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Yogas formed by Ascendant & lord of Ascendant

Adhi Yoga

This yoga is formed when Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, three most benefic planets are placed in 6th, 7th and 8th house from Ascendant, or in any of the two or even one house of these. This placement of the benefics is considered very strong. It affords the native with a lot of wealth and willpower. Native leads a life full of luxuries and has great leadership qualities too. He or she can also set up own business.

Shubh Kartari Yoga

A Shubh Kartari Yoga forms when naturally benefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon occupy the 2nd house and 12th house from Ascendant at the time of birth. There shouldn’t be any malefic influence on Ascendant however. Native lives a very comfortable and peaceful life as a result of this Yoga. Your thoughts remain positive and you surround yourself with a sense of purity. Overall, native enjoys a stress-free life.

Saraswati Yoga

When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th), second, or Trikon houses (1st, 5th and 9th) from Ascendant, it forms a Saraswati Yoga. This gives you blessings of the goddess Saraswati. Native in this case has a talent in singling or writing. He or she can become a famous author or creative personality.

Laxmi Yoga

This Yoga is formed when the lord of ninth house from Ascendant is strongly positioned in Kendra or Trine houses with lord of Ascendant also being strong. Such a person is very courageous. He is capable of taking risks when it comes to bagging money-spinning opportunities. This Yoga gives a lot of fame and wealth to the person. These native also get a rich and good partner.

Amala Yoga

When a benefic planet is placed in 10th house from the Ascendant, it forms Aamla Yoga. Ascendant should also be free from any affliction for this Yoga to be fully effective. This combination gives a good status and health to the native. He or she earns a lot of wealth and fame in life.

Ati-vasuman Yoga

This Yoga is formed when all three benefic planets, i.e. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are placed in Upachaya houses (3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th). These houses are considered growth oriented, Upachaya means progress or increment. This Yoga also affords the native with good wealth.

Other Combinations from Ascendant

Other than popular Yogas with reference to Ascendant, there are some less popular but effective combinations too that add strength to the horoscope. Here are some.

If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are placed in ascendant and Saturn is placed in 7th house from Ascendant, the native is often rich and leads a luxurious life.

If Mercury is strongly placed in Ascendant and alongside, a powerful benefic is placed in the ninth house and the other planets are in the second, third, sixth, ninth, tenth and eleventh houses (distributed in one or more), the native gets a lot of wealth and power in life.

A strong exchange takes place when the lord of Ascendant is placed in the 9th house and lord of 9th is placed in Ascendant. Native with this placement in horoscope leads a stress free life. His or her hard work proves rewarding. Such a person gets a lot of support from father. He or she is also inclined towards spirituality and has a good destiny.

When the lord of Ascendant and 9th house together occupy the 10th house along with benefic aspect of Jupiter over Ascendant, native enjoys a lot of positive things in life. Luck seems to be on their side. Such a person earns a lot of fame in life. He or she gets a lot of support from parents and the society. This is a good combination in terms of business and social work too.

If Jupiter is placed in ascendant, Mars is in 2nd house, Venus and sun in the 4th house, moon in the 10th and Saturn in 11th, the native becomes a ruler. This is a rare occurrence in a horoscope though. Moreover, if Pisces is the rising sign and the rising degree is between 26º 40' to 30º in Pisces, the native earns a high position and status in life. He would nothing less than a king. The planets however should not be debilitated.


Vidyut Yoga

The 11th Lord and its planetary relationship are crucial in Vidyut Yoga. In its profound exaltation level, the 11th Lord will provide you materialistic desires through profits and gains. It will fructify your aspirations and dreams, making your life easier but as an upachaya house, you will experience sudden ups and downs, which will be controlled by the exalted 11th lord along with the association of Venus.

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Sarala Yoga

During the formation of Sarala yoga firstly, you must take into consideration that the lord of the eighth house must be benefic by the virtue of its placement in the sixth or twelfth house. The second factor is that the overall horoscope should be positive enough to change the crisis into gains. Both the conditions are the same only, as the overall benefic and strong horoscope will turn the lord of the eighth house into benefic and will form Sarala Yoga in such a horoscope. It is also known as Vipreet Rajyoga, and it is not a usual type of as it creates gains through some unforeseen incident.

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