Predictions and Tips Pertaining to Stock Market 2022

Stock Market is an enormous roller coaster of highs and lows which sweeps you up to profits and then might just push you down to extreme losses. Maybe this is the reason why it is known as a gamble of wise men who always have to keep a tab on how to play around the tactics. Here, we provide you with our valuable predictions which will help you to gain maximum profits in the share market.

Predictions and Tips Pertaining to Stock Market 2022


Invest and gain crazy profits. Who wouldn’t want that? Stocks or shares hold a charisma in the lives of so many people globally that it has currently become the trend. Though they do come with a risk of losing all the money you have, so one has to always keep an eye on it. Every third person you meet would have either invested money in some kind of stocks or would be urging you to do the same. But hey, try getting to know all the pros and cons before being a victim of peer pressure as we do not anyway want to splurge money for nothing.

Stock Market is the current talk of the town, and it has exponentially grown worldwide. A lot of you folks get into speculation by buying lottery, stocks of different companies and things like that without giving any heed to your horoscope. But maybe, that could be the reason which has stopped you from being a millionaire yet. A lot of unnecessary losses have been faced and all you have met is failures by losing your hard-earned money, land, property, etc.

Fundamental and technical analysis is a complete and regular study which will help you to give a correct statistic about the prevailing stock market. There must be something in a native`s horoscope which brings him hidden luck and treasures to possess huge amount of money, as per Stock Market 2022 Predictions.

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This luck in finding wealth and assets in one’s life is seen from the 8th house.

This is because the 8th house is the house of hidden things, including, hidden wealth. The 8th house in a birth chart is also the house of sudden events and wealth. People who have a strong connection with the 8th house will definitely, at least once in their lifetime, experience an event where they are given the opportunity to possess a lot of wealth.

Next, we have the 5th house representing the share market, speculation, and currency while the 8th house represents sudden events that happen in our lives.

So, from here we know:

  • 1st house- Self
  • 2nd house- Accumulated wealth
  • 4th house- Property, Peace, and Comforts.
  • 5th house- Stock Market, Speculation, Currency
  • 6th house- Debt and wealth of the people.
  • 8th house- Sudden Events, Hidden Knowledge
  • 9th house- Fate & Fortune
  • 10th house- Karma, Career, Effort, Hard work
  • 11th house- House of Gains
  • 12th house- Losses

What we really understand from the above-mentioned details are that one has to put in their efforts to know about the depths of how the whole process of the stock market operates, in order to gain the maximum profits.

Important planets that are responsible for attaining success in the Stock market.

  • Jupiter – Jupiter governs our wealth, prosperity and overall financial condition. If Jupiter is strong in our birth chart, there will high chances of us getting success in whatever we do in our lives. Especially, if Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house, it will provide us with the required intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom to succeed in our lives.
  • Mercury –Mercury is one of the most important planets when it comes to business as it is the main significator of intelligence, business intelligence, administration, management, and speculation.
  • Moon – Moon is also the significator of wealth, especially when it comes to trading and stock market. Moon is equally important as a strong Moon means control over our emotions and a strong mental capacity. It represents anything which is liquid in nature and goes up and down. People who succeed in stock market are those who have good control over their emotions and have the required self-control to hold their investments and the capacity to see better profits in the future.
  • Rahu– Rahu is the main significator of stock market, trading, and sudden wealth in life. If Rahu is strong in your birth chart, you can expect to see great luck in the stock market. Especially, if Rahu is in the 11th house, it gives excellent luck in terms of lottery, stock market and speculation.

All planets have an integral role in contributing to the ups and downs of the investment made in the share market as per their day-to-day planetary positions, but the above-mentioned planets are the most important when a native wants to involve in the speculation sector.


Yogas in Your Horoscope

  • Career in share or stock market is successful when the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th houses lords, which are beneficial houses are connected to each other and they all influence stock investment decisions that will yield clear gains in shares when these planets are free or clear from any malefic influence.
  • Conjunction of Moon and Mars in the horoscope of the native and the planets, Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu posited in the 11th house of gains, are progressive for good investment.
  • If Moon is posited in the 8th house of sudden gains, then it will give the native money with ease and the loss from the share market will not affect them for long.


