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Doctor profession for Gemini moon sign natives

In the event that your life aspects in terms of priority, career is got to be on the top of your priority list. It might sound interesting but making a career choice is not at all an easy task. Almost everyone complains about having a tough time professionally. This is just an unavoidable consequence of wrong career choice. It is a mistake that can haunt a person for the rest of his life.

Career is something where indefinite public opinions or friendly suggestions don’t work. Instead of useless sympathy, you need to get more accurate information regarding how you feel about yourself and which professional pathway would lead you to success. This is when the science of Astrology can help you.

Astrology is a practical study that provides knowledge about perfect timing of the events. And as far as you go in life, making the right career choice at the right time is what it’s all about. Vedic Astrology uses birth chart to determine correct timing of your move or the most suitable opportunity that you must grab on to. Better the sense of timing, greater the chances of getting favourable outcomes.

Here we will discuss about planetary combinations for Medical profession of Gemini moon sign. Doctors are considered as one of the most prestigious profession in any country. It isn’t just esteemed but a lot of financial gain and respect is additionally associated with it.

Have a look at different Astrological yoga to progress towards becoming a successful doctor. 

Houses for Medical Profession

  • 1st House- Mental and Physical attitude and dedication towards work
  • 3rd House- Hard Working Nature
  • 5th House- Higher education and intelligence
  • 6th House- Short term diseases
  • 8th House- Longevity and Long term diseases
  • 10th House- Indicates Karma and Profession
  • 12th House- House of Hospitalization

Gemini: Airy Duality

The third sign is Gemini which is a twin nature sign. In astrological terminology it is called a dual sign. The lord of this sign is Mercury and the element is air. Air is the element that helps you flourish in life. Duality helps in growth, because if there’s only one answer, you stop questioning. We keep on questioning because answers could be different and moreover there could be more than one answer. In this nature of thought duality is inbuilt and very important for growth of mankind. But one big hazard of this thought is that logic creates many miseries. With thought comes rigidity, because the moment it becomes somebody’s thought another person starts objecting.

A Gemini moon sign naïve is: Multi tasking but have wavering mind, expert in mathematics, are sympathetic. They have jack of all trades but master of none.

Combinations which can bring up excellent career in medical science

Venus is fifth and twelfth house lord and Jupiter is seventh and tenth house lord, where fifth house signifies intellect; seventh house denotes partnerships; tenth is the career house and twelfth is the house of hospitalization. In the event that Mercury is placed in any one of these houses, at that point the native has an excellent scope as a specialist in a hospital due to their amazing communication and understanding skills; on the account of easy adaptability with the patients and their sympathetic nature.

They can likewise examine patients at their private clinic too.

Aspiring medical counselors, neurologist and psychiatrist

Jupiter is the lord of the 7th and 10th house If you have the combination of these two houses then you’re likely to have a good career in medical science and can function as a counselor, psychiatrist. The seventh house being the house of union and partnerships and 10th house favoring your career, will enable you to function either independently in your private clinic or you can even join a hospital and provide medical service there as well.

Mercury will become debilitated in your 10th house which will require you to put a lot of efforts and maintain a patience level because you’re not likely to receive positive outcomes immediately. You will have to stay focused as you might have to do the same thing again and again. So losing hope is not an option over here. Be prepared to welcome delays and lack of opportunities with an optimistic mind.

Aspiring Cosmetic surgeons and anesthesiologist

Venus is the lord of the 5th and 12th house where fifth house signifies education and twelfth house is for settlement outside your native land. In the event that Venus is placed in the fourth house of happiness and comfort, it will provide the native a swift path for education in medical science related to cosmetology or anesthetics with chances of pursuing studies away from your native land.

Aspiring Surgeons

Venus rules your fifth house of intelligence as well as your twelfth house of settlement outside your native land. Its placement with Mars and Saturn in the ninth house, which is considered as the house of luck, fortune and higher studies, will make the native a proficient surgeon.

Aspiring Dermatologists

Mars, Saturn and Venus placement in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house respectively will make the native a good dermatologist. Sixth house being the house of service and strength will enable you to practice as a skin specialist in your private clinic; eighth house signifies sudden gains therefore there are high chances of you earning descent income through your profession and lastly the twelfth house of abroad settlement can create chances of you expanding your medical career at skin care centers away from your native land.

Will you make money through your medical career?

Moon as the lord of the second i.e. Wealth house makes an association with Saturn in the eighth house of sudden gains. This can pave the way for a descent career and noteworthy income in medical fields such as: Orthopedics, Nephrology or gastroenterology.

Facing hurdles? No problem, there’s still a scope

In case you are facing certain hurdles in your medical studies, do not get disheartened due to these difficult situations. This is a hint for you to put your efforts in some other field such as medical consultancy or medical counseling.

Relationship of the fifth house lord Venus and tenth house lord Jupiter will offer ascent to your medical career as a general medical consultant related to areas such as skin, liver, kidney, lungs, diabetes and sexual disorders.

Planetary combination of Sun, Moon, Saturn and Venus will turn your interest towards counseling and consultation and thus, you have a tendency of working as a proficient medical counselor in a hospital.

The above mentioned results are generic in nature and may vary from one individual to another. If you have any doubts related to your career Click here