Saturn transits Aquarius, 17 January 2023 till 29 March 2025

(Moon Sign Based)

Saturn in Aquarius will give you the confidence to come in front of people, take command & execute plans. But it can also bring forth pieces of information that can confuse you. And when Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, it will highlight introspection & self-reflection as well as cause sudden changes, both on the personal & professional fronts.

Saturn transits Aquarius, 17 Jan 2023 till 29 March 2025

Saturn’s journey through Dhanistha Nakshatra will shift from Capricorn to Aquarius after 29 years; and this movement of Saturn into Aquarius is one of the most positive moves that come within the 30-year cycle of Saturn.

This move will help us make the transition towards technology and usher in a digital era that we have read mostly about in science fiction. Our society, lifestyles, the way we communicate or earn, most of this will become technology oriented.

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With Saturn in Aquarius, as we journey through the next 27 months, we will see some very interesting and eye-opening avenues as change will be the only constant in our lives.

  • This transit will give you the confidence to come in front of people, take command and execute plans.
  • It will bring you connections, information and emotional maturity.
  • Aquarius is the best placement for Saturn; so Saturn entering Aquarius in 2023 will see the fulfilment of your desires, but only if you are determined, disciplined and put in hard work.
  • At the same time, it can throw pieces of information at you that can thoroughly confuse you. A sound thought process and information will be vital if you wish to perform better during this transit period (2023-25).


Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, 30 June till 15 Nov 2024

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius during 30 June till 15 November 2024. This retrogression is going to take place between two Nakshatra (constellations), Purva Bhadrapada and Shatabhisha.

Health, knowledge and financial decisions are going to play a significant role during this transit of Saturn. Finance and medical care will draw your attention during this period. Communication and commitment will play a significant role when Saturn transits in the last quarter of 2024.


How would this transit affect YOU?


Saturn will move into your 11th house that governs your social life, income, gains, friends, celebrations, commencement of new relationships, many things nice & the material aspects of life. You are set to see a rise in your income, many reasons to celebrate life & enjoy your time with friends. Hard work & struggles of the past two years should pave the way to growth, gains & many positives all around. You should try & live in the moment and extract all happiness from this period.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Some important financial decisions are going to be taken from your end. Support from elders and seniors' guidance will help you generate new sources of income. This period will also cause some hindrance and delay in executing plans, but it will help you to build the foundation.



This transit is ready to shake up your career and could bring in the beginning of a meteoric phase professionally. Hard work, a slew of opportunities, many trips abroad for work and a new kind of power not felt in quite a few years would be in operation for the next 27 months. This transit will transform the way you work but will also take away time and comfort in marriage / relationships. Not a great transit to improve bonding at home and for health of mother. An ideal time to hunt down and eliminate people working secretly against you.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Ego clashes on the professional front will cause stress during Saturn's retrogression. This period will bring workload and cause some renovation related expenses. You will be forced to look after your diet and health, which will help you overcome health-related issues.



Luck will change and you will be grateful to the almighty for this new role of Saturn that will let you breathe easy. There would be trips overseas and growth, held back in the last so many months. Not a great time for sibling love, while your bold new way of working will help overcome your competition and those who oppose you openly. You might have some attitude issues that could put off friends and family around you; so you need to work on your behavior and outlook towards life.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Travel related plans will get stuck due to changes in plan and new work responsibility during the retrograde period of Saturn. Expected return will come with some delay and there are chances love/marital relationship will see some stress due to communication gap. Some chronic health issues can cause unplanned financial expenses.



Saturn will usher in a bitter-sweet phase in life. You will turn more hard working & disciplined with this move of Saturn mostly on account of new challenges that life will throw at you. At the same time, many old pending inheritance & ancestral wealth issues should get resolved. Despite all the hard work, the results will come in after substantial efforts. You will find that money commitments & outflows will keep your financial budget challenged mostly. You should keep a check on your behavior which can turn peevish & highly critical leading to gaps in relationship with family & children.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Things will get delayed related to property-related matters. Health will drag your attention and chances are there that you will find stuck in terms of savings but there will be return after a retrograde period. Family relationships will demand attention and on the professional front there will be challenges because of backlogs.



Saturn will bring in many changes in life, some positive & others sobering. The most important aspect to remember is the fact that the very high momentum of the past few years will slow down a bit & it would help to turn conservative in all you do, going forward. Saturn is pushing towards a phase where it wants you to build bridges & partnerships. There would be a complete phase of joint work & new partnerships. Marriage is a huge possibility or a karmic long term relationship. This is a time when your temperament would be tough & hyper-critical. Relations with family could be strained & health of mother could go through some rough weather.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Relationships will demand space and see some stress due to clashes of opinion. There will be workload on the professional front. You will find it difficult to express your ideas professionally, which can cause challenges. There will also be challenges with travel related plans due to lack of clarity and things can get cancelled. Stress can affect your health as we all as that of your mother.



