Jupiter Remedy (Afflicted Jupiter Pooja)

Jupiter is termed a natural benefic planet & for some ascendants, it gives good results. However, at times, Jupiter's main period or sub-period can give bad results due to its bad placements in the birth & divisional charts, bringing miseries & problems. Jupiter can bring progeny issues, problems with education & in professional life if it is badly placed in the chart.

Jupiter Puja


Jupiter is considered one of the most benefic planets in astrology and the most benefic by some schools of astrology since it represents a guide or a teacher. It is the significator of your spiritual inclinations, learning & wisdom, family relations and fulfilment of responsibilities towards the family. Any affliction to Jupiter due to its distance & movement, bad placements or conjunction with a negative planet can bring opposite, severe or delayed results.

  • Jupiter is a naturally positive planet, and the presence of a strong Jupiter can bring peace, positivity, and prosperity in your life. It also helps you ascend to higher levels of consciousness and having a righteous character.
  • However, in some horoscopes, it can work negatively and create opposite effects.


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When does Jupiter need a Remedy?

  • There are situations where a bad Jupiter placement in your chart or divisional charts can cause damage to your luck, wisdom & intellect, progeny, marriage and peace of mind.
  • Placements such as 6th, 8th or 12th house create a Jupiter affliction, as well as when placed with negative planetary conjunctions.
  • This is specially activated during the time of Jupiter main-period or sub-periods.


An afflicted Jupiter can cause issues like:

  • Issues with peace, prosperity and overall happiness: An afflicted Jupiter can cause issues related to the inner peace and wisdom within you. It can make you indecisive or prone to making wrong judgments regarding people or situations impacting your life in almost all aspects.
  • Problems with father, father-figure, teacher: Jupiter literally means mentor & masculine, and resembles all the people who are in a similar position in your life, including your father. Simply put, you might not value the opinions and suggestions of your mentors, in general, or of your father.
  • Issues in marriage: In a female’s horoscope, Jupiter represents husband. The placement and state of Jupiter in her chart can help in analyzing the quality of marriage and the circumstances within the relationship. An afflicted Jupiter impacts married life negatively.
  • Progeny issues: Jupiter also governs progeny and is the significator of a male child. While both genders are equal, we would definitely state what it represents. Its presence in the fifth house can help in understanding joy from children in your life, in general or progeny aspects.
  • Health problems: Physical issues such as obesity, diabetes, digestive issues, dryness of skin and issues regarding feet and hips are indicated by afflicted Jupiter. A restless mind, feeling of emptiness, and shallowness are related to the afflicted Jupiter.
  • Guru Chandaal Dosh: Jupiter & Rahu/Ketu (Dragon’s head/tail) conjunction: When Jupiter is in conjunction with either of the shadow planets Rahu or Ketu, it gives rise to Guru Chandaal dosh. ‘Guru’ means mentor, and ‘Chandaal’ means demon. It creates further issues if placed in wrong houses or with Jupiter in affliction. Such an individual doesn’t think twice before being involved in corrupt or wrong practices and generally has past karmic baggage which results in various life difficulties.

How to know if you need a remedy for afflicted Jupiter?

  • Your birth chart needs to be reviewed by an expert Vedic astrologer to determine if Jupiter affliction in your horoscope needs a remedy and to what degree.
  • There are certain charts where Jupiter’ affliction will not cause any ill-effects, whereas, in some, it may cause long-term issues if the chart doesn’t hold much strength. In such cases, it is important that the remedy be carried out by a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


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What are the remedies to address an afflicted Jupiter?

Depending upon the degree of affliction, remedies are suggested.

For mild to moderate afflictions

  • Offer bananas and sweets to elderly people and foundlings.
  • Avoid bathing in alfresco places such as the ocean, river, etc.
  • Avoiding meat and alcohol also helps lessen the harmful effects of weak Jupiter in a horoscope.

For serious Jupiter afflictions

In severe cases, a Guru Pooja or Jupiter Mantra Chanting is suggested, which is one of the effective remedies that helps resolve Jupiter’ affliction to an extent. It can be performed by a priest, in your presence, or it can be performed on your behalf on a particular day in case you cannot be physically present during the occasion.

How do we channelize Jupiter pooja for you in India?

  • The first step is to fill in the form and order Jupiter Pooja for yourself, upon horoscope analysis.
  • You or someone close to you (in case, you’re not available or residing in India) can get the Jupiter Pooja done on your behalf. We channelize this pooja through Indastro by connecting you to a trusted priest who performs the pooja for you.

Book a Jupiter Remedy Pooja through Indastro

Pooja as Remedy for Afflictions

Indastro does not conduct pooja, it acts as a medium to connect you with trustworthy sources to help you with this remedy. The fee for this remedy is USD 150 (for the Pooja) + USD 50 (for arranging the Pooja via Indastro).

USD 200 / Rs.12000


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