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Which Travel Destinations Suit You?

As the world heals from the setbacks caused by the pandemic, World Tourism Day is a good time to reflect on how travel enriches us with the exposure that diverse lives, cultures & landscapes bring. Be an amazing tourist with astrological inputs from this article. Read about which travel destinations in India & abroad suit you best.

World Tourism Day
World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September each year to spread awareness about tourism, to inculcate the culture and importance of travelling, and to bring forth its impact on how societies evolve. Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has been celebrating the World Tourism Day. The purpose of this day is to recognize the importance of tourism within the international community and the practice of sustainable tourism.

‘Rethinking Tourism’ is the theme for World Tourism Day 2022. This year the official celebration will be hosted by Indonesia to rethink what steps can be introduced for the strong sustenance of the tourism sector, to rethink the role that tourism can play in promoting respect while generating opportunities for millions across the globe.

Which travel destination suits You?

Who doesn’t like to escape the monotony of life once in a while? Also, traveling is a great option when you are feeling stressed or disappointed. While some people prefer luxury holidays, others find rustic touristy places more appealing. Your zodiac says a lot about what kind of traveler you are and which places you should visit, based on your personal traits.

If you really need a break from your mundane life but don’t know where to go, we have it covered for you. Using your Moon Sign, we bring to you the best travel destinations suited to your personality. Whether you like to stay indoors or are high on adrenaline, we have all the perfect destinations for you based on:
  • What causes you disappointments as per your Moon sign.
  • Where should you travel as per your Moon sign.
  • Your compatible travel companion as per your Moon sign.
  • Destinations that best suit you in India and abroad.


You are always active and energetic and emanate a different kind of spark even when in a group. You are always motivated to travel and cherish adventure, which is reflected in your travel schedules. You are enthusiastic about travel, have great destination suggestions and are prepared with a list of good food outlets and list of adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing, Read More


You appreciate common settings and are not instantly comfortable in new places or situations. Your sense of rejuvenation is to indulge in a spa therapy or enjoy a gala dinner in an excellent restaurant. So, to make your travel comfortable, you will plan your trip well in advance, with tickets booked beforehand along with your lodging reservations. You love to be adventurous on your trip but Read More


You are curious and impulsive, have good social skills and love to seek knowledge wherever you go. Your plans are often impromptu, with sudden plans to travel. You have a flair for connecting with people while travelling. You are a spontaneous traveler and very prompt at arranging things for your trip. You prefer eating a simple meal in the rustic background of mountains, like Maggi, to Read More


You always bond with your family and dear ones with whom you are emotionally close. Your emotional quotient is quite high and so you look for travel destinations that will strike the chords of your heart and soul. You make the best peace-seeking travelers, support well-planned tours and your exploring instinct will be satisfied in discovering new destinations in large groups or with your Read More


You are a passionate soul, always aspiring for the best options in life, even if it is a travel destination. You love to travel in style and prefer travelling elite class. You are rather open with others over your preferences for comfort and luxury, even if the charges are high. Anybody travelling with you as a travel mate is bound to have memorable experiences. You love to visit glamorous, culturally rich Read More


You are a perfectionist by nature and this trait will reflect in your travel plans very clearly. You prefer well-planned trips and like to manage all your travel plans in advance by making a detailed itinerary to ensure that all events of the travel are well organized. You plan your tour virtually before travelling to make sure that you do not miss any destination or to avoid any mess while Read More


You are a born dreamer and your creative quotient is high, which makes you motivated to plan a trip with your friends and family. You love a romantic walk on a hilly track with your partner. You love surprises by your close ones or friends and appreciate little gestures. You always make sure that your travel partners are comfortable and are enjoying the trip. Their assurances make you Read More


You love to explore destinations which are not very famous. You love to travel to these destinations by driving down so you can see many more places enroute. You love to travel alone, soaking in the beauty of the surroundings and explore it at your own sweet pace. When you are travelling with your partner, your attitude is very romantic, and you like to spend time with your partner Read More


You are from the most fun loving and adventurous of all Zodiac signs and as a Sagittarius, it is difficult for you to stay at a similar place for a long time. While travelling to any destination, you prefer to explore multiple new horizons in one trip. You love long trips, which give you the time and freedom to adapt to your surroundings and to interact Read More


You love all your routine settings to be well organized and well integrated in style, which gives you a unique class. This trait is clearly visible in your travel plans as well. You appreciate competitive, aspiring destinations and you try to visit those destinations where others may be hesitant to go. You have the knack to get on well with your travel mates and you enjoy the most with Read More


You are easy going and independent, which makes you less perfect as an organizer of events in your life. You love to travel extensively where there is a vastness of surroundings. You love to blend with the natural beauty and create your own space. You love to interact with the locals and experience new realms of natural Read More


You love water side coasts, cruises and water activities like scuba diving but you are not very particular with your travel destinations and your attention can also focus on mountains, where you love to stay in the arms of nature, relishing the beauty and peace of your chosen destination. You will rather enjoy the homestay on the beach, which will appeal to you more than a luxurious hotel Read More

Travelling not only provides solace from routine stress but also rejuvenates the body and soul; but do make sure to follow all the safety protocols during travel.