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Yogas formed by Moon



Sunafa yoga

When a planet (except Rahu, Ketu and Sun) occupies the second house from where Moon is positioned without any affliction, it forms a Sunafa Yoga. Note that Moon should also be placed positively in the D-9, Navamsha chart. Such a native is quite skilled and good with communication. Their voice is persuasive and positive. These people earn wealth through hard work. They are good motivators and lead a happy life with family. The are quite intelligent, attractive, knowledgeable, and well-mannered too. These natives tend to be fond of reading religious books. They also enjoy good health and excel in sports.


Anafa yoga

When one or more planets except Rahu, Ketu and Sun are positioned in the 12th house from where Moon is positioned, it forms a Anafa yoga. This Yoga affords the native with an attractive personality. Others find your charisma magnetic. You have a lot of positive qualities. You have a polite yet influential way of speaking. You do well in debates and fields involving communication. You tend to earn a lot of fame and respect in society. You enjoy a sound health and financial position thus feel happy with your life overall.


Durudhara yoga

When one or more planets except Rahu, Ketu and Sun occupy the second as well as twelfth house from Moon, meaning, the house just ahead and behind Moon, it forms Durudhara yoga. Planets should not be under any malefic influence though. The result of this Yoga depends a lot upon the strength of the planets involved. In general, native has the ability to work hard id needed.

This Yoga endows the native with intelligence. These people know how to find a way. Their heart nonetheless is pure. They earn well in life with their efforts and hard work. They also generally have the resources needed to succeed. These people make a good name in society and enjoy a happy life with their friends and family.


Gajkesari yoga

When Jupiter is placed in Kendra, i.e., 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house from Moon without affliction, the placement forms Gajkesari yoga. This Yoga bears positive results when planets are in powerful degrees and without any malefic influence (debilitated, retrograde, aspected by malefic planet, conjunct enemy planet). Note that Jupiter should also be free from affliction in D-9, Navamsha chart. If the planet is strongly posited, the native is likely to be very intelligent, wealthy, healthy, and sharp minded. Such a native would enjoy all the luxuries life has to offer, such as vehicle, a good business, knowledge, fame, good education and victory over opponents. This Yoga is almost synonymous with power, which is why the name of the yoga is Gajkesari. Gaj means elephant and Keseri means lion, both are powerful animals.


Adhi yoga

When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, three of the most benefic planets are placed in three, two or any one of the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Moon, the placement is called Adhi Yoga. Together, this trio becomes powerful in these houses. Native with this combination is likely to be strong, may be a leader. Such a person gains a lot of wealth and luxuries in life. He or she may set up his own business and make profits too. The willpower and mental makeup of these native is strong. They have what it takes to topple opposition and win against odds. Their strong memory also supports them throughout.


Vasuman Yoga

Vasuman Yoga forms when benefic planets occupy the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house, also called the Upachaya houses. Natives with this placement of planets tend to be strong, wealthy, go-getters, successful, and hard working. They do well in business and put their best foot forward. They are very confident and have a strong will power.


Gauri Yoga

When unafflicted Moon is placed in Taurus or Cancer sign or occupies a trine house from Ascendant along with having aspect of Jupiter, it forms Gauri Yoga. Such natives are very attractive and beautiful. Their parents are very supportive. These native tend to be wealthy and enjoy a peaceful life with friends and family. They also get to marry a partner of their choice.


Chandra Mangala yoga

When Mars is conjunct Moon in a house, it forms Chandra Mangala yoga. This is a good placement concerning one’s finance and income. Native enjoys a food financial status and earns a lot of respect and name in society. However, this position is not as good for relationship with mother and relatives. Female natives encounter hurdle in married life and sometimes experience delay in marriage too. This Yoga also gives restlessness and fickle-mindedness.


Amala yoga

When benefic planet or planets occupy the 10th house from Moon and 10th house is also unafflicted, it forms Amala Yoga. This is an opportune combination. Native enjoys an authoritative position in life. Such a person is wealthy, prosperous, famous, and experiences lot of growth in career and social life.


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