Predictions for India (Varshphal 2022-2023)

The coming year would see progressive trends for India. The business sector will flourish, there will be growth in employment. The country would be able to leave the hardships of the past few years behind. But, at the same time, all of this will be accomplished only through efforts, hard work & unity.

Predictions for India (Varshphal 2022-2023)


Varshphal or the annual horoscope is compiled when the sun returns to the same sign and degree that is mentioned in any birth horoscope. But since the speed of the nine planets is different, so the other planets will not be in the same position as the birth date in the horoscope. Hence, the forecast of the coming year is interpreted and predicted on the position of different planets. Muntha (progressed ascendant), Varsheshwar (year lord), position of the Varsha Ascendant (year ascendant) and Natal Ascendant are the parameters for the annual horoscope.

Natal Ascendant & Ruling Planet

The birth ascendant of India is Taurus and the ruling planet is Venus that is placed in the 3rd house with Sun, Mercury and Moon.

Muntha (Progressed Ascendant)

The Muntha for the year 2022-2023 for India is Sun, posited in the ascendant in Cancer, rising in the annual horoscope (Varshaphal Kundli).

The Muntha of the country is in a favorable position which indicates enhancement in career opportunities, which will boost growth in the business and employment sectors. The courage and confidence of the authorities will enable them to take bold steps as far as future career prospects in the country Read More

Varsha Ascendant (Year Ascendant)

The current year ascendant lord is Moon which has its placement in Pisces with Jupiter in the 9th house of luck and long travel. A period that indicates a lot of good results may be derived by some awareness, fine skills and imagination to execute innovative and new ideas. This will be good for the reputation of the country and will also Read More

Varsheshwar (Year Lord)

Jupiter is the year lord of 2022-2023 and it ascertains that the overall professional sphere of the country will be smooth and any adverse event will be rectified with intellectual, wise steps and proceedings. Health, peace and prosperity are Read More

Mudda Dasha (Short Time Period)

Venus period till October 2022

During this period, the overall environment in the country will be comfortable as Venus is well placed in both natal and year chart of the horoscope of India. There may be new developments in the cosmetics and media sectors, where advancements related to Read More

Sun period till December 2022

The placement of Sun in the ascendant of the annual birth chart indicates an auspicious trend for regular events in the country even after some adversaries. The state of politics will encourage economic progress and foreign affairs will be handled in a manner that will Read More

Moon period till January 2023

The transit of Jupiter during the Moon period will usher in progressive and favourable trends for trade and commerce, besides enhancing the professional connections of India. Jupiter, the lord of the house of luck and long travels, with its placement in the 9th house along with the placement of Moon will bring new contacts from Read More

Mars period till February 2023

Luck will favour the financial sector of the country where the present Government may be able to clear some old debts and dues to get rid of financial liabilities. This period may make the authorities susceptible to Read More

Rahu period till April 2023

Rahu is placed in the house of self in the natal horoscope and its placement is in the house of career and status in the annual horoscope, indicating progressive trends as it is placed in Aries along with the placement of Mars in the house of gains. The transit of planets will be good for finance and there will be Read More

Jupiter period till June 2023

The Jupiter period will be favourable for India to make modifications in the work processes, be it businesses, employment, travel for official reasons to develop and maintain existing or new professional connections.

There will be new opportunities/projects that will come Read More

Saturn period till August 2023

Saturn is the lord of the 7th and 8th house of India’s annual horoscope with its placement in its own sign. There will be mixed but positive happenings in the trends of development in the country. Resources may seem restricted during this period as gains will be less than the input of efforts.

The immediate environment of the country will require dialogues with the Government Read More

Mercury period till October 2023

There will be mixed effects of the transits on the finance and career sectors of India. Travels for the expansion of professional spheres will be through good communication and profitable offers that will facilitate smooth passage Read More

Ketu period till December 2023

The placement of Ketu in the house of stability indicates that when hard work is combined with keen observation and deep study, it will be rewarded with success in any venture. Financial success will depend on improvisation of the work style on the broad horizon of development and the wise use of existing resources.

Overall, the Varshphal of 2022-2023 is favorable for India; efforts with wisdom and hard work will shower positive results and progress for the country.