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Yogas formed by Sun


Veshi Yoga

When any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon is positioned second from the Sun, it is called Veshi Yoga. This Yoga gives a truthful, loyal and pious personality. People born under in this Yoga are spiritually inclined. You are also good with communication and debates. Your speech is always backed by logic. This Yoga gives more than one sources of income too.

Vashi Yoga

A Vashi Yoga is formed when any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon is positioned 12th from Sun. In this case, native enjoys authoritative position in administration. These natives live a kingly life. They are very skillful and intellectual. Their memory is sharp and willpower is strong. These natives are very hardworking. They are very generous and indulge in a lot of donation and charity too.

Ubhayachari Yoga

When there is any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon in one house ahead of behind where Sun is placed, it is called Ubhayachari Yoga, meaning, when any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon occupies the second and twelfth house from Sun. Such a person tends to have a sophisticated personality. Native is well-mannered, courageous and has a good social life too. This Yoga affords the native with ample wealth and the comfort of servants. Native enjoys a satisfactory life and gets a lot of support from society.

Budh Aditya Yoga

When Sun is in conjunction with Mercury in a house without any affliction, the Yoga that forms is called Budh Aditya Yoga. The results of this conjunction are more positive when it takes place in Virgo, Leo, Aries and Gemini sign. The closer that Sun and Mercury are in degree, the more effective is the Yoga. This Yoga turns more powerful if occurs in Ascendant or 10th house. In 6th and 12th house, it can give negative results too. In general, Budh Aditya yoga endows the native with royal comforts, wealth, riches and happiness. This Yoga also facilitates better earning in business.

Native is likely to be very intelligent, famous, sharp-minded, and mentally strong. The combination affords with ability to learn quickly as well. These people excel in accountancy, business, debate, and government sector. They tend to be very witty too. People with this Yoga in horoscope earn good education as well.

Other Combinations from Sun

If Sun is placed in Aries in the first house, Saturn is in Libra, Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces, and full Moon in under the aspect of Mars, native excels in military or army and works as a leader or commander.


Vidyut Yoga

The 11th Lord and its planetary relationship are crucial in Vidyut Yoga. In its profound exaltation level, the 11th Lord will provide you materialistic desires through profits and gains. It will fructify your aspirations and dreams, making your life easier but as an upachaya house, you will experience sudden ups and downs, which will be controlled by the exalted 11th lord along with the association of Venus.

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Sarala Yoga

During the formation of Sarala yoga firstly, you must take into consideration that the lord of the eighth house must be benefic by the virtue of its placement in the sixth or twelfth house. The second factor is that the overall horoscope should be positive enough to change the crisis into gains. Both the conditions are the same only, as the overall benefic and strong horoscope will turn the lord of the eighth house into benefic and will form Sarala Yoga in such a horoscope. It is also known as Vipreet Rajyoga, and it is not a usual type of as it creates gains through some unforeseen incident.

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