Libra 2015 Love Horoscope

You are going to be in the limelight during this year. Your ambition and lofty goals shall drive you to work hard and put in your best. Should you choose your path and projects carefully and also complete them successfully then this is your year. You may be wondering that why am I reading your chart for professional matters when this should be about the love life. Just think for a moment, if you keep yourself so busy with the matters of your career, finance and income then how you would get the time for romance.

So if you have got the hint then make it a point to keep your life balanced right from the beginning of the period otherwise you run the risk of losing a good friend / a beloved / a life partner. Agreed, it is a year which is full of promises for professional rewards and monetary success but don’t let it spoil your personal life – as the presence of Ketu in your seventh house is already sounding the warning bell.

 Although if you are already married or in a serious relationship, this caution is more for you but this does not mean that there is no need to worry if you are a single or shall be getting married this year.

Let us see what could be the possible threats to the relationship. One, your busy schedule and non availability for spending the time together could be misunderstood as a sign of not being serious or not interested or being too selfish. Second, if you take more responsibilities on your shoulders than you can handle, it is liable to leave you exhausted at the end of the day leaving you with no energy to enjoy cozy moments or outings together. The problem could get more pronounced if you are still not into a relationship or are trying to strengthen your marriage which is on the rocks. The best strategy would be to enjoy your social recognition with your partner and share the credits with him or her for your professional success.

Another interesting observation for you my dear Libra is that Saturn is posted in your first house. Hence it would make you (rather it has already made you) a hard task master. Not only you are working hard and are totally dedicated to your work but also you may be driving everyone around you crazy with your strict discipline and expectations of total loyalty. The transit of Saturn might have made you a little more serious person than you actually are. So don’t let these extreme qualities in your behavior drive him or her away. Remember your zodiac sign Libra represents balance in everything, hence in 2014 also you should strive to achieve a work life balance.

A few exclusive tips for you
  • Already attached? Then do your room tastefully for the couple with beloved’s taste in mind and for the two of you.
  • If not, always be tastefully dressed up and keep a smile on your face to attract the right person in your life.
  • Don’t let your professional commitments come up in your personal time.

And finally
Express your love and feelings with softness, sensuality and delicacy they deserve rather than assuming that your partner knows what is in your heart.