Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Moon Sign based


Family matters come to the forefront and get your attention today. You will be busy listening to the concerns of your family or try to fix the troublesome matters. Hear out what your family has to say, for problems are half gone when shared. Not necessarily that you would face problems only on personal front, there might be a family member who wants to share a good piece of news or needs your guidance. Avoid major money transactions. On the whole, a passive day.

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  • Business deals

    Favourable day throughout for all kinds of business deals.

  • Love & relationships

    Positive day. New friendships made today could be long term.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Very favourable throughout for money transactions and investments.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Positive day. Good for long term investments. Not so much for speculation.

  • Important letters or email communication

    Favorable day. You should avoid correspondence, which is likely to get replies tomorrow, though.

  • Journey

    Favourable day throughout.

  • Purchase of new house/ car

    Positive day.

  • Moving into new house

    Ordinary day good for moving into rented or old houses.

  • Gambling

    Favorable day. There will be gains if commenced today. (subject to strength of birth chart).

  • Start new medicine /surgery

    Very favourable throughout.

  • Initiating legal proceedings /notices

    Good for recovery cases as well as money related matters.

  • Offensive action involving violence or aggression.

    Not favourable for offensive action throughout.

  • Construction/Building activity

    Good for all kinds of related activities

  • Educational activity /admissions

    Very favourable throughout.

  • Commence religious ceremonies

    Good Day throughout.


  Planet Chaturthi Upto: 20:22:03
  Yoga Dhruva Upto: 22:39:02
  Nakshatra U.Ashadha Upto: 13:29:22
  Rahukala 14:46-16:03  
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Today's Planetary Positions

- Ashburn, US
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 10° 38' 0" Sag Mula
Sun 26° 15' 50" Sco Jyestha
Moon 23° 31' 45" Cap Dhanistha
Mars 22° 49' 21" Aqu P.Bhadrapada
Mercury 5° 29' 42" Sco Anuradha
Jupiter 13° 25' 49" Sco Anuradha
Venus 12° 14' 39" Lib Swati
Saturn 14° 58' 53" Sag P.Asadha
Rahu 3° 5' 27" Can Punarvasu
Ketu 3° 5' 27" Cap U.Asadha
Uranus(R) 4° 45' 17" Ari Ashwini
Neptune 19° 39' 50" Aqu Shatabhisha
Pluto 25° 50' 53" Sag P.Asadha

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