The Most Attractive Zodiac Signs: The Secret Busted!

Astrologically speaking, every zodiac sign possesses unique personality traits that differentiate them from the others. We have listed zodiac signs based on their character and what they are most attracted to in their life. Tell us, where do you find yourself on the list?


The Most Attractive Zodiac Signs: The Secret Busted!


We at Indastro have studied the stars and the planets as per every Zodiac sign, and here is what we conclude in regard to the ‘Attraction Quotient’ of a Zodiac Sign.

So go ahead and discover how your Zodiac Sign has fared in this list, and read on to know more about the signs that hold the topmost positions!

  Zodiac Sign   Type of Attraction   Attraction Skills
  Aries   Attracted towards new experiences, and excitement in love    3
  Taurus   Attracted towards new experiences, and excitement in love   4
  Gemini   Attracted towards fun, and building friendly romantic relationships   4
  Cancer   Cancer gets sensitive attached and can easily connect emotionally   5
  Leo   Sensual acts and physical beauty attracts them   4
  Virgo   They assess practically and thus don’t get attracted easily without reason   4
  Libra   Beauty attracts them, and they give physical appearance importance   5
  Scorpio   Sexual Attraction and compatibility is important to them   3
  Sagittarius   They want an constantly exciting and adventurous romance   5
  Capricorn   Grounded romance and one which does not scream for excitement   3
  Aquarius   They do not want a fairytale love story or flattery, just plain romance   3
  Pisces   They need emotional connect, are sensitive and are sacrificing   4

No matter how many love stories we read, movies we see or experiences we feel, love can still be mysterious and cannot be quantitatively calculated as per given set of norms. There have been times when we have purposely pushed someone away from our lives, even after knowing we had a soft corner for them or might have let someone stay even after knowing that they did not deserve us. We might have perhaps done it for reasons we might not have found answers to yet. Perhaps those actions were a result of a defense mechanism we thought would save us from further affecting us emotionally and mentally. Even after doing it many times, we have yet not been able to understand fully, why and how does everyone including us, tend to behave in a certain way, sometimes very unpredictable, when in love.

It might sound a little surprising to many, but it is a given that the zodiac signs does influence our lives directly or indirectly up to a great extent. The science behind Vedic Astrology takes the help of the stars to predict almost everything about us, our nature, behavior, character, way of disposition in situations, and the like, taking into account our birth chart and based on the moon signs, sun sign, ascendant, Nakshatra, etc. that we have been born under.

The Unique Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

Each of the zodiac signs has its own personality traits, owing to the element it falls under and the nature it has, apart from which planet is its ruler. And, when it comes to love, every sign will definitely be a different kind of a lover and expect different things as per his/her moon sign. For example, the water signs tend to ask for security in a relationship so as to be able to sustain it, or else they tend to dry up and lose interest. On the other hand, Earthy Signs can be extremely loyal and grounded, but when they are not at their best self, they would think very materialistically and practically, which could leave little ground for sensitive love. If you want to know how you or your loved one would fare in love, read on to know more. We have enlisted the various zodiac signs as per their characteristics in different categories, so that you can find for yourself and know how they fare in the area of love relationships.

The ‘Most’ Attractive Signs:

As you might have figured out from the table above, the moon signs Cancer, Libra, and Gemini, are the most attractive of the lot, especially when it comes to attracting the opposite sex or in romantic endeavors. They possess the innate quality of being able to attract friends as well as lovers and admirers without much effort, as it comes naturally to them. To help understand better, we have described these three briefly for you.

  1. Cancer:

Being Spontaneous, Loving, Sensitive, and having a Golden Heart!

Also rated as one of the most loyal signs, when it involves itself in a committed relationship, the Cancerians are overly emotional, sensitive, sympathetic and very imaginative when it comes to loving their partners. This trait attracts the opposite sex quite easily, because, c’mon! Who does not want to be loved hopelessly and cared for immensely? They are extremely void of aggressiveness, and are always very intuitive and attentive towards their partner, again a trait that attracts a prospective lover. Cancerians have the purest of hearts when they get into a relationship, and would never have hidden agendas and ulterior motives when being with someone they love or care for. They would not care to speak up what they feel and say the truth rather than faking being in love and cheating on their partners. They would not want to disappoint their partners, and would always try to find out ways to entertain them and bring about new ways of fun and entertainment.

  1. Libra:

The Kind, Sincere, Gentle, and Overly Romantic Sign!

Libras are considered one of the most romantic signs among all. They are also the ones who fall in love easily and are in love with the idea of being in love, with the one they have dreamt of. They believe in the idea of a whirlwind romance, and are romantic to the core, thus the opposite sex finds themselves being easily attracted to this sign. They fall head over heels in love almost easily, and then try hard to maintain the relationship and sustain it. Since they believe in being romantic, they always attempt sweet gestures like bringing roses, gifting chocolates, etc., or sending a loving text to their partners, to show that they adore, love, and care. They have the gift of being social, and like to be the center of attraction in a gathering or otherwise as well, thus making them all the more attractive as they have a certain aura to themselves. It is said that you cannot stop a Libra from loving you, and since they are excellent listeners as well, it is easier to be attracted by them and be wooed by their attractive personality.

  1. Gemini:

The Youthful, Intellectual, Interesting, and Playfully Romantic sign!

There must be a reason as to why the Gemini natives are always active on the dating front. Curious, and always on the lookout for fun, they have the skills to attract more than one person at a time. Owing to their attractive personality that garners a lot of attention from the opposite sex, they tend to go for a lot of relationships, without committing themselves to a single person for a long term. Since they love to have fun, enjoy, and live an interesting life, they are constantly on the search of new interests that excite them and help them lead a life full of frolic. Due to their wit and incredible conversational skills, it makes people hard to not notice them and not be attracted to them. They have great adaptability, and are pros in expressing themselves, along with possessing a very high level of intelligence. They even possess a very good sense of humor, thus making them eligible for the people of the opposite sex to be attracted to them.


Let Vedic Astrology guide you in Love!

With so many beliefs people holding on to, and the world moving towards modernity, people nowadays are at times at the risk of hurting themselves mentally, when they surrender themselves totally in a relationship. While dating, it is common to be asked or ask the simple question, “What is your zodiac sign?” as knowing it does help an individual understand their partner better and also know their compatibility factor, as it is always good to know beforehand so that they get time to improvise and balance out. However cliché it may sound to many, it is a known and accepted fact that Vedic Astrology does give quantitative insights into the personality of an individual, and also guide them while recognizing the most compatible sign and the kind of romantic relationship they would have. So why not use its bounties and see what the stars have destined us for?