Libra Horoscope - Today Wed, Apr 01, 2020

Moon Sign based
Daily Libra Horoscope You will act positively in your personal relations. The tendency of enjoying hidden/secret pleasures should be curbed as it could lead you to a very embarrassing situation. However, support of the family members will be there but at times difference of opinion will be quite obvious. Your career will not be very fruitful in terms of gains and you will have to take care of each of your career action for minimizing your setbacks. You will be deprived of the cooperation from your employees /colleagues on your work front
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Daily Libra Career Horoscope : You will be action oriented but sadly enough all the ideas, you wish to implement may not turn out as lucrative as they seem to you. Employees will get a bad deal during this day their working conditions are likely to deteriorate.
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Daily Libra Love Horoscope: Your fixate of purpose will be appreciated. You will also have strong will power to act positively, even in adverse conditions. Your spouse will not be able to ignore your commitment. Success in attempts will be there but at times difference of opinion will be visible.
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