How Each Zodiac Introduces Themselves

How Each Zodiac Introduces Themselves


The ascendant discloses the inner you to the world through it. According to the 12 ascendants, (zodiac signs) every zodiac has a unique set of character and personality traits that defines them and differentiates them from the others. It gives an insight as to how you manage and conduct various activities of your life that makes a greater chunk of your life’s main event. It describes the way you deal with every relationship in your life and what kind of love or married life you will have. It also governs over the mood of the zodiac sign.

Here, we will discuss these 12 types of personalities according to their Zodiac signs (ascendants)

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  1. Aries

Aries ascendant (zodiac sign) want to live life king size filled with the entire world’s luxury and a lavish lifestyle. Just in case that Mars is debilitated or is moving in retrograde motion in the natal chart of an Aries ascendant then anger and aggression become a part of their personality which may not have a good or positive effect on their personal life.

  1. Taurus

As for the Taurus ascendant (zodiac sign), they are highly emotional and sensitive personality most of whose decision is based on the decisions made form heart and not the brain. They stay in multiple relationships at the same time as monogamy does not satisfy them. They seldom get angry but once they do, may the Lord have mercy upon you! It takes a lot of time for them to cool it off. Thus, anger and aggression can have a severe negative impact on their love and romantic life and also has the potential of completely ruining it.

  1. Gemini

As ruled by the Twins, Gemini ascendant has an unstable nature. They have a sharp sense of humor but majorly land up using it in the most inconvenient and uncomfortable way. It means they may crack a joke in the gravest of the situation with a good intention but may land up in various troubles at most of the time because of this. Gemini is also known to take or make hasty decisions and calls in life. As a result of this, they go through multiple breakups and heartbreaks during their lifetime.

  1. Cancer

Cancer Ascendants are highly emotional and sensitive in nature but anger and aggression rule over their basic personality. They seldom forgive a person who has ever harmed them or has wronged them in their life. Forgiveness is a word that is missing in their dictionary of life. on the off chance that Mars or Jupiter have a direct aspect in the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character) or are placed in the same house (First House) then it show negative effects on their love and married life as the ascendant may have to face many ups and downs along with multiple fluctuations on their love and marital front.

  1. Leo

Leo ascendants are extremely proud and reserved in nature (that is they are experts with the small talk). They have crystal clear preferences and choices in life. They give career leverage over their love or married life. Leos are known to be a dominant character which at times leads to disturbed or unstable married life and status. Leos are extremely creative people who believe in having an audience for things they do. They might not express much but they are quite generous and warm-hearted individuals.

  1. Virgo

In the case of the Virgo ascendants, they are sensitive and loyal by nature but just in case that Jupiter is wrongly placed or it is either debilitated or moving in a retrograde motion then it means that their conjugal or love life will face many struggles throughout their lifespan. Virgos have a God-gift of weaving simple words in beautiful work of poems and poetries and can really express themselves well in the form poems.

  1. Libra

Libra ascendants have an extremely exciting and rocking love life as they have multiple partners. A Libra is a natural romantic character and loves to share their love with many. They have very good control over their emotions and hardly ever lose their calm.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio ascendants are known to be extremely stubborn and aggressive in nature. But on the inside, Scorpios are just completely opposite. They are a huge ocean of emotions and are extremely sensitive in nature. For them, relationship (be it parents, sibling, relatives, friends or love) holds huge value no matter what others say. They do justice to each relationship that they share with different people at different stages of their life.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius ascendants love going by the rule book and follow every rules and regulation just as it should be. They are famous for being straight-talkers and hence, are not the favorites of many which may lead to losses yet they never sugar-coat what they have to say to the others (including friends or family). They at sometimes become money-minded and careers tops the chart of priorities over everything else.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn ascendants are reserved in nature and speak only when required. Mostly, they share a harmonious, lovely, prosperous and happy love or married life.

  1. Aquarius

In the case of the Aquarius ascendants, they are pretty blunt and rough in nature. Career related to arts and creativity suits them well. They have tall and lean personality but in most of the case, they get partners of aggressive and dominant in nature.

  1. Pisces

Pisces ascendants are simpleton; it means they are sober, truthful, peace-loving people. They get easily intimidated and influenced by others. Pisces native values every relationship in their lives and fulfills all they duty towards it with full dedication and devotion.

With the help of the moon sign, the various nature and character traits of a native can be easily known and can help you understand what his or her trigger points are and how will one react in a given situation.