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Can a Virgo ascendant succeed as a doctor?

Isn’t it amusing that whenever somebody asked us as kids, what would we like to be when we grow up, we will say – ‘Doctors’! Well, it’s this impression in our minds and also in the mind of our parents that a doctor’s is a high paying and respectable job that makes us go all gaga over it. It isn’t wrong, however, it is not the whole truth either. After all, it is not an easy task to become a respected doctor. You need to have high levels of dedication, commitment, hard work and academic excellence to become one.

Besides the technicalities, one also need to possess some highly complex but seemingly fundamental soft skills to be an effective doctor. These comprise, being a great problem solver, a good listener, patient, collaborative with good communication skills, trustworthy, empathetic, and amiable and more such things.

If we talk about the Virgo natives, in particular, medical science could be a favorable profession for the. By virtue of their inborn nature they like to nurture and take care of others, which makes them do well as doctors. Virgo ascendants are also detail-oriented, analytical, well organized and hard working. Ruled by Mercury, they are perfectionist and have an eye for minute details. They have natural affinity for jobs which require micromanagement and detailed observation. All these traits make them do well in various specializations of the medical field.

But only an inclination towards this profession won’t suffice. You must fulfill some other conditions as laid by your natal chart for the stars to favor your professional desires. These include:

  • A strong enough ascendant, to give you a good physical and mental aptitude and the right attitude
  • The 5th and 9th house and their lords must be well positioned to promote your basic and higher education prospects and to give you good acumen
  • A well placed 6th house, signifying diseases and employment
  • A strong 10th house for favorable occupation scenarios
  • You must also have a good placement of the 11th house for your career to give you income gains
  • A significant presence of Sun makes you a natural healer
  • A well-placed Jupiter and Mercury which denotes specialization
  • Strength and position of Moon and Venus for therapeutic powers and monetary gains

It is the in-depth analysis of the placement, strength, aspect, combinations and associations of these planets and houses that define whether you can chase and proper in a career in medical science.

For Virgo moon sign natives, Mercury is the ruler of their ascendant and thus their first inclination to a career in medical field stems from this very place.

Mercury being the owner has the lordship of the 1st and 10th house of a Virgo ascendant. If this planet is placed in 11th or 12th house, of your natal chart it can give you a prosperous career as a doctor. How? Because this placement signifies good income from the source of profession and also high likelihood of pursuing higher education or career abroad.

  • Your 5th house lord in relation with career house (i.e. the 10th house) which has the lordship of Mercury ensures a good career as a physician or healer.
  • Mercury and Sun positioned in the 4th place from ascendant/Jupiter, or placed 8th from Moon, gives the native success as a qualified doctor.
  • Mercury in association Moon makes you a skilled Pediatrician.
  • Mercury with Mars makes you excel in ENT specialization.
  • If Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu form any sort of connection in your natal chart, you can explore the field of psychiatry, for better career prospects in medical science.

A well-placed Jupiter, which is the lord of 4th and 7th house in the natal chart of Virgo ascendants, fulfills the criteria for good basic education.

Apart from giving good education prospects, Jupiter has a much larger role to play in the horoscope of doctors. By its characteristic Jupiter bestows a person with effective treatment skills. Like Moon, it also gives the power to heal. When Jupiter connects well with your 1st, 5th or 10th house it is considered a sign of a successful career in the domain of medical science. Ideal placement and strength of Jupiter also makes a person kind and compassionate, which are among some of the vital skills that are deemed essential for successful doctors.

  • If Jupiter related to your 5th or 10th house or their lord you have excellent chances of becoming a doctor
  • If Venus and Jupiter occupies your 6th or 12th house you will have a natural desire to opt for a career in medical science

A Virgo native is also blessed by the auspicious presence of Moon in their birth chart, which makes them attain some kind of specialization as a doctor.

So, if you chose to become a doctor, you are not going to end being a general physician but you will go ahead and pick an area of expertise from the broad sphere of medical science to have a rewarding profession. Virgo ascendants, thus, can do very well as Plastic Surgeons, Nephrologist, Dermatologist, and Endocrinologist.

Rest assured, there will be no dearth of income in whatever specialization you chose to be.

  • Moon as the income house lord in the natal chart of Virgo ascendants signifies good career gains.
  • Also, as Venus is placed in the money house and aspect over the 8th house lord, professional gains are rather apparent.

Other than this, there are other significant planetary placements and combinations which can help you succeed in varied realms of medical science.

  • Saturn is the lord of 5th and 6th house for a Virgo ascendant. It is placed in 4th house of education in Jupiter sign in the natal chart of Virgo moon sign to give a fruitful career as a surgeon.
  • If Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn are placed together or form any sort of relation in the natal chart of a Virgo native, a successful career as an eye specialist is indicated.
  • The 6th house of the Virgo native signifies disease and employment. An association of Mars and Saturn is formed by the aspect of Mars on Saturn in your 6th house, which helps you prosper in the field of neurology.
  • If Jupiter has an aspect on your 10th house in Gemini sign, you will possess the right skills to become a successful neurologist.

This is a broad overview of the kind of planetary placements that support the career of a Virgo native in the field of medical science. But, you need to have a better clarity on the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ that is mentioned above to ascertain if you can become a successful doctor or not. To know this, click here to get an all-inclusive career analysis report, exclusively prepared for you.