Mercury Remedy (Afflicted Mercury Pooja)

Mercury (Budh) is the planet for intelligence. It can produce extremely positive results in life. But, at times, Mercury's main period or sub-period can cause negative results due to its bad placement in the birth & divisional charts, bringing miseries & problems. Mercury is the planet that can bring failures in business or in the stock market or in studies if it is afflicted.

Mercury Remedy (Afflicted Mercury Pooja)

Mercury is a dual planet or an eunuch planet. It resembles intellect and expression. This is the only planet where a debilitation does not cause a weak placement since it is in its own-ruled constellation. However, Mercury can be afflicted if placed in bad houses, enemy signs, or in association with other planets which can cause a negative effect.

It affects your mentality, your open or closed-mindedness, the quality of your thoughts and reasoning, analytical judgement and most importantly, how you perceive things and how easily you can accept and understand various viewpoints other than your own. It is a huge significator of the quality of education you receive.

  • Mercury is responsible for speech, analytical reasoning and education and an affliction of Mercury could lead to issues regarding all of these ranging from speech to problems in pursuing or completing education.
  • It can lead to health disorders related to the brain and central nervous system. It might also lead to abnormal sexual thoughts.

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When does Mercury need a Remedy?

  • There are situations where a bad Mercury placement in your chart or divisional charts can cause damage to your education prospects, speech & communication and self-confidence issues.
  • Placements such as 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 11th & 12th houses and in negative planetary conjunctions.
  • This is specially activated during the time of Mercury main-period or sub-periods.


An afflicted Mercury can cause issues like:

  • Issues in communication and expression: An afflicted Mercury can give a rude speech, or dishonest speech, or putting out things which are untrue or not actionable, speech that lacks real intent, or not backed by analytical intelligence & practical thought. The other downturn of afflicted Mercury is when someone is extremely shy to express their thoughts through speech, or might not express it in any form altogether.
  • Problems in education or higher education or breaks in education: Children with issues regarding education, breaks in education, repeating their year, not being able to pursue higher education at a desired institution, problems with clearing an examination, or completing a degree might be some of the effects of an afflicted Mercury. An afflicted Mercury could lead to poor intellect and understanding capabilities which result in not being able to pursue quality education if all other factors in your life are in place.
  • Health problems: Physical issues which can be related to memory, speech or intellect such as dyslexia, stammering, dysarthria, selective mutism amongst others, can be caused due to an afflicted Mercury. It also affects the Central Nervous System. It also gives skin issues like rashes, premature-sagging, aged-looking skin, or uneven skin tone.

How to know if you need a remedy for afflicted Mercury?

  • Your birth chart needs to be reviewed by an expert Vedic astrologer to determine if Mercury affliction in your horoscope needs a remedy and to what degree.
  • There are certain charts where Mercury’ affliction will not cause any ill-effects, whereas, in some, it may cause long-term issues if the chart doesn’t hold much strength. In such cases, it is important that the remedy be carried out by a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


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What are the remedies to address an afflicted Mercury?

Depending upon the degree of affliction, remedies are suggested.

For mild to moderate afflictions

  • When you buy new clothes, make sure to wash them first before wearing them.
  • Chanting the mantras or Jaap of Lord Buddha is one of the best ways to worship Mercury.
  • Another great remedy for Mercury is to quit meat and alcohol.

For serious Mercury afflictions

In severe cases, a Budh Pooja or Mercury Mantra Chanting is suggested, which is one of the effective remedies that helps resolve Mercury’ affliction to an extent. It can be performed by a priest, in your presence, or it can be performed on your behalf on a particular day in case you cannot be physically present during the occasion.

How do we channelize Mercury pooja for you in India?

  • The first step is to fill in the form and order Mercury Pooja for yourself, upon horoscope analysis.
  • You or someone close to you (in case, you’re not available or residing in India) can get the Mercury Pooja done on your behalf. We channelize this pooja through Indastro by connecting you to a trusted priest who performs the pooja for you.

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Pooja as Remedy for Afflictions

Indastro does not conduct pooja, it acts as a medium to connect you with trustworthy sources to help you with this remedy. The fee for this remedy is USD 150 (for the Pooja) + USD 50 (for arranging the Pooja via Indastro).

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