Less Progressive Yogas for the Stock Market:

  • Any horoscope that consists of a weak Moon and a trine that does not comprise any planet will not be beneficial for investing in the stock market.
  • If 5th, 9th, 11th, or 2nd house lord are posited retrograde in any horoscope, then it will give more losses than gains.
    It can be concluded that the above-mentioned planets and Yogas are responsible for the favorable gains and unfavorable losses posted in your horoscope for the Stock Market.

Astrological Prediction Regarding the Stock Market for 2022


As per the Stock Market 2022 Predictions, the initial days of the year will have the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in the Capricorn sign ruled by Saturn. This time is favorable for the agricultural and agro-based industries. Mars and Ketu’s conjunction will give a downfall in the construction markets. Sun in Capricorn, along with Saturn will show a downfall in the gold sector and increasing effects in the edible oil sectors.


Transiting of Sun in Aquarius will give a dip in the gold market as per Stock Market 2022 Predictions. But at the end of the month, Mars and Venus’ conjunction will uplift the gold market. Saturn in its own sign will provide profit to the metal and steel industries.

  1. MARCH

There will be some new companies open to the stock market. Mercury will transit in Aquarius on 6th March which will bring some changes in the industry trends and the share prices of transport and communication sector will fluctuate, as per Stock Market 2022 Predictions. Sun in Pisces will bring some alterations in the government rule and increase in oil and fuel sector.

  1. APRIL

Mars in Aquarius on 7th of April will increase the construction market. Mercury and Sun’s conjunction will give profits in the transportation sector. Shift of Jupiter into Pisces on 13th April will show an upsurge in the banking sector. Saturn’s shift into Aquarius on 29th April will elevate the metal industries.

  1. MAY

Sun transiting in Taurus will give a boon in gas and chemical sector. Mars, Venus, and Jupiter’s conjunction on 17th May will give rise to cement and real estate companies, and gold and silver industry. Mercury getting retrograde on 10th May, might give a slight fall on IT sector, as per Stock Market 2022 Predictions.

  1. JUNE

Venus will be in conjunction with Rahu in Aries at the beginning of the month. A decline in prices of gold, silver and precious stones will be observed. An upsurge will be seen in the prices of the food industry, i.e., jaggery, sugar and edible oils. Sun will transit in Gemini on 15th June and will impact the utility sector.

  1. JULY

Sun transiting in Cancer on 16th July will decrease the gold and silver market. Jupiter retrogression on 29th July will increase the demand for banking and financial sector. Saturn getting retrograde on 12th July will give an unpredictable impact on the iron and steel market, says the predictions for 2022 Stock Market.


This planetary placement of Saturn retrogression will create volatility in stocks of iron and steel, coal and leather industries. Venus will transit in Gemini on 7th August. An upsurge will be witnessed in the stocks of banking and financial sector.


Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo on 10th September. Demand in shares of the banking sector will increase as the Sun will transit in Virgo on 17th September and will be in conjunction with Mercury. An upsurge will be witnessed in the stocks of pharmaceuticals, infrastructure and electronics.


Mercury will be in direct motion on 2nd October. There will be demand for edible oil and consumer goods. Mars will enter into Gemini on 16th October, and a decline in the shares of real estate will be seen during this period. Venus transits in Libra on 18th October, which will increase the demand for gold and textiles industries.


The transit of Venus in Scorpio on 11th November will bring a slight decrease in the prices of luxuries, automobiles, etc. Mercury will transit in Scorpio on 13th November and a decline in the demand for the healthcare and the communication sector will be seen. The transit of the Sun in Scorpio on 16th November will bring an upsurge in the metal says the Stock Market 2022 Predictions.


Mercury will transit in Sagittarius on 3rd December, and an unprecedented rise in the infrastructure sector will be seen. Venus will transit in Sagittarius on 5th December, and there will be a decline in the demand for cosmetic sector. In the end of the year, we can see profitable growth in the market.