Saturn is going to energize you in this position & push you to do wonderfully well & test the limits. This is a super busy period coming up when hard work & dynamism will drive you. You will develop the energy to blow away competition & overcome all odds. Chronic health issues could come back to visit you, so be careful. Some disturbance on account of family assets & real estate could crop up. This is a time to rework your finances & all old issues can be resolved. Possibility of a relationship outside social norms could develop while relations with siblings could be below par.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Relationships with family and colleagues can get challenging during this retrograde period. You may face chronic health issues. Legal work and relationship with colleagues can also get affected.



Saturn in this position is going to transform your thinking & bring some personality changes also. You can build up grand plans for the future but should ensure you remain optimistic & positive now. Strain could build up on relationships & marital issues & you will find your temperament toughening up. Finances could be stretched due to recent investments & these could create some challenges. Family & children related matters will undergo many shifts & transformations now. You will usher in many changes during the next 27 months of your life.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Love/marital relationship can get challenging, and there are chances of communication gap. There will be challenges in terms of investment and expected return - which will take some time; so the retrograde period is good to assess your financial plan. There can be delay in results if you are looking for a new job, but you will get the expected response.



Saturn heralds an era of change & shift in your lifestyle. The comfort of the past will give way to changes & challenges associated with your location as well as your method of working. This period will bring a transformation & maturing in your thought process. Many karmic changes will come up at work. While these changes will bring challenges, the challenges themselves would be a blessing in disguise for the future. You will assume a more aggressive role in life & bring your competition to their knees as well as remove people who have been working behind the scenes against you. Shift away from family will take place.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Delay in expected results vis-a-vis property. Positive result in terms of health through support and healing. There will be backlogs on the professional front that needs to be taken care of as priority to overcome the workload.



You are ready to take wings this year as hard work & new ideas due to this Saturn position will catapult you in your area of work or study. You will find a new energy with this position over the next 27 months & give priority to action & creative ideas over mundane ways of looking at things. This position will bring some challenges with regard to children & older investments might backfire. You will find yourself working very hard & all achievements will come with a lot of effort & hard work. Nothing will come easily or without effort but your own energy will make things look great. This period will also help you remove the cobwebs & cutdown wasteful expenses & your detractors from your life.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Communication gap will cause some challenges and stress in relationships with sibling, partner/spouse and seniors. There can be challenges during travel. But this period will give positive results in terms of the work which requires efforts. You will re-think about your hobby and enroll in a course accordingly.



Saturn’s move will transform you from an action oriented phase to a communication & thought oriented phase. You will find wealth & new sources of financial plans to be the new focus in life. This is a time when your intuition will rise & words spoken by you will carry weight. Avoid speaking in vain. You will find your investment & expenses on cars & real estate would rise, depleting your financial resources consequently. Some joint family issues could also crop up. This is a time to speak nicely since relationship with friends could falter, while you will need to keep an eye on your health.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

Health will be priority during this period of retrograde Saturn. Unplanned expenses will be there, which will have to be handled with caution. Property related issues will resolve during this period.



This Saturn’s transit will feel like a resurrection as you will make a comeback after a challenging period. You will find a new purpose & motive & turn into a super achiever. Your personality will turn tough however & it would not be easy to deal or live at close quarters with you, due to your unrelenting attitude. Relations with siblings & spouse / partner would be difficult during this period. You will do very well as long as you remain on the right side of law & listen to your conscious. Despite your hardworking phase, professional challenges will be felt and skirmishes with people in authority will happen often.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

You will face workload and have to bring in extra effort to execute your professional tasks. Lack of commitment can cause challenges in relationships with people at the workplace; but this period will also help you to work on and upgrade your skills to perform better professionally.



This transit of Saturn would be a Red Herring & you need to be very careful about new avenues & opportunities this would open up. This 27 month transit of Saturn would bring a rise in expenses, overheads & a web of opportunities that could pull you down. You need to remain grounded & avoid getting into new projects or investment plans. The golden rule would be to continue with your plan that you were following in the past. This period will consume wealth & so as long as you can avoid financial exposure, you would do well. There would be an opportunity to overcome competition with your self-effort and growth will come as long as you rely more in effort than investments.

How will Saturn's retrogression in Aqaurius affect your life?

New professional connections will build, but retrograde Saturn can cause some delay and force you to come out of your comfort zone. There will be some unplanned expenses on family and house. Health will also draw your attention in this period.


Remedies to mitigate challenges during the Transit

Irrespective of your sign, you can follow the actions below to lessen the impact of challenges during the transit period.

  • Donate white sweets, especially to young girls on a Friday or Saturday; this will help you progress.
  • Donate some amount of your earnings to an orphanage or old age home or a blind school and try to provide a nutritious meal to the underprivileged.
  • Apply fragrance before going out of the house, it will create positivity in your life and ventures.


Saturn Transit Report

This is one of the most positive moves that comes within the 30-year cycle of Saturn. This transit will help us all transform towards technology & usher in a digital era that we read mostly in science fiction. more

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