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Moon Sign based
2021 has a unique distinction of being one of the most awaited years as there would not be many  who are not waiting for 2020 to end. In this scheme of things, the Horoscope for 2021 is one of the most awaited information with astrology enthusiasts all over the world. As the time 2021 opens, the foremost questions that we would like answered with the Horoscope 2021 are:
1.    The success of Vaccine against Covid19
2.    What sort of changes would be experienced in the post Trump USA
3.    How would the UK & EU fare after the frequent lock-downs of 2020 & Brexit
4.    How would the India-China conflict shape up as per 2021 Horoscope
5.    How soon would international trade & travel be restored
6.    China’s role in the post Covid world
7.    Many other questions – You could submit a question here that you would like the Indastro.com team to address.
2021 is a Saturn year for sure but luckily it is also a Jupiter & Mercury year with good support from Rahu & Ketu (the dragon’s head & tail). 2021 Horoscope is unique as there are some strong trends which have historically supported the general population & democracy all over the world:
  1. Saturn remains in Capricorn in its own sign giving us a very strong ‘people first’ mindset bringing labour, masses & a democracy period. This position of Saturn supports art forms in their pure forms, science in a traditional mould rather than the futurist trends, strong economic policies but an autocratic mindset with the people in power acquiring more power & the ruled will live in more regulated times.
  2. The influence of Rahu (the dragon’s tail) is also strong. So a direct & open method of working might not work. An attitude of deal making, some amount of veiled operations and politics in work, personal & public life would be needed to succeed this year.
  3.  Jupiter is benevolent but will remain in Saturn’s signs mostly. This indicates that our plans & policies should be people-oriented. A definite rise in pragmatism in policies would be seen worldwide & austerity measures would begin as soon as the pandemic is reigned in.
Overall 2021 horoscope promises unprecedented outlook as the world is trying to get back on its feet after yet another crisis, the dimensions of which equal if not exceed the World Wars & the partitions of countries. 2021 is definitely a year to grab all opportunities possible but still play by the book. We will keep on updating our 2021 Horoscope frequently this year. You should click here to sign up for all the updates & answers to the above questions - that we would send out to our millions of members worldwide.
Best wishes & peace for all of us & mankind!
Pt. Punarvasu

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