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The relation between the Moon’s Phases and Fertility

The Moon phase and the human body have a strong astrological connection. The surprising link between different aspects of the Moon and the menstrual cycle implies that women's fertility can be influenced by the Moon Phases.

The relation

The beginning of a new life starts with the different Phases of the Moon. The fertility chances will be at its peak when the Sun and Moon are in an unique alignment, while building a relationship into a particular zodiac sign.

Moon signifies nutrition, feelings, and the most importantly, the fertility, which is connected to the Lunar Phases. The lunar phase lasts approximately for 28 days, just like the average time of the menstrual cycle. The Moon Phases in one month travels through the 27 Nakshatras and with a unique alignment with the Sun, known as the Tithi (Lunar Phase), gives the desire to have a child. The fertile days will be those which have the same lunar phase as you have in your natal birth chart. You can calculate your Lunar Phase by measuring the degree between the Sun and the Moon’s position.

How is the Moon connected to our Emotions:

The Waxing Moon makes the estrogen level in the body rise, and at its peak on the Full Moon day. While in the Waning Moon, the progesterone prepares in the womb for the possibility of a new life. The relationship between the alignment in between the Sun and Moon, will give an insight to our intellect and new desires will be manifested through our emotions in life.

The Garbhadhan Rituals and Planetary combination:

The conception or insemination, is one of the first sixteen Vedic Sanskar Rituals, meant to be performed by a man and a woman at an auspicious time and date in order to have a desired child. This is connected with the Nisheka or the Consummation of marriage. Everything will depend on the planetary combination exerted during the act of sexual union. Therefore, the couple is required to have a good relationship and follow the rituals so as to have the best generation.

What does Vedic Astrology say about the Moon’s Phases and Fertility

According to the Vedic scriptures, our gross body is the result of the subtle body, which can only manifest according to the subtle body based on our past deeds.

1- Fertility and the Fifth house from the Birth Moon:

The Moon plays a vital role in giving life to us. The Moon signifies our mind and desires. According to the Vedic Astrology we all get a new birth again and again based on our desires. We are all familiar with the phrase “As You Sow, So shall You Reap.” This phrase gets true with the fifth house which is the mental inclination and manifestation of our desire as children. This is the reason our parents and grandparents suggested that we should be cautious during pregnancy and take care of our thoughts as well. While having sex and during the nine months of pregnancy, we must take care of our thoughts and that should be healthy and positive. We need to praise and do the good deeds as per the planets related to the fifth from the Moon sign in transit, and from the natal Moon.

2- Moon and Seventh house from the Moon: Pleasure in relationship and  fertility

The Moon plays a significant role in our life and the seventh house in the birth chart from the Moon is for relationship, copulation with spouse, and shows the mood and emotion of a lover during intercourse. We all have children and they are our children are the manifestation of our fifth house.

If the benefice planets like Venus and Jupiter are transiting in the Seventh house from the Moon, then the sex will be playful and amorous. The transit of Mars will signifies that the mental state of the couple is tensed or there were fights and arguments between the couple. The transiting Saturn in the seventh house from the natal Moon, will give lack of satisfaction in sex life.

These transiting planets will give due characteristics to the child, who will come into life due to the copulation during that particular transit in the seventh house, from the natal Moon.

Creating a New Life with different phases of the Moon:

The Moon has given you blessings to have a new life, which can be created by yourself. The personal relationship between the Sun and the Moon gives you the unique ability to create your own world, and you can cultivate that world and life with the pure consciousness you have in your thoughts.

Eat healthy and live healthy to enjoy a good relationship with your spouse, so that both of you will have a child who reflects your thoughts, and makes your life successful with their deeds.

Receive divine insight with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology to bloom like flowers in your life with the divine light of the Sun and unique phases of the Moon, which would give a unique personality to your coming generation.

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