Capricorn Dark Side

(Moon Sign Based)

Capricorns are straight forward people. Their dark side works as a great catalyst to ensure that their energy is utilized in building a strong persona for themselves. The mysterious, hidden character of the Capricorn needs to be embraced.

Capricorn Dark Side


Being a Capricorn, people will call you as the most reserved person, who is brutal with his/her words, or the one who is mysterious in every work they do. All will think that these are your Dark Sides of being a Capricorn, which is the tenth zodiac sign.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so, there will not be any problem for you to accept or to know how the dark energy works behind the scenes. You have the mystical power to understand all the magical and secret things, and you are also an expert in implementing the dark energy for the welfare of your ‘self’ and of yourself as well.

The animal symbol of the zodiac sign reveals the hidden character of a person and of the Makar,which is the most mysterious. Capricorn is the amphibian which has the face of a goat and the body of crocodile, which in itself an amazing symbol among all the twelve zodiac signs. People born in the Capricorn zodiac sign will have a good career as a researcher, scientists, military worker, social worker, government worker, and have best prospects in the field of occult science.

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Capricorn people will have the ability to approach every corner and people,and they do not think about what other people might think about them. This is one of the reasons that Capricorn are stubborn. Having a dark personality should not get you depressed, because being stubborn means you have a strong mind and personality to fight back against any challenge.

Dark Sides of any zodiac sign signifies what type of hidden strength they have and how that mystical strength can be applied with their unique ability. This is true for your zodiac personality without any regard to whether it is your Moon sign, Sun Sign, or the Rising Ascendant.

Be ready to learn how to use your hidden and dark side, but also remember that it is the most powerful tool to climb the ladder of success in your life.

  • Dark sides of Capricorn; being Arrogant or Self-Critical

People being born in Capricorn will not think about the feelings of people around them and also have a very cold approach toward others.

This is the reason others may think that the Capricorns are arrogant. But very few people will know about the dark hidden truth of Capricorn, that they are very cautious and do not want to hurt anyone with their actions.

  • Hidden shades Of Capricorn: They need Logic, not Emotional Drama

People would not like your company because of your practical and hard and tough rule for life. People will think that a Capricorn is apersonality who does not have a soft corner in their heart.

Being ruled by Saturn, your heart knew that the real the truth of life to get success and the company of mass practice approach, is necessary to the key. Do not leave this important dark side of Capricorn from your life.

  • Mrs. Tightwad Capricorn; but the one who knows where to spend the Hard Earned Money:

You have the lavish Venusians personality who will behave like a spendthrift. These are the people whowill judge you like the ‘Scrooge’.

However,you have the good intellect to maintain bank balance and also know when to spend, and how to earn a good amount of money in a short period of time.

The dark side makes Capricorn become the Tightwad, because of the cosmic energy of Dhanishta, which has the curse of losing wealth and that curse becomes a boon for Capricorn because they will understand the value of money with time.

Dhanishta is the Nakshatra, which is the wealthiest start among all the twenty-seven Nakshatras.So the Capricorns should not worry about the Dark status of becoming the Tightwad. The wealth will naturally come towards them.

  • Dry response in a relationship but the perfect one to have the Long-term relationship:

Relationship for a Capricorn will like aresponsibility that they have to maintain like a ritual. Capricorn is the one who has the divine blessing of Hasta Nakshatra, which will give the nourishment quality in them to make their life luxurious with happiness and love.

It is important to express the love and care in every relationship, but you are a Capricorn who is correct, as they are.You believe in long term relationships with true expressive love and care at a time when the people really need you.

Be as you are with your dry but crispy relationship. It is your own identity which may be dark, but for you and your relation, this Dark Shade will work like the most romantic night with the three divine Nakshatras in Capricorn.

  • Brutal with words but very clear with their Decision:

The brutal words from your side may hurt the one who does not have a strong heart, or possessa practical approach in life. However, you as a Capricorn are very clear with your thoughts and actions, and do not want to waste time for yourself nor the valuable time of others.

Be with your statement that may be hurts others, but after the time of result, people will understand the value of being straight in work,and will start giving respect for your dark shades of being Brutal.

Be with your Dark Shades of being Capricorn, because the manifestation of Dark will happen only when all the colorsare mixed. This Dark Shade is the best personality and the strength for your soul to surround an auspicious aura around you, so that you will get protected from the wrong intentions of other people.


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