Detailed Life Reading with Dasha Result Analysis

Detailed Life Reading with Dasha Result Analysis

Find out the focus of your life in coming years:

With every new dasha/ antardasha - the major & minor period of planets, your life undergoes changes and is indicative of renewed focus in life For example - if your running dasha is indicating of a change of residence or a change in your job posting and the next antar dasha is suggestive of achievement after making efforts. Then it can be concluded that you you would have a foreign settlement with a new job that would give you success after hard work.

In this way, the focus for the coming 2, 5, 10 & 15 years can be defined using predictive techniques on your horoscope through Detailed Life Reading & Dasha Analysis reading.

Your luck is in sync with your efforts if you have relevant dasha running:

The time of your life is in the hands of the “divine clock” of Vedic astrology called “Dasha”. Dasha is the planetary ‘influence’ period operating in your chart at any given time. One out of the 9 planets is always influencing your destiny through its Dasha period. If your horoscope promises luxury & comforts and the same is still eluding you, then wait for the relevant dasha to operate when you would start experiencing comfort; acquire luxuries as apportioned in your horoscope.

The mute question is what if that period comes too late that it loses its relevance. You could only wish that you had met the person of your dreams before you were married or committed; had invested in time for that share having a bull run or would have heard back from the prospective employer before you had accepted the job elsewhere. You wouldn't have “missed the bus”.  The time would have been just right for you. It's like Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook just in time for the idea to become a big business. He had the relevant periods of planetary influence operating in his horoscope at that time. Imagine if he were focusing on his personal life instead at that time, he would have missed the bus! Your Dasha pattern should tell you what your focus in life should be so that your karmas & thoughts are backed by your luck factor. Your luck factor is high if the relevant dasha period runs at the appropriate stage of your life.

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Benefits of Dasha Analysis & Detailed Life Reading:
  • The promises & possibilities in your horoscope are analysed
  • The opportunities & challenges in the upcoming period are arrived at using Vimshottari dasha analysis
  • Your life focus as is defined by your major-minor periods are arrived at.  
  • Suggestions or Vedic karmic changes that you may need in the years to come would be included.
  • Remedies, if any obstructions are seen in the forthcoming dasha periods, would be prescribed too.
  • You can ask ONE specific question too.   

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