Moon Remedy (Afflicted Moon Pooja)

Moon is queen in astrology & for some ascendants is a yoga karaka planet that gives good results. However, at times, Moon's main period or sub-period can give bad results due to its bad placements in the birth & divisional charts, bringing miseries & problems. Moon can bring delays, pressures, health problems, & sadness if it is weak in the chart.

Moon Remedy (Afflicted Moon Pooja)

The moon is a cool planet. It represents your inner world, your ability to make sense of your emotions, deal with them properly, having a calm mind, and clear thought. It is almost synonymous to how you look at the world around you, as opposed to Sun or Ascendant which is all about how the world perceives you. If the Sun is your heart and soul, your moon is the mind. It also represents mother, motherly-figure, and your dynamics with your mother.

  • A strong Moon gives you a sound inner world, and good relations with your mother.
  • However, in some situations where the Moon is afflicted, it might be harmful to you and require a remedy.

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When does Moon need a Remedy?

  • There are situations where a bad Moon placement in your chart or divisional charts can cause damage to your mental wellbeing, relationship with your mother.
  • Placements such as 6th, 8th, or 12th houses (houses of enemies/opposition, death, and moksha or loss, respectively) and conjunctions with Sun, Saturn & empty houses on both sides of the moon require remedial actions.
  • This is specially activated during the time of Moon main-period or sub-periods.

An afflicted Moon can cause issues like:

  • Relations with your mother: Your relations with your mother depend upon your moon. Whether you’re a daddy’s kid or a mommy’s favorite can be understood with this placement.
  • Placement in a bad house: if Moon is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th (inimical houses), it can represent worst moon placements, unless the lord of the house and the zodiac are the same. In the 6th house, a person may be constantly troubled by opponents or enemies, or might feel like he’s troubled by enemies, in the 8th house it may lead to depression as moon gets emotion and oversensitive here and may lead to suicide in extreme cases- 8th being the house of death, 12th house reveals a person who is extremely aloof to everything in life and submerged in lonesome thoughts or might be abandoned for the rest of his life at the later ages- e.g.: being abandoned by children when old.
  • Depression and mental illnesses: an afflicted moon is very easy to lead you to mental illnesses if your chart is unsupported by benefics. Moon represents the mind and in cases where the rest of your body & soul is not aligned (Sun, Jupiter and Ascendant placements), then various mental illnesses are seen in an individual and a personality which is not ‘sorted’.
  • Further afflictions or ‘Doshas’: if the moon is in conjunction with Sun or Saturn, or has aspects of it, it creates various doshas or afflictions in your horoscope. These afflictions can have life-long effects.
  • Vish Yoga: The conjunction of Moon and Saturn causes Vish yoga, or a similar house placement in birth and navamsa also causes Vish yoga. The conjunction of moon & Saturn causes Vish yogas as well. A Vish yoga or (poison) makes you weak-mined, and emotionally fickle.
  • Amavasi Yoga: The conjunction of Sun-Moon causes Amavasi dosha. This might lead to bad relations with mother or an unsupportive mother. You might have strong literary intellect and inclination but a weak will-power.
  • Kemdrum Yoga: Kemdrum yoga is formed when there are no planets on either side of the moon in your birth chart, or there is no vision of any houses planets on it. It changes every good thing into ominous.


How to know if you need a remedy for afflicted Moon?

  • Your birth chart needs to be reviewed by an expert Vedic astrologer to determine if Moon affliction in your horoscope needs a remedy and to what degree.
  • There are certain charts where Moon’ affliction will not cause any ill-effects, whereas, in some, it may cause long-term issues if the chart doesn’t hold much strength. In such cases, it is important that the remedy be carried out by a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


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What are the remedies to address an afflicted Moon?

Depending upon the degree of affliction, remedies are suggested.

For mild to moderate afflictions

  • The most important and effective remedy is to respect your mother. Try to be as cordial to her as possible.
  • Offer white flowers at cemeteries I order to strengthen weak Moon.
  • The native should keep pets and feed them with milk on a daily basis.

For serious Moon afflictions

In severe cases, a Chandra Pooja or Moon Mantra Chanting is suggested, which is one of the effective remedies that helps resolve Moon’ affliction to an extent. It can be performed by a priest, in your presence, or it can be performed on your behalf on a particular day in case you cannot be physically present during the occasion.

How do we channelize Moon pooja for you in India?

  • The first step is to fill in the form and order Moon Pooja for yourself, upon horoscope analysis.
  • You or someone close to you (in case, you’re not available or residing in India) can get the Moon Pooja done on your behalf. We channelize this pooja through Indastro by connecting you to a trusted priest who performs the pooja for you.

Book a Moon Remedy Pooja through Indastro

Pooja as Remedy for Afflictions

Indastro does not conduct pooja, it acts as a medium to connect you with trustworthy sources to help you with this remedy. The fee for this remedy is USD 150 (for the Pooja) + USD 50 (for arranging the Pooja via Indastro).

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