International Father’s Day – Gifts you can give to your father

Each year, Father’s day is observed to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices a father does for his children and family. On this special day and every day, your father deserves to be treated with utmost love and care and be showered with gifts and appreciation. Find out what you can gift your father, on the special occasion of Father’s day to bring a smile on his face. Read more…

International Father’s Day – Gifts you can give to your father


Father’s Day is celebrated each year to honour the concept of fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as to recognize the contribution of fathers in the society. This day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. It is a special day for all the fathers of the world – a day dedicated to the male members of parenthood and acknowledge their sacrifice and responsibility in nurturing the lives of their children. On this day, we honour the role that the fathers play in shaping the lives of their children and also celebrate the men who have embraced this essential role of fatherhood.

Father's Day was founded in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Arkansas and wanted to have a special day to honour her and all the father’s in the world.

Now, fathers have often been associated with discipline and tough love. No matter how, we all share a special relationship with our fathers. They are often the unsung heroes in a family, sustaining the family with financial and moral and often invisible support. Do we not want to make this one day extremely special for the male role models of our lives? We want to pamper them and fix them a nice little gift and celebrate their existence in our lives.

You want to gift your father something on this father’s day but at a loss what to give him? You have come to the right place. Let his zodiac sign guide you to the perfect gift for your father.

What to gift your Father on this Father’s Day

  1. Aries:

Your Aries father is lively, vivacious and very friendly. He loves the outdoors and sporty activities and not to mention, he can get a little competitive at times. He loves his gadgets and all things new and flashy attracts him. He is energetic, devoted and very spontaneous.

Gift Ideas: Smartwatch (Fitbit), Sports equipment, smart backpacks, a multi-player video game for the new gen dads, a luxurious fragrance, etc.

  1. Taurus

He is practical, down to earth and loves the finer things in life. Your Taurus dad is patient and humble and loves spending time indoors. He has a flair for luxurious things in life and often lives an opulent lifestyle. He is very family- oriented and is a devoted dad. He is also very close to nature.

Gift Ideas: Fine bottle of Scotch/Wine, Bath accessories, Silk robes and pajamas, fragrant aftershaves, herb planter or DIY gardening kits, etc.

  1. Gemini:

Gemini dads are always open for heart to heart conversation with their kids. They love to learn new things and be the problem solver in the family. They have a great sense of humour and are extremely charismatic. Your father is intelligent and intellectual and also at the same time enjoys to show off his newly gained knowledge. Gemini dads are often the cool funny dads.

Gift ideas: A pop culture trivia game, a good coffee table book, a poster from back his college days, a kindle, a nice family dinner etc.

  1. Cancer:

Cancer dads are nurturing, sensitive and extremely caring. They are traditional and very loyal. They are passionate about the things and people they care for and also love to reminisce about their past glorious days. They are often gourmet cooks as well, though it is more of a hobby than a skill.

Gift Ideas: A structured journal, a digital photo frame, a photo book, kitchen accessories, an electric barbeque machine, a fine wine, a tie etc.

  1. Leo:

Leo dads are loving, playful yet fierce. They are the epitome of fun and cool dads. They are extremely fond of their children and make them the centre of their universe. They are proud of their accomplishments. They have a flair for living life king size and enjoy the opulence and the occasional pampering. Father’s day definitely calls for some pampering and spoiling your father.

Gift Ideas: Luxurious bath accessories and robes, expensive fragrances, nice bottle of Scotch, grooming kits, designer clothes or flashy accessories etc.

  1. Virgo:

Virgo dads are serious, organized and very practical. They are usually a creature of habits, which makes them very loyal and traditional in their outlook. He is very sure of himself and stick to things that he likes. He is not very open to new ideas but will not shy away from trying them either. He is very conscious of the environment and is a conservationist in his own accord. Practical gifts are best suited to him.

Gift ideas: A shaving kit, his favourite perfume, favourite brand of jeans, an essential binder, a wallet, a medicinal herb DIY kit, etc.

  1. Libra:

Libra fathers are easy going and indulgent. They are smart multitaskers and good entertainers. They are very liberal with their kids and give them the space to grow and prosper. He loves to entertain and provide for his family and the joy of others make him happy and content. He loves all things beautiful and aesthetic. He is also very social and loves to host parties.

Gift Ideas: A champagne glass set, a fine wine or whiskey, woofers or speakers, assorted box of chocolates, his favourite cologne or aftershave, gift card to a spa or favourite dinner place, etc.

  1. Scorpio:

Scorpio men are intense and passionate. They are outgoing as well as introverts at the same time. They are fearless and sharp. Independent and moody, they may often come across as brooding and intimidating. But under their tough demeanor, is a cute dad who makes his children the centre of his world. He is adventurous and outdoorsy and loves spending time with his kids. A Scorpio dad also likes to take care of himself and look sharp and presentable.

Gift Ideas: Cool shades/glasses, designer clothes, branded perfumes, ties and waist coats, a fine bottle of expensive liquor, a mystery novel, etc.

  1. Sagittarius:

He is more your friend than your dad. A firm believer in independence and freedom, he inculcates the same in his children. He is sporty and outdoorsy. He is a nature lover and likes going on hikes, cycling and enjoy any athletic activities. He is fun to be around and can regale you with different stories, often making them important life lessons. He is open to new ideas and things.

Gift Ideas: Hiking shoes and jackets, Smartwatch, sports equipment, a weekend trip coupon, a backpack, a hammock, a tent, a coffee table travel book, etc.

  1. Capricorn:

A Capricorn dad is serious and businesslike. He often is so immersed in his career and work that he forgets to take care of himself. He suits the image of a hard working all sacrificing dad, who will do everything to provide for his family. He is traditional and loyal and is extremely protective of his family. He values himself and his role in his children’s upbringing and always achieves to be a perfect father, worthy of being a role model.

Gift Ideas: New clothes and wallets, business suits, a journal, a poster with motivational quotes or his role model, a chic laptop bag, a vehicle first aid kit, a coupon for a spa and rejuvenation, etc.

  1. Aquarius:

An Aquarius dad is a total chill dad. He too is a firm believer in independence and believes that his children should learn from their own mistakes. He does not fret when his kids do something wrong, he rather explains it to them rationally why what they did was not right. An Aquarius dad treats his kids like adults and always tries to inculcate in them the awareness of social issues. He is however quite a sucker for gadgets and new innovations.

Gift Ideas: Any new gadgets or technology, a travel telescope, a gaming set to enjoy with his kids, a DIY drone maker, a gardening kit, a new mountain bike, etc.

  1. Pisces

Pisces dads are sentimental and caring. They are very protective of their children. They have traditional family values and tries to impart the same in their kids. He is always looking to teach his children to be creative, to grow on their own and to discover their own selves, rather than spoon feeding them. A Pisces dad is creative and is also often an excellent musician and a gourmet cook.

Gift Ideas: A cookbook for beginners, a fancy wine and wine glass set, a grooming kit, satin pajamas, an aquarium, a musical instrument, bath salts and other accessories, etc.