Mangal Dosha Remedies

Many fake astrologers instill the fear of Mangal Dosha in people to rake in money. They might in fact go the extent of indicating the death of the spouse after marriage. Mangal Dosha however is not a dreaded phenomenon. Such severity of Mangal Dosha is a rare occurrence, like one in a million. Usually, there are several remedies of Mangal Dosha that can be performed to mitigate the ill effects of this dosha. Here are some of the most prevalent Manglik Dosha remedies.

If both the partners are Mangliks, the effect automatically disperses. Having Manglik Dosha in kundli does not mean you should say no to every non-Manglik proposal. There are several ways out there to negate the influence of Mars over a relationship. Keep reading for more.

Kumbh Vivah should be performed where the Manglik person marries a banana tree, gold or silver idol of Vishnu, or Peepal tree which absorb the negative energy of Mars.

Another way is to fast on Tuesdays, and as a rule, Mangliks can only eat Toor Daal.
Chanting Navgraha Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa is also an effective remedy of Mangal Dosha.
To appease Mars, certain offerings are made like knife and sword. Food items like lentil daal and wheat bread, red stones and silk are also offered to mitigate the ill effects and conciliate with Mars.
In some cases, Vedic Astrologers recommend wearing red coral in gold ring to empower the positive effects of Mars. However, not everyone can perform this remedy as expert guidance is needed in order to assess the suitability of a gemstone for you.
Mangliks are recommended to marry after turning 28, as the intensity of the dosha decreases with age.
Reading Sunderkand path every evening in a Hanuman temple also mitigates the ill effect of Mars.
You can also distribute sugar batashas in red handkerchief to needy boys in front of Hanuman temple.
You can also extend help to laborers in lifting bricks while working in residential construction.
You can also donate bricks and copper in a religious place.
Burying an earthen pot filled with honey in an abandoned place is also an effective remedy for Mars.
You can also offer red roses every Tuesday in a Mangla Gauri temple.
Offering red clothes in Mangla Gauri temple or fasting also helps.
One can also make sweet chapattis in cylindrical clay oven and feed it to birds.
You can also purchase a copper made Mangal Yantra and worship it.
Blood donation is one of the most effective remedies of Mangal Dosha.
You can also perform Mangal Dosha Niwaran worship in Mangalnath temple in Ujjain.

Raj Yoga

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Raj yoga is the combination of the most positive houses in the horoscope which is Kendra and trikona. This yoga makes you a celebrity, it gives high imaginative and creative power to make yourself larger than life. It gives you the inertia to work hard and potential to create long-lasting fame and reputation. Raj yoga is not essential for achieving success, but it is one of the key elements of fame that lasts for generations. If the planets forming this yoga has full strength, then will bestow good health, wealth, happiness, and a successful life.

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Budh Aditya Yoga

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This yoga is formed when Sun and Mercury both are placed in same house, irrespective of sign the yoga is formed, but the house which it is formed that matters. There is a mutual friendship between these two planets, and together they give auspicious results. It works best when Mercury is behind the Sun, placed at 14 degrees. Below three degrees and more than 12 degrees between them also neglects his yoga. Sun blesses you with royal comfort, and Mercury makes you clever and an extremely successful businessman. This yoga will bless you with all kinds of comforts and richness in life. It will give you high energy level, makes you mentally stronger, offers good education, poses good chances of getting a government job, and a learned person along with witty and strong personality.

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