Saturn Remedy (Afflicted Saturn Pooja)

Saturn represents discipline and hard work. It also represents delays in work and life events. In its main and sub-periods it might cause much harm, if it is ill-placed in your horoscope, i.e.: in debilitation, combust, enemy sign/house or retrograde.

Saturn Remedy (Afflicted Saturn Pooja)

The Saturn is the Yoga karaka (positive) for some ascendants whereas it can work as a malefic planet for others, but its results will depend upon the condition of the Saturn in various divisional charts.

  • Harsh results can come in the Saturn’s main period or sub-periods if it is badly placed in the concerned divisional chart for that area.
  • One's health and area is represented by Saturn in the birth chart can suffer if the Saturn is badly placed or afflicted by malefic planets in the chart.

A strong Saturn can take you to the pinnacle of success as it stands for leadership, self-respect, dignity, honor, and respect in profession. However, in some situations where the Saturn is weak or afflicted, it might be harmful to you and require a remedy.

When does Saturn need a Remedy?

  • If the Saturn is weak in your chart, or is placed in a bad house, or in conjunction with malefic planets like Rahu, it might bring negative results.
  • This is specially activated during the time of Saturn main-period or sub-periods.


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An afflicted Saturn can cause issues like:

  • Family issues- Issues regarding the health and well-being, or an estranged relationship and separation from close-ones either physically or emotionally.
  • Lack of respect- A weak Saturn tends to regulate your ego, however, if ill-placed and during its sub/main period it can cause this ego or respect to be tamed beyond a limit leading to lethargy or an unhealthy egoistic nature. On the flip-side, if well-placed, it brings discipline.
  • Sadhe-Sati- Sadhe Sati is the period of 7 & a half years of Saturn’s transit in your life which causes delays, pain and troubles along with depression and accidents.
  • Increased tough responsibilities- Responsibilities that bring out the worst in you or take out all energy from within you with no or delayed results can be a consequence of ill-placed Saturn.
  • Harassment by Government officials- Harassment by police, income tax officials is generally what a person with a weak Saturn might experience.
  • Loss of property- a heavy loss of property to government, court litigations, share market, investments or politics is seen through a weak placement of the Saturn.
  • Health issues- a weak Saturn, or a bad placement of Saturn might lead to mental illnesses in extreme cases.

To mitigate these harmful effects, one needs to know the strength of Saturn’s affliction through houses of placement and its degrees in one’s chart, and accordingly remedies can be prescribed.

How to know if you need a remedy for afflicted Saturn?

  • Your birth chart needs to be reviewed by an expert Vedic Astrologer to determine if Saturn’s affliction in your horoscope needs a remedy and to what degree.
  • There are certain charts where the Saturn’s affliction will not cause any ill-effects, whereas, in some, it may cause long-term issues if the chart doesn’t hold much strength. In such cases, it is important that the remedy be carried out by a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


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What are the remedies to address an afflicted Saturn?

Depending upon the degree of affliction, remedies are suggested.

For mild to moderate afflictions

  • Feeding ants, insects, and birds with grains, sugar, etc., every day or on Saturdays.
  • Wear a ring made out of a horseshoe (metal), or from the base of a boat, starting on a Saturday.

For serious Saturn afflictions

In severe cases, a Saturn Pooja or Saturn Mantra Chanting is suggested, which is one of the effective remedies that helps resolve Saturn’s affliction to an extent. It can be performed by a priest, in your presence, or it can be performed on your behalf on a particular day in case you cannot be physically present during the occasion.

How do we channelize Saturn pooja for you in India?

  • The first step is to fill in the form and order Saturn Pooja for yourself, upon horoscope analysis.
  • You or someone close to you (in case, you’re not available or residing in India) can get the Saturn Pooja done on your behalf. We channelize this pooja through Indastro by connecting you to a trusted priest who performs the pooja for you.

Book a Saturn Remedy Pooja through Indastro

Pooja as Remedy for Afflictions

Indastro does not conduct pooja, it acts as a medium to connect you with trustworthy sources to help you with this remedy. The fee for this remedy is USD 150 (for the Pooja) + USD 50 (for arranging the Pooja via Indastro).

USD 200 / Rs.12000


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