to the place of love and creativity leading to a very interactive love life and it will proceed in its journey.



Mercury will start its journey from the house of communication, siblings and travel. From 10th May to 3rd June, it will be in retrograde motion and may cause miscommunication or misunderstanding. But it will make you fearless and capable of taking decisions in adverse situations.

After 3rd June, it will be progressive and move forward. From 3rd June, Mercury will move to the house of personal possessions and happiness. You will have interactive communication with your family members and will try to increase your possessions.