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A step-by-step Astrology Tutorial

2 Planet Conjunction

Astrology is relative. How a planet influences us is not just based on the house and sign it occupies but also the planets it is placed with. When a planet is sitting with another planet, their energies correlate. The outcome/influence is the result of their collective energy and relationship they share with each other - Friends, Enemies, or Neutral. The actual results also depend upon the lordship of the planets involved. For example, if Sagittarius is the Ascendant and Sun and Mars are placed in 12th house, these planets would carry the signification of 5th and 9th house as well because Aries would be in 5th house & Leo in 9th house and and the end result would be a combination of all these factors.

If a malefic planet is conjunct a benefic planet, the benefic planet may also come under the negative impact of malefic and may not be fully effectual. However, if the benefic planet is strongly positioned, meaning it is exalted, in its own sign, or aspected by other benefics, the malefic planet may not be that influential.

Many times, two planets conjunction also forms Yogas. For instance Budhhaditya Yoga is caused when Mercury and Sun are placed together in close degrees. This Yoga boosts wisdom, communication, and intelligence. Gaj Kesari Yoga forms when Jupiter and Moon are conjunct. It affords the native with a lot of power, spiritual inclination, wisdom and intellect. Further, you can read in the subsequent pages about the different combinations caused when two planets are conjunct.

Moon Conjunction

Moon holds the position of the queen among the nine imperial planets. Just as Sun has Leo as its own sign, Moon has Cancer, which belongs to the group of water signs. Moon is thought to represent mind, emotions, and changeability. And as for its nature, it is a peace-loving and gentle planet, concerned with emotional aspects of life. Its silver glow casts a soothing influence on us. Moon conjunct with other planets in a horoscope can be both benefic and powerless based on two factors, the house/sign it occupies and the planets it shares the house with. You can read in the subsequent pages on how Moon influences when conjunct with other planets.