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Moon Sign based
Today Dec 15, 2019: You feel distracted and sidetracked by something, which slows down your work. But try to concentrate and pick up the pace of your activities. It is highly advisable that you cancel or postpone any deal or contract involving huge sum of money for another day as chances of loss are high. In the same way, reschedule important meetings for another day when astrological climate works in your favor.
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Career : All your feats and endeavors will meet with success and you will be able to overcome your difficulties. You will defeat your enemies and they will not be able to harm you. Your work will achieve success and service conditions will improve. There may be a rise in status and position. Promotion and recognition will come your way.
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Love : You may not be concentrating your thoughts and actions in proper manners. At times, you may become impulsive about something and act haphazardly. This attitude will bring discord in your love relationship and you connectivity will be disturbed but practical approach is advice.
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